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Been out of the game for awhile, looking to move up to eGo/refillable clearos, some questions

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by MMcCraryNJ, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Full Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    Acworth, GA, USA
    Hey all,

    So I'm a little lost on today's world of e-cigs. I started out a few years ago on Blu brand products, the small cig-a-like (I believe that's what they are called) batteries with disposable, pre-filled cartomizers. I vaped those for about a year or so before I realized that I was spending more in carts than I would on smokes, and constantly had to be tied to a charger. I came here for suggestions some time ago, and some very helpful members referred me to Smokeless Image products as a possible alternative. I ended up getting a starter kit with a couple of the bigger, still cig-a-like batteries (manual this time), a portable charger, and a few packs of their disposable cartos. I enjoyed them, for the most part, aside from the fact that I actually liked the Blu liquids better (the SI cartos hit my throat kind of weird and didn't taste as good). After just a few months, I noticed that I could not get my manual batteries to take a proper charge with their portable charger. During this time, I started some college coursework back up, and unfortunately I just went back to analogs :( This was about a year and a few months ago.

    Now, I'm kind of looking into getting back to vaping and off of the American Spirits I've come to enjoy. I visited the Smokeless Image site and realized they have a big warning now about how the manual batteries do not charge correctly in their portable chargers. Wonderful. But the bigger question I have is that, now that vaping is becoming a bit more prominent, I've been seeing that the bigger batteries with the refillable clearomizers are started to become more of the norm. A couple of my classmates have switched over, and after vaping on a few of them, I realized I enjoyed it even more than the cig-a-like vapes I've known from before.

    Sorry for my life story, I realize nobody wants to read a wall of text :oops: But anyway, I feel as if I want to get back into vaping with some better equipment and better juice. After doing some research, I believe (I could be wrong), that these bigger batteries are commonly referred to as an eGo style battery. I started to do some looking into some brands, and I just kind of got lost into all of these options and what is out there, what is compatible with what and what works best with what, stuff like that. I notice that Smokeless Image now as a variety of different batteries, like the X2 Passthrough, X2 Spinner, etc, as well as a new line of cleromizers/tanks. I visited the Joyetech site and saw that they have about 5 or 6 different "eGo" batteries. I've looked at the variable voltage stuff, and the more advanced stuff that hooks into smartphones apps, etc. I'm also a bit lost on all the types of tank/atomizer combos I'm seeing. Bottom/top coil clearomizers, low resistance, glass/plastic tanks, stuff made for higher voltage batteries, different types of liquids, etc etc.

    I'm very interested in getting a setup that works well for me (who isn't). I don't know that I'm ready to get into having an APV (bigger box-like battery) setup, but some of the Variable Voltage stuff looks kind of cool (like the X2 Spinner, for instance). Basically, my overall question would be, what kind of setups would you guys recommend for someone like me? I do want an eGo style battery with a refillable clearomizer, and some good, quality liquid. I would definitely be interested in some of the more advanced batteries with VV and smartphone links, etc. Are Smokeless Image products, like the X2 and Spinner, still recommended? Or should I go with a different company? And I'm also completely lost on the tank/clearo situation, what works best with what, what's easiest to fill and produces a better vaping experience. And I haven't even started to look into what brands of liquids are good, what base I'd prefer, and stuff like that.

    Any help or advice that anyone could provide to me would be amazing. I think I just need to be pushed in the right direction for this sort of stuff. What brand of batteries are good, the best clearo/tank solutions, and good quality juice. If the more advanced batteries are worth it/provide better vaping experiences, and what I should look for. I don't mind having a more advanced eGo setup, but what I don't want is to buy blindly and realize I could have made better decisions.

    Thank you for reading this way too long and way too wordy question. I appreciate any and all advice.
  2. TaylorPlayer

    TaylorPlayer Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 6, 2014
    Minneapolis, MN, USA
    For where you are right now, I would highly recommend the Itaste VV 3 battery. It can take both Ego and 510 Clearos or Cartos, has variable volt and variable wattage. I prefer to set my watt's around 7-7.5 on mine with most of my Clearos. It will then automatically adjust the voltage based on the ohm size of the wick. They are square instead of round so they do not roll off a table if you set them down. I would highly recommend getting two of them to rotate as the battery never lasts a whole day for me but having two works great. Plus they are pass through so you can charge and vape at the same time if needed. I have been using mine now for about 4 months and plan to move up to a Provari style battery soon but will always keep my Itaste VV in a rotation and for use when going somewhere I don't want to lose a $200 battery! :) Good luck on your journey. You will get lots of advice on here that will be useful.
  3. Harlen

    Harlen Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 14, 2013
    Charlotte Nc
    Hello and welcome back
    I would go with a 1300mah Ego and a KangerTech T3 tank two of each . What ever juice you like .
    They have served me very well indeed . I have three Mod's and I do like them but for day to day and on the go you just can't beet an ego.
    Best wishes
  4. evan le'garde

    evan le'garde Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 3, 2013
    Spinners and Protank II's.
  5. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    Smokeless Image is a reliable and reputable vendor. They were my first e-cigs. They cater more to the beginner level of vapers, but have begun to offer slightly more advanced gear for intermediate vaper's too. They offer the Volt "cigalikes", their version of the intermediate level eGo batteries such as their X2 and X2 Spinner, and also their version of the iTaste MVP. The only downside with Smokeless Image products is they use the 808-thread format for their connectors. These are not compatable with the majority of other gear available that is eGo or 510 threaded. If you don't mind purchasing all of your gear from just one vendor, Smokeless Image is a good choice.

    If you should oneday decide to expand to other horizons in vape technology, you may wish to go with a Vision Spinner or Joytech Twist instead. Both are variable voltage and use the more common & popular eGo and 510 connections. The Spinners are generally less expensive, have an easier to read and use control dial, and offer a higher mAH capacity battery than the Twists.

    Twist Dial.jpg Twist dial on the left, Spinner dial on the right.

    A Good Starter Setup for a Beginning Vaper

    Proper Terminology: A Guide to Juice Attachments

    Advancing Up the Vaping Ladder to Ego's & Mods
  6. RoseB

    RoseB Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 3, 2012
  7. PaulBHC

    PaulBHC Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 22, 2014
    The biggest challenge is finding an all day juice that you like. Try to find a local shop with a tasting bar. Even if you have to pay more than online shops you will spend less that cigs and maybe get lucky with a good shop.

    The ego style batteries with clearos are so much easier to deal with than the old stuff. Find something easy to use and a taste that you like and that will get you off of cigs. Then you can read and shop and go crazy with the rest of us.
  8. cramptholomew

    cramptholomew Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 2, 2013
    Let's cut this short. The iTaste is a good recommendation, but you'll want a backup, just in case. So, in that case, just buy this - the Steamonkey Silverback kit...

    It comes with 2 vv Kanger evod batteries (510,and eGo threads), two Pyrex Mini Protanks, extra coil heads, a 510 dripping atomizer for tasting liquid, and a charger.

    You'll need to buy some liquid. If you liked Blu
    Flavors, Johnson Creek makes their liquid. Otherwise, check out Mt. Baker, seduce juice, or the vapor chef (to name a few). There are myriad other liquid vendors.
  9. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Full Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    Acworth, GA, USA
    Thank you all for the recommendations and help! I've been doing some reading and more searching, and I think I'm pretty interested in the Kanger VV Silverback Kit.

    Thanks for this suggestion! So this kit looks pretty attractive for the price. I do have a few questions, though, if you wouldn't mind...

    - The battery mAh rating is 1000. I've noticed that the "regular" eGo batteries are usually much smaller than this (usually 650 mAh or so). Does this mean that these batteries are gigantic in comparison? The picture on the site doesn't help too much in this regard

    - What's the difference between the Mini Protank 2 and the standard Protank 2 shown here: Kanger Protank 2 Are they virtually the same besides the fact that one is bigger?

    - With either the PT2 or Mini PT2, will the e-cig need to be positioned horizontally when stored/carried, or can I carry it vertically, say in my pocket?

    - With the battery being VV, if I want to turn it up and have a bit of a warmer vape, do I need to take this into consideration with what blend of juice I use?

    Again, thank you for everyone for chiming in. I'm on A LOT of different forums for different topics, and this is by far one of the best for information to noobs like myself. I appreciate everyone's patience :)
  10. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Full Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    Acworth, GA, USA
    Ok, so some new questions:

    - I've been reading about people having many issues with the Mini PT2s. Gurgling/burning, things like that. Would I be better off with something like the iClear16 from Innokin?

    - Instead of purchasing that Kanger VV Silverback Kit, I've been looking into building a kit from here: Better options in terms of battery selection?

    - What kind of ohm ratings on the coils should I be looking for? And what voltage should I set for a specific ohm rating?

    Starting to get a bit overwhelmed at this point, again. If anyone could chime in, would be much appreciated.
  11. FloridaCracker

    FloridaCracker Full Member

    Jan 25, 2014
    Murfreesboro, Tn, USA
    Go to u tube and check out Grimmgreen and indoorsmoker, they are help with reviews of mods and tanks, there are many different folks that make the videos to watch. Unending info. Hope this helps Just do a search on what your wanting to view, Ie Protanks, mods e-juice and DIY info to mix your own juice's.
  12. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Full Member

    Sep 16, 2012
    Acworth, GA, USA
    Well, after mulling over all of my options, I finally went with:

    The Silverback Kit - Kanger Twist Silverback Kit

    Fuzion Vaper Sampler Pack - Sampler - FuZion Vapor

    Wisconsin Frost from JC - Wisconsin Frost Smoke Juice Johnson Creek Smoke Juice

    To get me started. I'll see how I like the Mini ProTank2s, and I definitely will want to use them for the more caustic/fruity juice from fuzion vapes. But I want to check out the iClear16 Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Ego Clearomizer which I think I'll order in a few weeks. People seem to love them, and they may work well for the more traditional tobacco/menthol juices I'll be rotating in and out.

    Thanks everyone for your help and recommendations! Excited to get back into vaping
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