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Bench Test Results: Shockli 20A 5500mAh 26650...accurately rated, great choice for under 65W

Discussion in 'Batteries and Chargers' started by Mooch, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. Mooch

    Mooch Electron Wrangler Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    May 13, 2015
    While the test results are hard data, the conclusions and recommendations I make based on these tests are only my personal opinion based on my criteria for setting a rating. Carefully research any cell you are considering using before purchasing.

    Testing cells at their limits is dangerous and should never, ever, be attempted by anyone who has not thoroughly studied the dangers involved and how to minimize them.

    If the cell has only one current rating number on it, or if it only says "max" then I have to assume that the company is stating that the cell can be discharged at that current level in any way, including continuously.

    Cell photos: https://imgur (dot) com/a/cDvAJ
    (Sorry for the split link but direct links to Imgur do not display properly)

    Bottom Line
    While this cell has a useless 30A “max” rating on the wrap its 20A continuous current and 5500mAh capacity ratings are accurate.

    This cell has a huge 5500mAh capacity rating but its slightly higher internal resistance means that at above 20A pulsed or so it doesn’t offer any additional vaping time versus the good 30A 4200mAh-4300mAh cells like the Aspire/Golisi/iJoy (all the same cell).

    At below about 20A pulsed though, about 65W per cell (130W in a two-cell mod, etc.), this Shockli cell is a great choice, a little better than the Aspire/Golisi/iJoy cell.

    I do not know whether this Shockli cell actually uses the chemistry most often associated with the “IMR” model number prefix, which appears on the wrap of this cell.

    The length of the two cells I tested were 65.0mm and 65.1mm, at the short end of the range of 26650 cell lengths.

    I am rating this Shockli cell at 20A and 5500mAh. Its maximum vaping amps (MVA) limit is 25A, limited by temperature and voltage sag.

    The two cells that were tested were donated for that purpose by Shockli ( Thank you! A big thank you also to Richard McDougal for donating two of the earlier 5000mAh versions of this cell for testing. I wasn’t able to test them before I received the 5500mAh version.

    Continuous-Current Test Results
    Shockli Black 20A 5500mAh 26650 CC Tests.jpg

    Pulse-Current Test Results
    Shockli Black 20A 5500mAh 26650 Pulse Tests.jpg Shockli Black 20A 5500mAh 26650 Pulse Tests ZOOMED.jpg

    Performance Compared to the Aspire/Golisi/iJoy Cell
    Shockli Black 20A 5500mAh 26650 CC versus other 26650.jpg

    • At 10A continuous this cell delivered about 5471mAh. This is good performance for a 5500mAh cell discharged at 10A so I am rating it at 5500mAh.
    To see how other cells have tested and how hard you can safely push them, check out these links: List of Battery Tests | E-Cigarette Forum
  2. Tonee N

    Tonee N Ultra Member Verified Member

    Mar 24, 2017
    You're the man Mooch!
    Thank you for testing this.
    One day you might run across a 30a/1500mah that is actually 50a/6000mah

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  3. Barkuti

    Barkuti Senior Member ECF Veteran

    May 3, 2016
    Nothing to complain then ;), that would be fair. A battery which meets a specification also meets all of the lower ones.

    Cheers :)
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