Best DIY coffee e-liquid ever!

Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by Hookaddict, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Hookaddict

    Hookaddict Full Member

    I took half a cup of decaf coffee grounds, one vanilla bean and a cup of PG and let it soak in for 2 days top with plastic wrap and ziplock bag in the fridge. Then i strained out the the pg from the coffee and out came the most realistic coffee e- juice that i have ever tasted!!! I added a few drops of loranns caramel to it and wow.
  2. JebGipson

    JebGipson Senior Member

    what did you strain it with? in my experience coffee filters are too thick.
  3. Lgordo4224

    Lgordo4224 Full Member

    Thanks Hookaddict,
    Sounds like a super idea going to try that Thanks !!!
    Think Ill use hazelnut coffee grounds and see what I get LOL.

    What did you use to strain the liquid ?
  4. HippyGirl

    HippyGirl Super Member

    You almost have to use cheesecloth considering the viscosity of the PG...I would.

    I started a tincture today using a Senseo Dark Roast single cup coffee "teabag"...1 coffee bag wetted with vodka and then drained in 1oz of VG brought to temp (about 15-ish secs in the microwave). Within an hour, the VG was the color of strong coffee. It WILL have to be strained, though, as you can see the solids suspended in the liquid.

    I do have a concern or two about vaping this, though, as what's being extracted is basically an oil. Any thoughts?

  5. doots

    doots Vaping Master Verified Member

    Sounds like a winner.. Love it.
  6. Scottes

    Scottes Super Member

    Supporting member
    Cheesecloth is too coarse a weave. You really want something coarser than a coffee filter, but tighter than cheesecloth. PTB would be great, though the size would be a problem. Filtering with a French Press might be good.

    Having done similar things many times, I've found that it's way better to filter out the fine stuff first, when the coffee is dry. Then soak. Then filter the grounds/PG mixture. You'll get far less coffee grounds in the final product.

    I also wouldn't refrigerate - you're just slowing the infusion process by a significant amount. (Granted, two days isn't that much time to wait. I've done 3-month infusions...)
  7. Hookaddict

    Hookaddict Full Member

    I used a drip plastic gold mesh coffee filter and put in an extra fabric filter, it works well got all the coffee grounds and vanilla bean out. the pg isnt black like loranns just a medium dark brown. i just put that over a cup and let it drip on its own while went to play call of duty mw2.
  8. Hookaddict

    Hookaddict Full Member

    im working on a star anise/clove vg mix that smell good its been soaking for 5 days now (yeah i neglected it in the fridge for 5 days) gotta try it out later
  9. HippyGirl

    HippyGirl Super Member

    Ah, but the good thing about cheesecloth is that you can simply add additional layers until you find the sweet spot...I've used cheesecloth to strain everything from hot homemade syrup to yogurt (for yogurt cheese).
  10. Silence

    Silence Super Member Verified Member

    So from this recipe it sounds like a 2:1 Pg:coffee ratio is about the right mix?
  11. HippyGirl

    HippyGirl Super Member

    Ummmm....killed a 510 atty DEAD!
  12. geeker

    geeker Ultra Member Verified Member

    To avoid the oil from the coffee, I wonder if you could use instant coffee for this. Hmmmmm...
  13. just-a-nobody

    just-a-nobody Senior Member

    Wow! That really sounds good., I will have to try it. I don't know exactly where I'll find a vanilla bean, but I do have vanilla extract.
  14. quovadis

    quovadis Ultra Member

    I actually ran pg through my espresso machine instead of water.
    I figured that would be the best way to make a real espresso vape.
    Took me about 2 days to get rid of the Pg in the machine after that.
    The vape tastes of bitter it works.
    Not worth the hassle though.
    I could have destroyed a perfectly good Rancilio Silvia...
    I just had to try...
  15. Scottes

    Scottes Super Member

    Supporting member
    From other infusions I've done, I generally like a long slow process. If I were to do this, I'd get a medium roast whole bean coffee, crush the beans, filter out the smaller pieces when dry, fill a jar with the coarse grounds, then fill the jar with PG or VG. Let sit in a dark place for a week at room temperature. (For VG I'd add 3-4 days.)

    I'm going to have to remember to do this sometime this weekend.
  16. quovadis

    quovadis Ultra Member

    Why crush the beans?
    Espresso is already ground.
  17. Scottes

    Scottes Super Member

    Supporting member
    Crushing produces larger particles which are easier to filter out. Espresso is ground so fine that it will be a serious pain to filter out. You can try, but I can tell you from experience that you do not want to infuse using espresso-size particles. Larger particles will filter out with a kicthen sieve. You'd need a coffee filter to filter out espresso, and it will take several days to filter PG through that fine a filter. Larger particles require a longer infusion time, but it will filter out in seconds.
  18. needvapor

    needvapor Ultra Member

    It seems that it would be safe to heat the pg/vg in the microwave or stove (its heated when we vape) and then get instant coffee and dissolve in that?
    Is it safe to heat these up?? I am not sure I will wait for reply.. dont want to blow up kitchen!
    Is there that much oil in instant coffee? I wonder if harmful to vape since its chemicaly made to be instant???..hmm but it seems to be simpler than straining been and stuff.
  19. Scottes

    Scottes Super Member

    Supporting member
    if you don't mind the taste, then instant coffee is the way to go.

    I'm a coffee snob though. :D

    Yes, you can heat PG.
  20. quovadis

    quovadis Ultra Member

    well here we go
    my second batch tonight

    1. Mix VG/PG and a little everclear, a little water.
    Mixture must not be too thick, or it will not drip past filter.

    2. I made a saturated solution of espresso.

    3. let it soak for 30 minutes

    4. strain it slowly

    it tastes like a really strong coffee i'm gonna play around with cream, burnt sugar, maple , mint...
    To see what other tastes i can make ...

    This is amazing...but you have to use finely ground real Italian espresso...none of this supermarket grade immitation stuff.:D

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