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Discussion in 'Thailand Forum' started by Lukey1979, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    Hi Guys.

    I have been searching high and low for the lowest price (wholesale or not) of liquids around the Thailand based forums and sites.
    The vendors on most of the forums are offering around 70 bt on Dekang and Hangsen and wont budge any lower. I have had a best quote on Dekang wholesale at 60 bt per bottle. Sounds good but would like to source something lower if possible. I know i could get a better price if i went outside the kingdom but then there is the customs issue....
    Doe's anyone have any ideas or am i clutching at straws?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. charkohl

    charkohl Full Member

    Hey Lukey
    I sure cannot help you but I'm curious too as I'm going back to visit the extended family next month. Are the china liquids repacked or original packing? Those prices are a stealer! From where I'm at it gets like triple man.. I'm itching on PSV liqs hopefully can get them when I'm there.
    Good luck to us!
  3. Maka

    Maka Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    70 thb is very good.
    I bought some from a few Thai vendors but the taste was very weak.
    This place,Thai E Vape, sells juice but it's a little more than 70 thb but it is original tasting juice

    Thai E-Vape E-Liquid Juice
  4. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    There are 2 good vendors on Thaiecigclub named Oyo and Pingpong who sell Dekang Premium and Hangsen at 70 Bt per bottle. Dekang Gold is only 80 baht too.
    Don't be put off that its a Thai written website. Google translate it, join it, and drop them a PM with your order and Address. Do a bank transfer and you will recieve the goods the next day.

  5. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    The packaging is legit mate all sealed up good and proper.
    If you shop on the Dekang E-liquid thailand site you can buy them for 100 Baht per bottle or get in touch with them about their wholesale price which is the best quote i have had yet. You have to buy 50 bottles to get the wholesale rate though.
    E-Liquid Thai –

  6. charkohl

    charkohl Full Member

    Thanks Guys.
    Would like to try the Dekang Gold series, and well that's still affordable in my book as long as it's original packing.
    Will check them out.
    Cheers mates.
  7. 0time

    0time Full Member Verified Member

    Thanks for the link Lukey. Placed an order with them this week and received it in two days. Good, fast service for Dekang E-liquid.

  8. Lukey1979

    Lukey1979 Full Member

    After purchasing the Dekang liquids from a few Thai forum vendors and the E-liquid Thai website I have come to the conclusion that E-liquid Thai supplies a higher quality and reliable product. Yes it is dearer at 100 bt per bottle, but it is consistently good and they are a legit Dekang distributor.
  9. guitar

    guitar Moved On

    Another is Vapor Mist its a western guy who makes his own ,use facebook to find him
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