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Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by thaiad24, Feb 17, 2014.

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  1. thaiad24

    thaiad24 Senior Member

    im getting a bit tired of the bog standard, hangsen, joose juice etc... that are ok but IMO just ok

    Im wanting a top quality juice that has massive flavour

    i seem to like flavours like apple pie and my tobacco flavours have caramel, but im not really into fruit flavours



    oh here is my new set up : )

    134 2.jpg
  2. zeroclue

    zeroclue Super Member ECF Veteran

    My favourite is steamgunk (potv10, for 10% discount).

    So far I have
    Captain custard, for me a perfect creamy custard flavour (too mild unless on my vv/vw). Been a ADV for both myself and my OH, it's on regular 30ml re-order, good to go without steep time :)

    Lemon meringue pie, when it first arrives it smells like yummy fresh biscuits and old socks! After a couple of hours with the cap off that sock smell vanishes I promise :) over the first few days the main flavour is the pastry, tastes like really good cheesecake biscuit and cream. After the first few days/week the flavours settle and the lemon flavour comes through really well without taking over. The first time I tried this one I honestly got the urge to lick the spoon and pick biscuit from my teeth! Another 30ml re-order.

    Twilight, (peach, coconut and strawberry) I think this will be a love or hate flavour. I can't get enough if it, OH isn't bothered at all. The flavour always seems to be different, I love the coconut when I find it, the strawberry comes through on the exhale and the peach keeps the inhale nice and smooth. What I really love about it is the inhale, It feels almost like fruity sherbet. I'm not sure if it's just the way the flavours have been balanced but I think there is a dominant secret ingredient in there, it just keeps me guessing. 30ml re-order :)

    Sunshine, this one had a mild citrus/mostly orange flavour to start. Tried it again a few days ago, it was a strong lemon/lime not too sharp. Will try again soon (had it steeping 2 wk now) hope the orange comes back and it sweetens up a bit.

    Pollution, this is a new order, only got it last week and pyrex is recommended. I tried it soon after it arrived (as you do) and left some in my ET S for a day or two. It started out OK but the flavour got really strong, reminded me of cop-cops? (hard boiled sweet I hated as a kid)! Will try it again next week but I don't think this one will be to my taste.

    Tennessee tobacco (my OH calls it jackabacca). I've only tried it a couple of times from my OHs set up (I've not got any tobacco flavours but I've tried his). The whisky flavour is dominant and tastes cheep to start but mellows out and gets a nice smooth licorice type flavour, the tobacco flavour isn't unpleasant either (unlike some he has). He's re-ordered this one too.

    going to try strawberry cream tart next :)

    All our orders have been 12mg, good throat hit and vapour from all, but I do need to nudge up the watts for the custard (7.5-8w usually set at 6.5-7w and 7.5 when I'm craving).

    Of course that's just my take on them but by far the best liquid we have ordered, about 60 bottles from various vendors.

    Sorry for the long post, I chain vaped whilst I was typing and now have nic rush :)

    SLIPPY_EEL Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    nice pv I have one just like that but with a trident clone on top, I got fed up with muted flavour :)

    triphammers fizzy trifle was good before I started diy, I do like the joosejuice's tobac's
  4. zeroclue

    zeroclue Super Member ECF Veteran

    What PG/VG mix did you get from joose juice?

    I got 12 10ml bottles all 40pg 60vg @ 12mg, I've only tried 4/5 of the flavours but so far the only one with a good strong flavor is the dark cherry.

    They are nice and smooth with lots of vapour and the liquid isn't too thick. I bought them to mix with various 18mg flavors that are too strong so its no big problem, I was just hoping to experiment with the flavors a bit to find what new tastes I like.

    Will the flavors get stronger with steep time? (First order, only got them last week).
  5. thaiad24

    thaiad24 Senior Member

    joose juice are great for the price and get better after about 3 weeks steeping, i have just received:

    60ml of apple pie 60/40 0mg
    60ml tobacco caramel 60/40 18mg
    60ml apple pie 60/40 12 mg
    60ml apple pie PG concentrate

    i was just wondering if any of you had tried a brand that has the wow factor?

    SLIPPY_EEL Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I don't know about wow factor but like I said above I tried TripHammer Fizzy-Trifle from that was awesome, also tried some grizwalds through vapeE also, I saw a lot of people saying the stuff was nice but I had some banoffee and a juicy-peach but I didn't think much of them, it was just normal..

    Zeroclue yeah they should improve a bit, I started out getting my joosejuice stuff at 30pg/70vg and keylime, pineapple were ok at that ratio but some the others were a bit weak for me so I went to 50/50 and then the 3rd time I ordered I went to 70pg/30vg but I found pina-colada to strong lol and the BlackGold was spot on and I'm talking about straight out the post into my dripper so allow for a bit of muting if you use a tank I suppose, after 4+ weeks the BGold was to strong for me and I had to add some vg

    But this is why I make my own, just don't go buying all the jj BlackGold concentrate :D I'm addicted to it and RY4 I get from liberty-flights (flavourart) oh and maxx-blend is nice

    flavourart caramel :p
  7. trouble1000

    trouble1000 PV Master of Valinor Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Steamgunk are great juices for flavour as well as Triphammer, I've had juices from both places and liked all the ones I've tried.

    If you fancy something that our cousins over the pond rave about - Nicoticket juices. You can either buy direct or from the UK stockist spiritus vapes :

    Spiritus Vapes

    They're well worth the little bit extra.

    So far I've enjoyed :

    Pinacolada from JJ (the only one out of 10 samples that I really did enjoy)
    Lemon meringue pie, Strawberry cream tart & Twilight from Steamgunk
    Fizzy trifle & White gems from Triphammer
    Betelgeuse, Gravity, CLS & Grandmas cinnamon Danish from Nicoticket (or Spiritus)

    I could vape any of the above all day every day. Nice complex flavours that don't get boring quickly.

    Add to this list my DIY stuff and I'm in vaping heaven :D
  8. zeroclue

    zeroclue Super Member ECF Veteran

    I will get some more fizzy triffle, only had one bottle when I was switching (smoking/vaping) and TBH I wasn't all that bothered, I only got a slight fruity tastes with a twist of something weird. Hopefully it will taste better/normal now I'm not smoking.

    I will try to keep away from the JJ liquid for another week then, apple pie taste good but very mild. Same with Belgium waffle, I have pina colada too...must resist.

    Can't wait to order from spiritus, I have had it bookmarked since before xmas...must stop buying other stuff, but I do neeeed a back up V3 and I broke an evod...also I suggested my OH buy a PT2 with airflow controller, which he loves and wants another!

    Must stick to the vape buget this week, my car needs a new clutch and the washing machine is trying to retire...pfft

    SLIPPY_EEL Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    HAHAHAA that's sounds so very familiar.... just when you thought you got on top of everything it seems like the big man has thrown another spanner in the works
  10. Codz

    Codz Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    In terms of strength of flavour the 2 strongest tasting juices i have had are JAC Vapour UK made blackurrant & Triphammer Jelly Babies. As a comparison i would say joose juice blackurrant is like a cordial that has had too much water put in it and jac vapour is like undliuted ribena. I love the Triphammer Jelly babies though - very true to the original sweet taste, although predominantly blackurrant.

    I've been chasing stronger flavours for a while too, and figured out stronger isnt neccessarily better (but often is). Blackcurrant & Licorice is probably my favourite ADV and i get it either from vapists or enjuice. Apple & Pear Torte from Vape Escape's Grizwalds Gourmet (similar to apple pie, but IMO stronger and much tastier) is a lovely full flavour vape. Other strong, but nice flavours i recommend - Alchemists cupboard chocolate limes & the sherbert lemon, Bumblebee Blackcurrant Choons, Vapology Cappucinno, Totally Wicked Patriot orange candy, Vapists Yautja Thwei.

    I know some of them sound fruity, but when its with a twist (like the addittion of licorice) i dont really think of them as a fruit flavour.
  11. Brainmelt

    Brainmelt Full Member

    I'm currently loving Chefs Vapour. I tried them on the off chance - based on the presumption that as the company is comprised of 2 chefs, they'd be a good bet for great flavours..... and I was bang on the money. If you're not a big fan of fruity flavours try their banoffee cookie dough or the Fluffy Nuts. The RY-Whore is also a banger!
  12. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I remember when they started out. Lou sent me some stuff in the post to help me get started with mixing. :)
  13. thaiad24

    thaiad24 Senior Member

    im just about to order (cannot till 2pm apparently?) some suicide bunny juice called 'derailed' from spiritus vapes

    just shy of £20 incl delivery for 30ml

    i think my next step up the vaping ladder should be to try the top end juices so i thought id start here

    i might get the nicoticket - custards last stand and creme brulee from the same site also

    ill let you guys know the review next week :)
  14. trouble1000

    trouble1000 PV Master of Valinor Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    I got the e-mail myself today about them stocking Suicide Bunny juices, they've been on my "to try" list for a while now.

    Think I'll wait for your review first :D
  15. zeroclue

    zeroclue Super Member ECF Veteran

    I have the apple and pear torte on my 'to try' list too, I would have got some with my last Vapeescape order but the 10ml bottles are all 20mg (way too strong for me) so I just picked one flavour and got 30ml of cocomel @ 10mg. It's steeping quietly, the last test was coconut and cardboard but I've only had it a week.

    I can't stand anything remotely blackcurrant so those are out for me.

    I've only found one coffee flavour I like and it's the alchemist cupboard, cream and sugar one. In fact it saved me from dragging my sorry *** to the shop for some tabacco! My first and (so far) only real smoke free test. I was feeling really queasy and couldn't face any of my liquids (realised they are ALL sweet/desert/drink types) then remembered I had a decent coffee. This is now in my daily rotation/must have available at all times 'I want a cig, not a fricking pie' go to flavour!
  16. trouble1000

    trouble1000 PV Master of Valinor Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    If you like coffee vapes, Vapology do a superb cappuccino vape, you can choose your PG/VG ratio, nicotine level and flavour level - it's fully customisable. To me it tatses like a high class cappuccino, nice and strong, sweet and creamy - lovely stuff. To be honest it's the only coffee type juice I can actually vape, even my DIY attempts at coffee tasted like armpit :laugh:

    Here's a link for vapology if you want to have a look :

    E-liquid / Eliquid, custom e-liquid | Vapology

    If you go to the tailor made section you can create your own mixes there.
  17. zeroclue

    zeroclue Super Member ECF Veteran

    Will add it to the ever growing list of flavours to try :) I have the peach melba and very berry cool from vapology. Saving very berry for when I have a cold! The peach kinda makes my mouth feel greasy :-/
  18. trouble1000

    trouble1000 PV Master of Valinor Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Same here mate, my to try list grows every day :laugh:
  19. thaiad24

    thaiad24 Senior Member

    i opted for the suicide bunny derailed 30ml (6mg) and 2 x nicoticket custard's last stand 15ml (6mg, 18mg) - Total inc delivery £35

    The great thing about ordering from sriritus is that they import all the bottles from the states so they have all been steeping for at least 2 weeks by the time you receive it, so its ready to enjoy straight away :)

    cos my favourite vape is apple pie i thought id get 2 custards strengths to mix with the Apple pie for when i want an adv and for when im out drinking and want more of a kick

    really looking forward to these juices arriving - so lets see if you get what you pay for

    ill do a review this weekend if they arrive in time

    vape on!
  20. zeroclue

    zeroclue Super Member ECF Veteran

    Which apple pie are you using?

    I've got the one from joose juice, flavour is nice but very mild. I was going to try the alchemist cupboard apple pie with my 30ml coffee order last night but I ended up getting the vanilla fudge instead (think it's new, not noticed this one before).

    My OH ordered from creative vapes (he likes their whisky) so I chucked in a vanilla cupcake too :)

    ...awaiting postie, should be here any second, right? :)

    let me know what you think of your spiritus order pls
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