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Discussion in 'Commercial Ecigarette Reviews and Videos' started by Jackal3, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    My review of the Boge Technology “LEO”
    Being an avid fan of the JSB Vgo 900mAh unit and the Smoore Xpower 900mAh, I didn’t think an e-cigarette could get better, ‘mods’ not included. Well I was wrong. In searching for new PVs to add to my collection I came across the new Boge Leo. Advertised as an 800mAh battery PV in slick new designs that include a “tobacco cigar” look as well as “wood grain”, it caught my eye. I contacted Boge regarding the Leo and through several emails later, I obtained one to sample and put to the test. Here is my review.

    Factory Specs:
    Measurements: 15mm x 153mm
    Full charged for puffs: 1200 Puffs
    Battery capacity: 800 mAh
    Charge time: 3-4h
    Input voltage: 5V
    Working voltage: 3.7V
    Crystal: orange, blue, white
    “LEO” Color available: Cherry red, wood, cigar, black, titanium, brushed gold
    5 cartridge: 1500 Puffs approximately Equal to 6 packs real filter cigarettes (300 puffs each)

    Basic Starter kit includes:
    1 battery 800mAh (2 battery sets available also)
    1 Atomizer
    1 atomizer/cartridge protective cover with crystal
    5 cartridges prefilled
    1 USB mini cable for charging
    1 user manual

    First Impressions:
    The box was nicely packaged. The Leo comes in a nice velvet like packaging with the cartridges individually stored underneath in small plastic vials made to look like wood grain. The Leo seems a bit longer than the JSB Vgo and Xpower, but still very slim in the hand and well balanced. I can easily operate it with two fingers. I had chosen the cherry red unit, and it is a nice deep red color. The gold atomizer and ‘crystal’ end cap are very nice finishes to the overall aesthetics of the unit. That crystal end cap on the battery end covers the built in USB port for charging. The Leo also includes a cylindrical cover piece that caps off the entire atomizer and cartridge end of the unit. It, too, is cherry red with gold accents and yet another ‘crystal’ on the end. Together the unit looks like a large capped pen or billy club for the rich and famous. Or maybe even a small scepter. Although the jewel/crystals on the ends seem a bit over the top, in all it looks unique and impressive, as if I had a $300 pen in my pocket. Either way I can’t wait to vape it.

    The battery as mentioned is 800mAh. Upon steady almost constant use it gave me 12 hours of vaping before needing charged. It is rather light in weight for it being 800mAh. Excellent quality battery inside. Boasting a solid 3.7 volts should prove to be a heavy weight contender. The button is reminiscent of the Hello-016 button, a soft silicone, and glows blue when activated. No problems with it sticking or anything. Works smoothly every push.

    The atomizer is a proprietary atomizer, from what I can tell. The whole cone shape of the Leo is the atomizer. It is not a separate cone. It screws into the battery with a rather large fitting and thread. The actual bridge inside is huge, larger than I’ve seen yet. The atomizer has a gold tone to it accenting the unit nicely and matching the end caps with the crystals.

    The cartridge is a soft tip 302 sized and holds about 1.3ml of juice (about 300 puffs). I know when refilling one it easily took 26 drops with room to go. One cartridge lasts me half a day of almost constant vaping. The soft flat tip has a slightly harder draw than round tips I’ve used on other units, but that varies with the amount of juice loaded into the polyfill.

    The charger is a mini USB to standard USB cable. It has a nice long cord (about 12”- 15” length, but I’m basing on memory). The charger cable’s mini USB plugs right into the bottom of the Leo battery. The port is hidden by the end crystal cap which unscrews to reveal the port.

    I charged the battery up to full before using the first time. Inserting the pre-filled cartridge into the atomizer was a snug fit. The soft tip of the cartridge felt odd, as it was new to me. I soon grew to like it much better than the hard tips. The draw on the Leo is a bit hard at first. I think the cartridge was too full. Vaping was ok at this point, and it produced about as much vapor as my JSB Vgo. I could tell the cartridge was really wet though. About 40 minutes into using it enough juice must have been used up and it’s as if the Leo kicked into high gear. Holy Mother of (insert expletive here)! This thing was suddenly vaping like a freight train! I was spewing more vapor than the infamous burning of the Cuyahoga River. The flavor was phenomenal. I am not much for tobacco flavors but the typical “USA Blend” seemed fine. I couldn’t believe how much vapor I could produce with a nice, slow draw. Only my Omega from Altsmoke at 6v direct dripping has ever produced this much vapor. I could fill a 10x10 room with vapor in 3 puffs with the Leo… and did several times.
    The TH is, IMHO, a perfect throat hit. Not too hot, not to cool. As close to a real tobacco cig I’ve experienced. Refilling the cartridge was easy, and once I put my own flavor in (standard Dekang Cappuccino, then later RY4) it was only better. Even at 6v on the Omega and 3.7 on my other PVs I’ve not experienced this much flavor.

    Boge’s new Leo model is definitely something to add to your collection. It may well replace all your other eGo styled PVs as the one to have. At a relatively low price, you’ll be missing out on something fantastic if you don’t get one. The solid performing 800mAh 3.7v battery, combined with the monstrous atomizer and 1.3ml cartridge out performs any other ego type variety I have witnessed. The Leo is the Ferrari in a sea of Ford Pintos when it comes to e-cigarettes. This unit is so good, I’ve put down my Vgo, Xpower and even my Omega, and am ordering another Leo set to use while the other is charging. Next time I’ll get the 2 battery sets.

    Kit Contents: 10/10 Seems to be everything you need to get rid of all your other PVs
    Battery Life: 9/10 There are higher mAh batteries out there, but this is a solid work horse
    Looks: 9/10 I like the way it looks. The crystal is a bit much, but overall it is slick.
    Quality: 10/10 Well crafted, durable and the best PV in its class.
    Flavor/VP/TH: 10/10 I’d rate this one higher if I could. Maximum flavor, Vapor and TH.
    Customer Service: 10/10 The folks at Boge are great. Ask for George, Lynn or Eunice.
  2. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    Here I'd like to add a picture of the Leo in it's many form. Missing are the wood grain version.


  3. Chingas

    Chingas Super Member Verified Member

    Does it really put out 3.7v under load?
  4. o4_srt

    o4_srt Super Member

    I wasn't aware dekang was making pv's, but it makes sense, since they make cartos

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  5. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    The Leo is made by Boge Technology. As far as it being 3.7 I have a tester but not sure how to test it.
  6. o4_srt

    o4_srt Super Member

    Dekang owns boge

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  7. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru

    The only device that will put out 3.7V under load is a VV set at a higher voltage then what is desired. e.g 4.2V with lets say a 2.2Ohm atty.
  8. Big Hitter

    Big Hitter Vaping Master Verified Member

    ^^ What about a 16340 3.7 volt that charges to 4.2?

    I have no idea, but thats what mine charge to when new.

    BTW, nice written review!
  9. Big Hitter

    Big Hitter Vaping Master Verified Member

    The button looks just like the hello 016

    Only the specs are different and this looks way better made.
    Did I miss the price in the review somewhere?
    This looks classy (minus the crystal)
  10. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    You did not miss the price. I don't know of any web vendors selling the Leo yet other than Boge and Boge distributors. I do know the wholesale price and the Leo is pretty inexpensive set and comparable to the Joye eGo 650 mAh sets. I will be reviewing the Boge Revolution next week as well as the Bauway 155D 3000mAh set.
  11. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru

    Answered above! I see this type of question more and more, how it spread is beyond me. Yes a battery charges to 4.2V and yes you will get 3.7V for period X out of a "fresh" battery, but the time is X as the battery has a nominal voltage of 3.7V, where most of the vaping takes place until the battery starts to fade. In general most atomisers will decrease this voltage by 0.5V. Mind you this is not verbatim, but can be applied in a general sense.

    Let's take another misnomer. The eGo (all JoyE products) that only delivers 3.2V, that is not true. It delivers 3.7 and 3.0 through pulse modulation (can only be seen on an oscilloscope), for an average of 3.2V. What does that do? Greater efficiency and longer atty life, not to mention a more consistent voltage delivered to the atomiser. Enough of the technical stuff...

    That is one classy looking PV, without the crystal. Looks like a pen, very classy.
  12. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    If someone could inform me on how to test the battery with a multimeter I will be glad to do so. Otherwise, I'd say with the huge amount of vapor this thing puts out (as much as my Omega @ 6v w/HV 901 atty) I would say it is at least 3.7v. This is what has really impressed me about the Leo. I can plume huge amounts of vapor with the Leo. The taste... let's just say my straight/unaltered Dekang juices have never tasted this good in any PV I have used. My specialty juices from Vapesafe, Mrs. T's, and the like also have a whole new richness and better quality to them. All just by refilling the cartridge that came with the Leo. The atty on the Leo gets only slightly warm on the outside after a series of heavy, long hits. I don't know if that's because the thing is so thick walled or what.

    I think later today or tomorrow I'll pull out the multimeter and see if I can get an Ohm reading on the Leo atty.
    I am impressed enough with this unit I just bought 2 more two battery sets and a second red battery for this set. I really don't need to vape at 6 volts any more with the Leo in my hand.

    At some point here soon I will make a video review and show just how much vapor this thing puts out. A standard 2-3 second draw = the JSB Vgo sized vapor but thicker. A 4-8 second draw puts out as much vapor as my Omega at 6 volts. Incredible!
  13. Switched

    Switched ECF Guru

    You take your positive lead (red) of the multi meter and place it on the centre post of the battery connection with the negative touching the threads. Hit the button read the voltage. This is unloaded volts. To test loaded voltage you need a harness where the attys is attached to the device and is being fired. This is can done across the switch in box mods (without a harness) but a harness is required for sealed units. It is just a matter of placing your probes on the pos and neg wires (alligator clips) and firing the atty, this is loaded voltages.

    Any device of a given voltage = will perform the same as another of the same voltage and mAh rating. That being said, the atomiser is the wild card, and it is said that the Bogue standard 510 atty hits like an LR. For comparative purposes use that atomiser on another device with equal characteristics, and you will get the same results e.g on a Riva battery.

    As stated this is a very classy device. Your comparison to 6V without any supporting data is pure conjecture at this time, without the resistance of the HV atomiser, and loaded voltages of the Omega, then that needs to be compared against the loaded voltage of the Leo and atty resistance. I am not peeing on your parade here, just that your info for comparative purposes could be misconstrued. Why should the Leo be purchased = it is classy looking where folks are self-conscious about vaping in public with some of the PVs out there to include and not limited to: cigarette like looking PVs.

    YouTube - iken2punk's Channel

    It looks like this guy is vaping a fog machine. He is not! He is vaping a simple 5V regulated box mod with a measured 4.99V unloaded and 4.64V loaded when using a standard 2.2Ohm 510 atty. In this case he is vaping a 510 premium carto with a resistance of 3.2Ohm putting out 6.3Watts at the atty. He is also vaping a PG/VG mix at 75/25. All this is important. I designed that box, does it perform like that all the time? No! but I can guarantee that with that combo I get the same results with mine and I did. With a different atty/juice combo, I get different results as expected.

    There is more involved here than the brief description I have provided, but hopefully you will find the information useful for future presentations. :) :toast:
  14. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    You're not peeing in my fruit loops. I have the thing in my hand and love it. I am basing my comparisons on visual quantity of vapor. My Omega spews massive amounts of thick vapor at 6 volts using the 901HV atty. The Leo visually provides almost the same quality and thickness of vapor.

    I will test the battery later when I get some more time. The Leo atty is proprietary and won't fit another unit type. However as I said I can test the Ohms later also.
  15. Turbo

    Turbo Ultra Member Verified Member

    Nice review 'jackal'. The only thing that turns me off is the proprietary atty. It would also be nice to have a higher mAh batt since the device is larger but those are minor quips, this is a classy looking PV.
  16. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    There's something to this atty, Turbo. It is hardcore huge. I have some hard tip cartridges coming to see if that eases the air flow a bit. It uses 302 carts.
  17. ctconline

    ctconline Registered Supplier

    Hey Jackal. I heard a rumor about this model that it can be used as a passthrough while charging. Can you confirm this? You didn't mention anything about it in your review. I think that would be a game changer in the industry if the LEO truly acted as a passthrough.
  18. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    Well I just tried using mine while it was charging. I have it and all my other USB style PV chargers plugged into a powered USB mulit port hub (not the PC). I tried vaping while it was plugged into the USB hub and viola, vapor! So yes, it works while charging.

    I have not tried this plugged into my PC or usb car charger yet. My PC has no open USB ports at the moment... but since it worked off the USB hub I would imagine it will work off any USB port.
  19. Jackal3

    Jackal3 Super Member

    I received word that the Leo standard atomizer is 3.0 Ohms. They do make a 2.6 Ohm atty for it. My Leo rep is asking his R&D team what the voltage of the Leo is under full load since I do not have the rigging to test that.
  20. Goldenkobold

    Goldenkobold Ultra Member

    Those are pretty damn nice looking
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