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Discussion in 'DIY E-Liquid' started by Sign-Man, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Sign-Man

    Sign-Man Senior Member ECF Veteran

  2. koala61

    koala61 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I make my own soap, lotion and potions. Have ordered many times from the website Sign-Man mentions above. Great prices and dependable supplier.
  3. foebea

    foebea Senior Member ECF Veteran

    That PG looks.... yellow. 8-o

    Rest assured quick clickers, I see at the bottom it says "Appearance: Off white to clear viscous liquid." so it seems the be the thing we are used to. They really should think about replacing that image.
  4. jlmanno

    jlmanno Super Member ECF Veteran

    I've used essentialwholesale.com.
  5. jlmanno

    jlmanno Super Member ECF Veteran

    Oops didn't realize your links were taking members to the same place. Good clean products!
  6. harpo

    harpo Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    How much of each would you purchase for personal use? It has a shelf-life correct?
  7. jlmanno

    jlmanno Super Member ECF Veteran

    I purchased a gallon of each almost 2 months ago. I keep it store in a cool dark place. told it should last min. 2 years depending on air exposure which may yellow the vg a little. It is as clear today as when I purchased it. It should keep a lot longer just keep switching it to sanitary smaller bottles to minimize air exposure as you consume it. I figure it'll last me more than a few years/
  8. voidNIL

    voidNIL Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Agreed, they should definitely change that pic. I originally ordered the smallest amount I could as a test because I was worried about that yellow liquid in the picture. These days I order all my PG from them and I order it by the gallon. It is crystal clear. The 16oz bottle is a nice manageable size. I use the gallon jugs to refill my 16oz.
  9. BlueBloodedCatFan

    BlueBloodedCatFan Senior Member ECF Veteran

    the shipping cost on this site seem a little high to me. For a gallon of each, it is going to cost over 25 dollars to ship UPS ground
  10. CloudBurst

    CloudBurst Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Makes you wonder how our suppliers can sleep at night charging up to as much as $15 for 15 ml...and many folks in here PAY it! Wonder if they realize what the mark up on the juice is??
  11. Sign-Man

    Sign-Man Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Each gallon will weigh in at about 10lbs. (water weighs 8.5lbs gal). 20 lbs ups at 25 bucks sounds right.
  12. CloudBurst

    CloudBurst Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    You can get a gallon at Tractor supply for about $22. No shipping...
  13. YKruss

    YKruss Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    PG nor VG will never be banned so why are you trying to stockpile on them by the gallons?

    I do dilute my 24 mg juice to 12 mg with VG and use approximately 2 ml a day which means that my total juice consumption is 60 ml (diluted) a month or in other words I do use only 1 oz of VG a month.

    I buy my VG from CVS, $4.99 for 6 oz and it cost me $0.83 per month based on my use.

    Again, why buy by the gallons (aside for using it to make your own soap)?
  14. Sign-Man

    Sign-Man Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I totally agree if you live near to a drug store. There are lots of people who live far enough away that they would spend way more on gas than postage.

    Even a 16 oz bottle will go a long way. I wouldn't buy a gallon but that's the individuals choice.
  15. CloudBurst

    CloudBurst Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    The suppliers charge so much for the PG that in the long run, it's much cheaper to buy the gallon, even if you throw half down the drain eventually. Just my 2 cents.
  16. voidNIL

    voidNIL Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I make juice for 9 people including friends and family. I'm not quite sure how much I go through on average because the number of people and how much they each go through fluctuates a lot. Much easier to have a couple gallons around than to always be trying to track down PG.

    I've only looked once at the stuff from the feed store but it was not clear, had a little tan tint to it. I could probably get it from the pharmacy but I'm willing to pay for a little convenience.
  17. Kurt

    Kurt Quantum Vapyre ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Fact: in general, everything that ecig vendors sell that is not actually ecig hardware or e-juice is available other places for a fraction of the cost. Some do not do this. Plastic syringes are often sold for $2.95...but you can get them for about 20 cents elsewhere. There is a trade off with shipping costs by buying everything from one place, but it usually does not counteract the markup.

    To the OP: thanks for those links for VG and PG. I doubt I will ever get a gallon, but the price of 16 oz is quite good.

    Also, not all USP VG is the same. The CVS brand I got has a flavor that I'm not fond of, but the Heritage brand I get from Whole Foods is quite good. Technically they should be the same, but some are made from hydrolysis of animal fats (labeled just "glycerin"), and some are made from hydrolysis of vegetable oils (labeled "vegetable glycerin"), so the difference could, and probably is, in the 0.3% that is not glycerin. I think some labeled glycerin is actually vegetable glycerin, just depends on where the bottler gets there glycerin. I can't speak to the PG crowd, as I don't use the stuff.
  18. flattyfour

    flattyfour Full Member

    interesting... thanks for the links!
  19. FizzleFisch

    FizzleFisch Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I still would love to find a source (other than 'juice' vendors) for PG that is more economically sensible in the final analysis.

    I can appreciate the fact that essential-wholesale offers a great opportunity to purchase both PG & VG in gallon-unit quantities at very attractive prices. But if one considers the overall cost after shipping... the economic attraction pales very quickly.

    For my own requirements, I have little need for an entire gallon of either PG or VG; So I'd be more than happy to order a 16oz bottle of each from their website.
    --- However! .... what stops me cold is that it appears my $7.55 product order would incur close to twice that amount just for shipping. And when the final-net_value of the actual offering is evaluated.... it turns out that obtaining a Quart of mixing solution this way equates to buying these products at a cost-ratio of well over $80.00 per-gallon! :(

    After reconsidering it all...the VG isn't that much of a concern because there are several local retail sources available (such as CVS, Walmart etc).

    But the only local retail source I've seen so far for PG ..is the Tractor Supply store which, here again, involves a $23+tax purchase for an entire gallon!:(

    So I'd like to put this question out there;

    Has anyone found a significantly more attractive final-value sourcing (on or offline) for smaller-quantity amounts of PV [i.e. 16oz-32oz] ??

  20. bogiediver

    bogiediver Senior Member ECF Veteran

    @ FizzleFisch

    Have you tried the pharmacy at CVS or Walgreens? They can order it if they don't have it on hand. I believe I read somewhere on this forum it was about $7 for 16oz.

    I got my PG from my vet - they ended up just giving 16 ozs to me...


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