Burning Cartomisers? Dangerous?-510/Kr808/4081...etc filler type cartos

Discussion in 'Cartomizers' started by dougp925, May 24, 2009.

  1. dougp925

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    I posted some info about my experiences with the E9 cartridges burning as you smoke them in the vaporello review thread. I wanted to give this topic its own thread so that more people might see it and be able to chime in with their own experiences. To summarize, I've found that the E9 cartridges physically burn as I used them, sometimes only after 50 puffs sometimes after 150 puffs. I wouldn't even taste the burning but when I opened the cartridge, it was indeed burnt and charred inside. I think most people who use a cartomiser model have experienced the horrible burnt taste towards the end of the life of the cartridge(just before they refill and continue using the cartridge). Also, most people who refill them find that a black burnt liquid sometimes leaks out. (Burnt E-Liquid)

    Someone else posted pics of this issue here:
    Sorry I cant post the link yet(<15 posts), but this search term should take you right to some good pics: (can someone else please post the link)


    I believe that alot of us are actually "Smoking" the cartridge material and "burning" the e-liquid it contains. I'm not sure if this is a Real Health Risk or not. I'd also like to see how many of you are "smoking" this matrerial without even realizing it. Because the heating coil is directly touching the cartridge matterial, I would think this burning is more common than we think.

    If you can, please follow these simple steps to take apart a used cartridge and share your results with everyone here. Here are the steps:

    1. Take a cartridge that you've been using(lets say for about 7 or so cigarettes) which has no indication of burning. (Or try using a fully used-up cartridge and started tasting burnt, its up to you)
    2. Using a tweezer, remove the plastic tip on the mouthpeice side.
    3. Using a tweezer, pull up on the wire coming out of the center of the cartridge unitl it breaks.
    4. Using a tweezer, gently pull the entire roll of cartridge material out of the cartridge.
    5. Unroll this material and tell us what you see in the center of the roll. Is it charred and black, then you been inhaling that SMOKE.

    Do you ever hear a crackling or poping sound coming from the cartridge. I beleive that is the material burning. I held some of the cartridge material over an open flame and it made that very same crackling/popping sound as it burned.

    It only takes a minute to do this and I'm wondering if the results vary by ecig manufacturer or cartomiser manufacturer. I really don't want to be an alarmist, but I've never seen any other e-cig that actually produces SMOKE. Also, I'm not too concerned about the dangers of e-liquid vapor but this is possibly "BURNING" the eliquid and the cartridge material. Does anyone know if this is TOXIC??
  2. Cellmeister

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    If It Taste Burnt Toss It Like Your Suppose Too!

    All These Carts Will Vary With Puffs With Too Many Variables And Factors Besides No Quality Control. Times & Puffs Will Always Vary!

    These Are Disposable, Once Its Done, No Vape or Burn't Taste Toss It!

    If Its Not Disposable And Taste Burnt Follow The Manufacturers Instructions.

    If Your Bored, Wondering, Want More Info or Research Please Add Your Comments.

    ~Keep Vapin~
  3. wegster

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    Doug - I'm with ya, this is a concern to me as well.

    I'll have to take some other shots later, but yes, a disassembled KR808D-1 cart, started as new, and within a dozen drags started to taste, well, funky and burnt. I put it aside for later disassembly, will post the pics in a few. Not making me feel warm and fuzzy inside, though.
  4. wegster

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    Here's a lovely pic of said cartomizer I just ripped apart:
  5. dougp925

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    Thank you wegster. I was starting to think I was alone here. If that pic is only after a dozen drags imagine what happens after 100 or 200. I can't begin to imagine what it looks like after its been refilled 2 or 3 times.

    I'm really hoping alot of people contribute here and maybe we can find one manufacturer that is better than others. If they all perform this way, then I think this technology needs a little more improvement before everyone embraces it as the latest and greatest.

    Perhaps we can send a clear message back to the manufacturers to fix this problem!
  6. fenez

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    From what I found out, the liquid in these types of units is not just typical pg
  7. dougp925

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    Fenez, its funny that you say that. My pack of cartomizers has the ingredients printed on the side and it reads:

    Ingredients of the Cartridge:
    Nicotine(24mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg, 0mg), flavor essence, propylene glycol, and water.

    I bought mine from e-cig.com. I also purchased some eliquid to refill it with and the liquid tastes and vapes exactly the same as the original liquid in the cartridge. I even bought the same exact flavor to refill it with. Whats interesting is that the refill liquid is really thick like motor oil. That makes me think it's a VG fluid but it doesn't list glycerin as an ingredient. I'm really not sure what is in that fluid which makes me even less happy about physically burning it and inhaling it.
  8. fenez

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    Those carts are also offered with propanediol but the company offers an option of not using propanediol which would mean that, they propbably come standard with propanediol unless you ask for it without
  9. fenez

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    Here... this is from a site that sells them wholesale

    Cartridge flavors
    Marlboro -tobacco -555- kent- camel cherry-peach-apple-coffee-cola-
    Grapefruit - mint- red bull - banana-green tea- chocolate vitamin etc-

    Strength in 16mg 11mg 6mg and 0mg

    We can make it without propanediol (it not so good for health)

    Custom nicotine level also available
    Like 24mg 18mg 8mg and 6mg 1mg
  10. wegster

    wegster Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Umm, guys?
    Propanediol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Follow the links..it sure sounds like PG or VG to me... ?
  11. fenez

    fenez Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    why do they say not so good for health?
  12. wegster

    wegster Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I bet there's more, there's just a flood of threads.
    I'll rip open a 'proper tasting' cart a dozen drags later for comparison later.
    The 'fluffy' bit in the pic actually feels like the normal poly cart fill..it was moist. The inner 'square' is more dense, and I believe was wrapped around the center of the atomizer, perhaps an attempt to not let it burn. It was wetter than the 'fill,' so maybe it acts as the inner coil wick on a traditional atty? I'm unsure where the small braid winds up.

    Probably need to cut one open intact...
    Either way, when it starts to taste funky, it's garbage, as far as I'm concerned, unless someone can identify the other materials, the liquid, and prove otherwise. I still do like the idea of the 2 piece, but it seems 'not quite there yet' to me right now..
  13. wegster

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    Dunno. I'm guessing because VG can produce acrolein, and perhaps they know the atomizer can reach the required temperature to do so?

    Unsure, guessing here. Ask them?
  14. fenez

    fenez Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I personally don't use the 2 pc units I used a bloog for a day or two but I didn't like the throat hit and I found that refilling them only worked for a short time plus you don't get the same vapor from a refilled cart as a new one
  15. wegster

    wegster Ultra Member ECF Veteran

  16. dougp925

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    Fenez, Can you share with us the name of the manufacturer who is using propanediol? Judging by the grammar in your post, they sound like they're from china.

    Wegster, I also initally liked the 2pc design and thought it was going to be my favorite, but this takes it right off my list. Maybe all they need to do is wrap the heating coil in the same metal braid material thats in standard atomisers. This might help spread out the heat dissipation but still allow liquid to get to the coil for good vapor production. Is anyone here talented enough to try something like this?

    Are there any manufacturers out there who can comment on these issues?
    Is the cartridge material polyester?
    Is this smoke toxic?
    Are there any new designs in the works?
  17. bri1270

    bri1270 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yes, please post a link to the manufacturer's site.
  18. Cori

    Cori Super Member ECF Veteran

    We cut open a cartridge and found the same as the rest of you. The stuffing was all brown and discolored and there was a burn hole all the way through the filter. I'm replacing my ecig this week. One thing that worries me is, that the FDA & TPTB are looking for ammunition to use against ecigs..stuff like this won't go unnoticed.
  19. wegster

    wegster Ultra Member ECF Veteran


    It's entirely possible it's 'not harmful,' or maybe is the equivalent of smoking an analog's part of the rolling paper (hopefully without the glue?). It would be nice to locate the original manufacturer on these, send some pics and questions along, or failing that, if one of the vendors of the 2 piece units would push this from their side..
  20. fenez

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    www. alibaba .com/product-gs/222264303/Best_quality_e_cigarette.html

    here is the link.

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