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Buzz Pro Maintenance

Discussion in 'Buzz Mods' started by gtianz, May 3, 2012.

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  1. gtianz

    gtianz Senior Member

    This isn't a post to bag on Notcigs or the Buzz Pro but, I have to report back on my recent experiences.

    I have been enjoying and using my green buzz pro for about a month now. My curiosity and dilemma started after I bought my wife a BP.

    The issues vs my wifes BP:
    1. softer/squishier button feel and response
    2. less impressive vaping and inconsistent hits

    After removing my top cap I couldn't help but notice how loose the top screw was.

    And, the button was slightly broken from its initial adhesive.

    To correct these issues I manipulated the pcb board into a slightly better position, superglued the button into the perfect triggering position, and tightened up the top cap screw (left a slight amount of play on the bottom of the top cap wire screw to allow the wire to rotate).

    The results:


    Button effectiveness was good before and without issue but now that it is better secured and free of the walls it has a firmer feel and more solid "click".

    Tightening the top screw resulted in a stronger vape.... I cant help but think the loose connection was impacting the circuitry's ability to produce a good vape.

    I'm now happier with the performance of my buzz and I'm vaping on a 3 ohm carto below the yellow mark. (before I was half way between the yellow and red mark.)


    I don't believe this was an issue of assembly or quality control. I think it was more likely just preventative maintenance. The screw holding the wire to the top cap had worked loose over time and it's very possible that I had jammed the button breaking it loose from it's adhesive.
  2. patch

    patch Senior Member Verified Member

    why do you think tightening the top screw resulted in a stronger vape? i have my notcigs VVPV running with a cisco spec 3.0 Ohm atty and Empire Drip Shield running at the maxium voltage on the dial (i believe 5.6V not under load) and i find that the strength of the vape is not as good as the same set-up at even 5.2 volts on my provari.

    i was thinking it had to do with the way the 510 connection situates with the atty, resulting in a more airy vape. who knows though? anyone have any feedback as to why 5.5 volts feels different on the VVPV vs. provari?

  3. Roxxette

    Roxxette Ultra Member Verified Member

    I unscrew everything every few days , also depending on what atomizer or tank i use i tight or loose a bit the connector screw.

    To the post regarding airflow there was a thread where they suggest to use a different screw in order to increase airflow also the use of 510 extender.

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  4. Michaelb83

    Michaelb83 Senior Member Verified Member

    Everyone says that a flat head screw gives more airflow to the device. I believe buzz will ship some if you ask or if you make another order for something next time just add to the comments you want the other type of screw. I'm sure Bov will be around to answer this fully at some point.
  5. markfm

    markfm PIF Moderator Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Suppliers can't geyt to this area, including Bov as an SA.

    Buzz has plenty of the slotted head, just ask.
  6. lalasalama8

    lalasalama8 Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I am having trouble seeing why a slotted screw would have any effect on airflow. Could anyone help me to understand?
  7. markfm

    markfm PIF Moderator Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Many cartos don't have a slot cut all the way across the face of the positive contact. If you stick a carto with no slot on top of a Phillips head screw, there is no path for air flow, since the Phillips head cut doesn't go to the edge of the screw head.

    A flat head slotted screw always has the slot as an air channel.
  8. lalasalama8

    lalasalama8 Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Got it Markfm, and it actually makes sense!..thank you
  9. gtianz

    gtianz Senior Member

    Not the top screw. The screw connecting the wire to the top cap was very loose (like 8 threads showing). Due to how loose this connection was I don't believe electricity was being effectively conducted.
  10. exodus454

    exodus454 Super Member Verified Member

    I've had the same issues you have, but it's not really a big deal IMO. I've had to reglue my button twice and it's pretty easy to notice and take care of when it separates itself.

    My screws in the top cap will loosen themselves over the period of a few weeks so I've gotten in the habit of taking the top cap off every once and awhile just to make sure everything's kosher. My top screw usually stays tight, it's the bottom one that moves around. I just tightened mine down a few hours ago and it had worked itself QUITE loose (8-10 threads showing).

    Seeing this thread, I think next time I screw it back in I'm gunna throw some purple or blue loctite on the threads to prevent it from working its way out again.
  11. gtianz

    gtianz Senior Member

    I agree. It's not a big deal and I was really just writing to let people know that they may want to check under their top cap occasionally to maintain peak performance with their buzz.

    I'm thinking that I'll have to try some loctite as well. Let us know how well it works.
  12. MrWarspite

    MrWarspite Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    sorry for the dumb question but ive only been using my infinity pro for a couple weeks. I noticed the same thing with mine. How do you get the top cap off?
  13. Michaelb83

    Michaelb83 Senior Member Verified Member

    The infinity has a small hole in the side of the cap. First loosen the top screw where the carto goes just a little then find something that will fit in the side hole in the cap, like a small screwdriver then twist it off. Usually you just have to loosen it then you can use your hands to unscrew it. The connection wire is pretty small under the cap so be-careful not to pull it too far.
  14. MrWarspite

    MrWarspite Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    thanks michael, that got it. My screw under the cap was pretty loose. Tighened it up and so far so good.
  15. patch

    patch Senior Member Verified Member

    ok, in terms of adjusting the airflow, other than adjusting the top screw i was reading on another thread that a 510-510 sealed adaptor would increase the flow as well. i imagine it would work much the same way as markfm explained earlier in this thread. would changing the screw and using the sealed adaptor doubly increase the flow or is this just wishful thinking?

    yeah, somehow the draw seems a little tight with my VVPV, thus limiting the vapor production and overall satisfaction of the vape somewhat. the draw on all my other PVs: provari, provari mini, LT, and reo mini all seem to allow for fuller draws. is this just my imagination? i use an empire drip shield on all of these PVs so they are all affected with a somewhat stiffer draw.
  16. Sinean

    Sinean Full Member Verified Member

    My friend has the buzz pro II after 2 days the button came off. She sent it back to get fixed. Don't think this is a common issue, I tried it and it had worked really well. She emailed them and she got a response back right away. She sent it back to be repaired free of charge.
  17. markfm

    markfm PIF Moderator Verified Member

    Supporting member
    There was a bad batch of switches, a couple must have slipped through when notcigs purged the stock. That part comes from a well known switch vendor, highly rated.

    Glad they took care of your friend fast, bp is a sweet pv.
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