Canada's Non-Smokers Rights Assn.

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  1. (This is a very far cry indeed from the American Smoker's Rights orgs. Quote comes from Ca's national post which I believe is based in Tor.:
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    I can't believe that there is even a debate over cigs. It is very clear that it helps our health and helps us get off smokes. I don't do any other drugs and if these sites go down and banned, I will take the risk of being charged if caught just to have the ejuice in my possession.
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    Read this the other day in the paper. The funny part is that the "comments" section on most news websites are usually filled with supporters and deniers on either side swinging away at each other. The comments on the vaping stories are ALL supporting the E-Cig industry. Pretty good sign of things to come I think. The public is not being fooled on this least in Toronto!
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