case logic diabetic travel case

Discussion in '"Where can I get a .......?"' started by Deschain, Dec 24, 2009.

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  1. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    Is there anybody who knows where I can get one of these in the UK, or even shipped to the UK?

    I've tried Ebay, Amazon, the Case Logic (UK/EU) site and Walgreens...they either don't have them or don't ship to the UK.

    Any ideas? I really want one of these. :(

  2. RatRacer

    RatRacer Super Member Verified Member

    Are you searching by name or model#?
  3. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    RR, I'm searching by name...didn't even occur to me to see if there was a model number.

  4. RatRacer

    RatRacer Super Member Verified Member

    Model# MDT-1

    See if you get directly from Case Logic.
  5. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    I serched for this case on amazon US last week...they didn't have it...but using the actual model number has got me a result. :thumbs:

    Cheers mate. :)

  6. RatRacer

    RatRacer Super Member Verified Member

    Cool! Have a fine rest of your evening!
  7. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    Gagh! Shipping restrictions!

    I can only assume that this is because it is listed as some sort of "medical product"...********! :mad:

  8. scottjamez

    scottjamez Senior Member

  9. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    Thanks Scott, I was aware of these already and pretty close to buying a few of them, but then I saw the Diabetic case and wanted that...I suppose I will have to settle for a few of them now. :(

    Thanks for being helpfull all the same. :)

  10. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member

    Figured you wanted that zipped webbing. That IS nice but in the UK it looks like this is the next best and a heck of a price:

    Case Logic DMC 1 - Carrying case - black: Electronics & Photo
  11. HippyGirl

    HippyGirl Super Member

    Were you able to find your case?

    Not sure, but what about shipping from here?


    Bah! I didn't see that you'd already tried Amazon...sorry.
  12. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    No worries HippyGirl, thanks for trying (and Kent C as well).

    I'm going to fire off an email to them and ask them why this is restricted's just a carry case.

    Maybe they will review it and take it off their list of forbidden treasures (yeah I know "bob hope and no hope"...but I'll give it a shot anyway).

  13. DonDaBoomVape

    DonDaBoomVape Vaping Master

    I don't know about a case logic diabetic travel case, but this is the one I mentioned in the WWV Illustrated Guide. [Gosh, why wouldn't they ship to the UK, there's no medicine in it?] I don't see it on the Amazon UK site but there is this case.
  14. 316lvm

    316lvm Ultra Member Verified Member

    Hey Des-
    Know you have your heart set on the diabetic bag but what about something similiar?

    Just googled medical bags - try looking at the instrument bags, ems bags.
    Other options might be scrapbooking organizers, check camping supplies - some daypacks have all kinds of compartments to hold things, map bags, military surplus for med bags.

    I use a clear, see-through back pack for my bulk stuff that I leave at home. I have my carts in a Craftmates locking organizer, my atty's and batts in urine sample plastic vials, my DIY flavorings in a see through pencil bag etc.

    For what I carry with me is a small see-through cosemetic bag, for my purse is an eyeglass case with my extras plus juice.

    Just a thought!
  15. Deschain

    Deschain Ultra Member

    Don & 316, you've suggested some great alternatives...but I am one of those people who sort of locks onto things and has to have them! :oops:

    For now, I will grab a few of the Case Logic DMC-1's...but by God, I will snag me one of those Diabetic bags by fair means or foul! :)

  16. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member

    I had you pegged :) I'm the same way. It's a curse. lol

    If you do get that other one, what I did was - on the left side of the case, I very carefully took a seam ripper and cut the appropriate 'tie downs' that separate the net into three compartments. That way you can put your BB or Spade into it and have some containment. I suppose you could even put a couple of velcro strips in... hmmm that's a thought. I do like that zipper though - thanks for pointing that model out.
  17. 316lvm

    316lvm Ultra Member Verified Member

    Hee, hee. Totally understand. Am that way about some things too!!!
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