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Discussion in 'Show Me vapers' started by kdd121s, May 16, 2010.

  1. kdd121s

    kdd121s Senior Member

    At the last South West MO Regional Meeting, we discussed the idea of arranging monthly meetings in other regions of Missouri. This thread is for the Central, MO area meetings. I guess we will start the ball rolling with some initial questions. 1st: should we have the meetings at the beginning, middle or end of every month? 2nd: what day of the week works best for everyone on average? 3rd: what time of day works best for everyone on average? 4th: what city should the meetings be held? 5th: should we rotate which cities we meet at every month? 6th: what venues within the selected cities should we hold the meetings at? These are just some starting questions to get the discussion ball rolling.

    This thread is going to be a sticky so that new people can add their ideas and so that we can adjust things as problems arise. By problems I mean things that might necessitate changing: day, time, city, venue, etc. This will also allow people to arrange car pooling if necessary. As this meeting thread is for Central, MO area vapers , I assume someone in that area will take the helm when it comes to organizing the meetings. I hope that this will be a helpful starting point for discussing monthly meetings in the Central, MO area.
  2. ltros

    ltros Full Member

    Anyone along the I-70 corridor Warrenton to Columbia?
  3. Lauralie

    Lauralie ECF Guru Verified Member

    Right in the middle.....kingdom city area
  4. webgeek

    webgeek Senior Member Verified Member

    What do you mean when you say "venue"? Are we talking some kind of actual meeting room, or a restaurant/bar? If you actually want to be able to vape during the meeting, I wouldn't suggest Columbia. The anti-smoking nazis are pretty thick on the ground here, and they don't make a distinction between analog and electronic cigarettes.
  5. Lauralie

    Lauralie ECF Guru Verified Member

    Komu announced one night that ecigs do not break any of the no smoking laws in Columbia
  6. webgeek

    webgeek Senior Member Verified Member

    Yeah. I meant that the anti-smoking Nazis don't make a distinction, not that the law doesn't. I was just noting that it wouldn't surprise me to find a slightly higher number of people who wouldn't care whether it was an ecig or an analog.
  7. nanovapr

    nanovapr Super Member

    Hi all, just found this bunch. I am near Columbia. I've been vaping in various places for four months. I did get called down once by another patron (Truman's) because she saw me exhale. She was pretty hard-core anti, and didn't want to hear differently. The waitress then asked me for a hit of it...

    I use a device that looks nothing like a cig, and am willing to talk to anyone about it. At the same time, I don't use it to extreme in public indoor places. If I am in Walmart for a long time I will stealth a puff or two. I used to wait till I got outside, I don't need to look like a steam engine now. At any new restaurant/bar, I ask them "Do you mind if I use my portable steamer in here? It helps me breathe". Some know what it is and laugh, all have always told me it was OK.

    The Columbia law may not cover it, but public perception is their reality. This is also what eventually can get laws change, so I am not militant about it.

    Kingdom City? I am sure they wouldn't care at Panhead Billy's...
  8. webgeek

    webgeek Senior Member Verified Member

    I've vaped at Truman's before without a problem. Bartender said it was OK as long as no one complained. Had one guy ask if I was smoking pot, though.
  9. nanovapr

    nanovapr Super Member

    Even though the story is slanted against vaping, the Columbia law specifically says that e-cigs are not covered by the smoking ordinance. Individual places are of course free to make their own rules.
  10. karmakatie

    karmakatie Ultra Member Verified Member

    I would be very happy to see some meets in Central MO, Columbia, or Jefferson City would maby be some good places. As far as Truman's goes I know the owner is very gun friendly and we have lots of gun groups go there for social events.
  11. nightlord

    nightlord Full Member

    anybody in central missouri want to get together sometime? I'm located between warrenton, columbia, and mexico

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