Chicago and New York Consider E-cig Bans - ECF Infozone Article

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    A new article has been posted on the ECF Infozone: Two key American cities are considering proposals to enact a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public. The proposed ordinances would classify e-cigs as tobacco products and ban their use in all private and public spaces where cigarette smoking is banned. The New York City Council will conduct its hearing on the matter [...]
    The post Chicago and New York Consider E-cig Bans appeared first on ECF InfoZone. Article by Gary Cox

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  2. Worzel

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    Heh heh. Chicago. They can't control the violence on their streets, but they want to ban e-cigs. With the bans come the fines. That's all. Keep them smoking. You smell the smoke, not the vapor. Easier to catch and fine a smoker. Harder to catch and fine a vaper.
  3. NoMoAnalog

    NoMoAnalog Full Member

    i am considering going to this council meeting in NYC
  4. Senoufo

    Senoufo Full Member

    +1 on post, may i add that vapers can run faster and longer as we have better cleaner lungs.
    Catch me if you can coper!:evil:
  5. EddardinWinter

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    It really is a shame, what they have done to NYC. I was last there in early December, 2007. Now, with all the silly nonsense that goes on there, I just avoid it.

    Such a shame. I used to really love New York City this time of year.
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