Cleaning clearomizers

Discussion in 'Virgin Vapor' started by MPage, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I know the basics of this- but what do you use to get the flavor out if switching to another flavor?
  2. RedHen

    RedHen Super Member ECF Veteran

    You could soak it in white vinegar over night (rinse well afterwards!)
  3. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Looks like no one changes flavors, lol.
  4. myyrkezaan

    myyrkezaan Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Here's my regular rinse routine

    1) I rinse everything with water
    2) rinse wicks until close to white as possible
    3) dry dab wicks with paper towel
    4) dry everything else
    5) blow through airhole
    6) burn 2-3s
    7) blow, see if coils are clean
    8) if clean 9, if not 6
    9) refill
  5. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I do that to clean them but it has not worked for me if I am testing new flavors. In another forum they are saying to use vodka or rum. Interesting info- will have to test some of the suggestions.
  6. myyrkezaan

    myyrkezaan Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thats what I do when I'm cleaning either for same or new flavor.

    I don't use clearos to test flavors, I use ego-c type b.
  7. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hmm.. I did not think about that. I was an atty vaper for abt 6 months until I just got worn out from their issues. I still have my stash- I may just try that instead. Thanks!!
  8. SunshyneGurl

    SunshyneGurl Senior Member ECF Veteran

    It was suggested to me to soak the Vivi Nova wick heads in PGA which I later learned was EverClear or similar bought at the liquor store. I just dropped them into a shot glass filled with the EverClear just enough to cover the wick component completely and let them sit overnight. Next day rinsed them very well and dried them as well as I could.

    However, I did find out that for whatever reason, they (Vivi Nova's) don't work well with either the flavor juices I'm using or possibly the batteries (I have 2 KGO and 1 EGO Twist). Not too sure. They really only last about a day and a half for me and the coils get so gunked up that they're barely visible anymore and I have not figured out what else to do about it. Any other suggestions would be great as I'm sure this has happened to many others! Going to try the Mini Vivi Nova's soon to see if there is a difference! Did you try these MPage?

    I'm also curious what other people use to test out different flavors as well.

    Right now I have 4 Boges with 4 different flavors going at all times. If I decide to try another flavor, I usually add it to the Pillow Dreams Boge, but then if I switch back to the original flavor, I can never get rid of the newly added one.

    Hmm.... what to do? I have so many samples I want to try and not enough Boges to try em all, but don't really want to use them all up just to try my awesome flavors!!! The Vision Ego's just leak to much to try new flavors because there is just too much liquid loss and it's not worth it :confused:

    What else is there to try new flavors? MPage... I share your dilemma!!!
  9. vsummer1

    vsummer1 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ^ That. No need for rum, vodka, tequila or whatever else you want to party with. Plain old water and a dry burn works just fine, takes literally minutes and I am back to vaping.
  10. TamJeff

    TamJeff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Cartomizers are cheap. Two days on a dollar something carto is a bargain and then you just toss it and get a new one and there is usually plenty to sacrifice one on a new flavor. I have found with VV juices, if I like the smell of them initially, I usually like vaping them so there is very little hit and miss. I get the Smok Tec carto deal from VV, and for the last few months, I have not had to clean or fix a thing. I am currently using a KGO kit pretty much full time. It's just too easy. Throw the carto in the trash, drink the vodka. :)
  11. puffitup

    puffitup Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I also use vodka works great for me. Takes out even hard to remove flavors which to me seems to me to be chocolate.
  12. vsummer1

    vsummer1 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What you say is true. However, this was a CLEAROMIZER not a carto.
  13. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I love reading the variety of all this- it is informative... but also entertaining, lol.
  14. kittypie

    kittypie Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    And on other threads (outside the VV subforum) I have seen others extol the virtues of using Polident as a cleaner, but I haven't tried it (carto girl) :)
  15. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hey you- I was wondering when you were going to join this - ha.
  16. SunshyneGurl

    SunshyneGurl Senior Member ECF Veteran

    That's a great idea! :thumb:

    I was a little upset to spend another $20 for Vodka that we drank in high school and not get to use it to buy a 1oz bottle of my Blk Cherry Marshmallow from VV!!!

    BTW.... I couldn't possibly handle drinking the EverClear! Anyone want it??!! Don't get me wrong... it helped with the Vivi's but not really $20 worth!

    You rock....
  17. myyrkezaan

    myyrkezaan Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What juices and ratios are you using, I've had mine get gunked but it takes a bit of time and they cleaned up fine.

    I'm using ego-c type b, took awhile to get the technique down so i don't get the burnt taste, i also modified the atomizer a little bit based on a video I found.

    That is cheap, but since the clearos and cleaning them work well for me they are much cheaper. I've had some bad coils and tweaked a few to make them work better. Next fill I'll use a Vivi tank and a CE5 style and see how they last and do after a cleaning to be more preciese.

    I've seen some people talk about getting 30ml out of cartos, not sure what they are doing differently.
  18. MPage

    MPage Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I use the regular size ViVi Nova and they last a long time for me. I rinse the heads at least once a week and replace the heads every 2-3 weeks. I am surprised you are having issues. I also use Vision clearos. I did the ego attys for 5-6 months and finally got tired of the constant issues. Tho I may use my stash to test flavors as someone suggested. It cd be your juice- I also use VG now.
  19. SunshyneGurl

    SunshyneGurl Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Wow, I've heard other people say they wash them (Vivi Nova's) every wk or two.... I'd have to wash them every day. I don't know what the problem is with them. I just ordered 3 new heads for the Nova and 1st one lasted less then 1 day before it got gross and really hard to hit. Tried another one and got the same thing. So that's 2 wick heads over 2 days. Not happy.

    I'm using 100% VG as I can't tolerate PG but the only flavors I've ever used in my Vivi Nova's are Blk Cherry Marshmallow, Bella Amaretto and Pillow Dreams. The batteries I use them on are the Kgo or the Ego Twist at 3.2-3.4 as anything higher tastes burnt or makes the difficulty level of taking a hit happen even quicker.

    Insanely frustrating when people say they last so much longer. I actually soaked the original 4 wick heads for over a wk in the PGA and there was only a tinge of a brownish yellow color in the glass. The wicks were still not visible. Ok... let me correct that... they were visible but about 3x's the original size from all the build up on them. I bought some little tooth brush-ish thingy (Dentek Easy Brush Cleaners) that are really tiny and what I thought would be perfect to lightly brush the gunk off and they made a difference, but not enough to not still get residual gunk in the next fill-up of juice. Yuk and wasteful. Now what?

    This stuff is really getting costly and if it doesn't leak, it is expensive and only lasts a day (pretty sad cuz it tastes great during that day - esp Pillow Dreams - amazing in the Vivi Nova... for about 6 hrs max!!). What to do? The Vision Ego Clearos leak so bad it's ridiculous! They last for about half a day and you're so excited cuz your flavor is so good (especially Amaretto and Blk Cherry Marshmallow) and then you refill and half an hr later you realize you put more juice in there than what you see.... oh wait.... that's cuz it's sitting on the battery. :grr::laugh:

    Sooo frustrating... obviously! I really didn't mean to vent but I just lost a lot of my Blk Cherry Marshmallow in the Vision Ego Clearo I just bought last wk and used for the first time this afternoon. It was just so much easier smoking analogs. Buy a pack, open it, light up, repeat. I don't want to smoke again, but damn this is so time consuming, costly and frustrating.

    I just really want to enjoy the flavors I LOVE that Annette makes!!! For example... took awhile but I finally found that Pillow Dreams is the sweet vanilla I've been searching for... tastes amazing for a few hrs in the Vivi Nova... tastes completely different in the Boges, Smok Tech or Vision Ego. I'm learning it's the nature of the beast, but when I hear people say things last a wk, 2wks or more... I get very frustrated. It's not rocket science. I just wanna vape the VV juice I love and enjoy it like it was meant to be...

    This guy seems to be enjoying himself :vapor:

    Btw... What's and Ego-c type b? Or a CE5? Guess I need to look those up.
  20. TamJeff

    TamJeff Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yes. I am saying to get the cartos for testing juices. It costs about a buck to clean a clearomizer at least with our time being worth what it is this day in economic circumstance. I used clearomizers for a long time and cleaned a bunch of them. It just sux to go thru that, have it hit great again and then have to clean them again. I still have a dozen or so random clearomizers for "backup" but I am trying not to have to.
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