Clearomizers vs Boge Vs Dual coil?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Vap3rIz, Oct 16, 2011.

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  1. Vap3rIz

    Vap3rIz Full Member

    Hi everyone,
    What is your experience/tips with these carts?
    ***Please also note your setup with these carts (battery,cart Ohms,mods etc.)***
    Thanks everyone.
  2. 440BB

    440BB Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Stainless XL 510 dual coil cartos, 1.7 ohm on 3.7v mods (Roughstack Maxi and homemede box) and eGo's. I run thinner juices in these and top them off regularly so they don't have any dry burning hits. They last for weeks, and have a pretty light draw. Thin juices for me are typically 80/20 pg/vg and clear light colored liquid. I vape Halo Menthol Ice 90% of the time at 18mg, and like a medium/low throat hit.

    I haven't used Boge's. I have used the CE2 XL and it's more like a dripping flavor with less heat at 2 ohms. Just a little more likely to leak and require fussing with at times, so they're not my preference.

    You probably need to try all three to find what suits you best. Good luck!
  3. Killjoy1

    Killjoy1 Ω Destroyer Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Well, all three are totally different vaping experiences. I'll offer my experiences with them, but do you have any specific questions?

    Clearomizer: I like these a lot. Usually vape them on my Darwin somewhere between 5.5 and 6.5 watts (typically around 4-4.3 volts). They require some tinkering, but once they've been modded to suit my vaping style I love the vapor and flavor I get off of them. The biggest modification I have to make to them is to cut the wick slots in the silicone gasket for faster wicking, if I don't cut enough I get dry hits and if I cut too much I get flooding issues. I've done it enough times I can pretty much do it with my eyes closed, though ;-)

    Boge cartos: Love these. Flavor not as good as clearos, but still pretty nice. I get 3 ohm ones and use them in the mid-4's on the voltage range on my VV devices, sometimes higher or lower for certain flavor juices. Definitely a hassle-free carto. I use these in tanks, mostly

    Dual coils: Not as good as the Boges, but still satisfying. Not as good flavor, but more throat hit. I get them in several resistances and run them between 10 and 12 watts on my Darwin, and also use them in tanks on multiple devices. These are best if you can put them on a device that can handle the amp draw these require for higher voltages. The 1.5 ohm ones are great around 4.5 volts, but I mostly use 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 and run those over 5 volts. The 3 ohm ones are a much mellower hit, but still get really hot, I think I've come to prefer the 2 ohm ones.

    Hope that is the sort of thing you were looking for
  4. Vap3rIz

    Vap3rIz Full Member

    I have this battery (Joye eGo XXL 1000mAh Mega Battery) which clearomizer/cartomizer ohm rate is recommended?
    does (LR) run better on this battery or should I get a Higher ohm like the clear cartomizer @ 3.0ohm?
  5. Killjoy1

    Killjoy1 Ω Destroyer Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    That's really up to you. LR stuff will run a little hotter and in many cases will give you the best performance on that battery, but will also drain your battery faster. For cartomizers, 1.5-2.0 is generally good for throat hit and vapor. A higher ohm carto up around 3.0 will be a cooler and mellower vape. For clearomizers, I've liked them on an ego battery in most of the available resistance ranges, though the ones I've bought the most fell somewhere in the 2.4-2.8 range
  6. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Clearomizers - They can't keep up with my vape pace even with modding them. Total fail for me.

    Boge - Love all resistances on any of the PV's that I own. I use standard for VV mods and 5V. Low resistance for 3.7V-4.7V. Easy to use and last a long time for me.

    Dual Coil - I will only use the ego mega dual coils, e-power dual coils, and the XXL dual coils. The standard and XL I've had the most trouble with anywhere from not working at all to shorting out a box mod (mod was okay). The larger ones in the first sentence, I use on everything...some mods need an adapter but they rock. I love the large capacity.
  7. hairball

    hairball ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The recommended ohm rating for a proprietary battery like what you have is 2.8ohm and higher. Anything lower will strain the MOSFET switch inside your battery. Yes, it will run low resistance but will also shorten the life of your battery so be prepared to replace that battery sooner than expected. Higher ohm is the safer bet for you type of battery. Low resistance was designed to be used on a non-proprietary battery mod like the Prodigy in which you remove the battery to charge. It was designed to simulate 5V vaping but IMO it doesn't. You would have to try both to see what I mean.
  8. dju

    dju Full Member Verified Member

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    Clearomizers : don't like it
    boge lr (2ohms) great with standard voltage (3.3 - 4.0 V)
    DC same as boge with double liquid capacity
  9. Vap3rIz

    Vap3rIz Full Member

    How would boge do on a SILVERBULLET? and what ohm would you use for silver bullet usage?
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