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Discussion in 'EcigBestSave' started by akovac1939, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. akovac1939

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  2. LadyLynx

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    I've finally tried your USA Coffee Espresso last night, and I was really pleased! I honestly wasn't sure if vaping coffee was a good idea (sounded a little odd at first) but it was seriously like vaping a strong dark brew. I'm a coffee/espresso lover and this was pretty spot on. Think of a smooth dark shot of espresso, not much sweetness if any which was refreshing, and zero bitterness. There was lots of strong TH and it was perfect after dinner.

    The sad news is that I couldn't vape it for breakfast, my boyfriend ran off with the bottle :S.

    Thanks Guys! Hope you get your XL Ce2's back in stock soon, I had a few get mutilated during my week of camping o_O.
  3. jacki

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    I am really impressed with the entire site. First of all I had gotten a Ego-T from another site and
    hated it. One battery did not work at all and the other one made the e-juice taste badly. I did get to return it but
    it kind of messed me up on trusting the new tank system UNTIL i found your site. I bought the Joye 510-T and its
    working great. And it is more like smoking an analog than any other starter set i have bought and I have bought five different ones. I also love the flavored juice you have that you just put a few drops with your e-juice and it really really makes the
    taste like a cigarette. And I smoked for 45 years without trying to quit. Now I have not smoked for close to a year.
    Enough said your site has everything that I need and I will remain a loyal customer and I will let others know your site is the best!
  4. akovac1939

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    Hi LadyLynx, I'm glad you liked the coffee expresso. I also like the Killa Vanilla, Cappuccino and Cinn a bun. As for the CE2 Clearomizer, the manufacturer is correcting a problem with the plastic tube cracking and we will have them back in as soon as it's corrected because we don't want to sell these to our customers until it's corrected. So watch out if you order them somewhere else as they could have this problem. Check out the CE2 ceramic cartomizer in black and stainless. They have metal bodies and are very durable but you can't see through them or look at the CE2 Gaiantmizer. Hope to hear from you soon.
  5. akovac1939

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    Hello Jacki, Thanks for your feedback. It all helps to make us better to serve you. It's great to hear you are enjoying your Joye 510-T and stopped smoking, Keep it up. Please let us know if there is ever anything else we can help you with.
  6. dolphinrose

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    I purchased two Joye 510 auto kits and USB chargers from EcigBestSave and we have had issues with both chargers and one of the batteries purchased. I emailed them about the issue and within an hour or so received both a phone call and an email letting me know what to do to return and graciously offered store credit for the chargers and a replacement for the defective battery. Also, they have offered me a free eJuice sample for my trouble. I don't have a lot of experience with ecigs yet but EcigBestSave's excellent customer service has definetly made me want to purchase from them again!
  7. Da Shaker

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    I was impressed with the amazing response time from EcigBestSave. I messed up my order and only realized after I submitted it. I sent an email and received a response in less than 24 hours (phone call and email). I received a store credit and promptly corrected my order. I was surprised to see it shipped the same day as well. I love places that treat customers as individuals and don't hand out generic cookie cutter responses. Keep up the good work and excellent customer service! I just placed another order and anticipate more in the future.
  8. richham3

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    Fast service, great prices and you're in Michigan also. Couldn't be happier with my initial experience and I have already placed additional orders.
  9. akovac1939

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    We are happy you are enjoying your products and service. We look forward to to being your supplier in the future.
  10. akovac1939

    akovac1939 Forum Supplier

    Hello glad to see another Michigander. If you ever have any questions on products feel free to give us a call.
  11. Koman

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    Generally good service, very satisfied!

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