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Customer of the Week

Discussion in 'Volcano Ecigs' started by JoeInferno, May 21, 2014.

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  1. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    Every week here at Volcano we have a Customer of the Week. This week our Customer of the Week is Emily.

    Emily smoked traditional cigarettes for more than 3 years and wasn’t looking for an alternative. It was her boyfriend who introduced her to the e-cigarette by buying her an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit of her own. “I was skeptical at first with the whole electronic cigarette thing. I mean, why use an e-cig when I can smoke a real cigarette!” Even with her skepticism of the e-cigarette, she gave it a try.

    Over the length of a year, Emily went back and forth with using her e-cig and smoking traditional cigarettes. “The transition to making the switch was a little hard.” It wasn't until her boyfriend asked her, “Have you noticed that you haven’t had a cigarette all day today?” Emily didn't even realize she had gone the whole day without smoking a traditional cigarette. At that point, she became a vaper.

    You can learn more about Emily and our other customers of the week on our blog where we post many new topics through out the week.
  2. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    Every week here at Volcano we have a Customer of the Week. This week our Customer of the Week for June 5th was Ian.

    After being intrigued by a friend’s e-cigarette, Ian made a trip down to our NEX kiosk after work to find out a little more about our products and what VOLCANO eCigs had to offer. Instead of just leaving with a better understanding of e-cigs, Ian also left with his very first LAVATUBE v2.5 Starter Kit. “Being new to the ecig world, the VOLCANO eCigs representatives were extremely helpful in explaining how to properly use my new e-cig device.”

    Even though Ian has been working as a Rigger Diver at the Pearl Harbor Shipyard for 14 years and was active duty before that, there was still a slight learning curve when it came to using an electronic cigarette. “I haven’t had any big mistakes yet.” With consistant use and tips from the VOLCANO eCigs representatives, Ian has been able to properly use his ecig but still comes in on his lunch breaks if he has an issue avoiding those big mistakes.

    Ian is unable to vape in or around his work area so he gets his vape on right next to his buddies while they smoke in the designated smoking area. “I get a lot of funny looks.” With those funny looks comes questions and Ian is more than happy to share more about his vaping experience so far. “I always make sure to refer them to VOLCANO eCigs to give it a try!”

    “I’ve been vaping Waikiki Watermelon for a while now and am excited to get into other e-liquid flavors!” Feeling like a mouse in a cheese shop, Ian is happy he is able to test out e-liquid before buying to ensure he‘ll enjoy it. Who knows, maybe an occupation as a Mixologist is in his future.

    You can learn more about Ian and our other customers of the week on our blog where we post many new topics through out the week.
  3. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    Every week here at Volcano we have a Customer of the Week. This week our Customer of the Week for June 10th was Johnlott.

    If you have ever been to our VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Cafe in Ewa Beach, Hawaii- you have definitely seen and maybe had the pleasure of meeting our featured customer this week, Johnlott. With the cafe being his home away from home, you’ll find him chilling at the cafe, getting his vape on and making new friends daily.

    “It was a rough transition in making the switch to vaping but I’m glad I did it.” Johnlott explains as he vapes on his Gold LAVATUBE and Tube Tank set-up. He had been smoking for 40 years before he found VOLCANO and officially made the switch. 9 months as a Vaper has saved him more than $1,000 not to mention the stress from spending so much on traditional cigarettes.

    Johnlott found that making the switch made everything better. “Makes me feel better especially in my pocket! Calculate your savings with our Savings Calculator.

    With his fair share of accidents, Johnlott is known for taking care of his e-cig device daily with regularly cleaning it, keeping it in a safe area and properly using and vaping. “I dropped my first LAVATUBE in water and had to wait 2 weeks to buy a new one! It was a rough 2 weeks but I’m proud to say that I did not fall off the wagon, not even once!”

    Always making sure that his Tube Tank cartomizer is primed on the spot at the cafe, he is able to vape his favorite e-liquid, Hana Honeydew. For tips, tricks and FAQ's on our products, check out our Knowledge Base.

    Since the VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Cafe is usually his last stop of the day, he has fallen in love with a couple of items on the menu such as his favorite Kona Mocha Frappe. “They usually run out of Mocha when I’m here!” Johnlott’s favorite food item on the Signature Sandwich menu would be ‘The Build’ where he challenges the VOLCANO Staff to build a sandwich consisting of pastrami, turkey, avocado and about 5 other ingredients to satisfy his newly active taste buds.

    With Johnlott’s ‘sharing is caring’ attitude, he often comes to his second home bearing gifts of ono (delicious) goods and at the least, smiles & laughter. Having been raised to always help others who need it, he can’t help but share and encourage everyone he knows to make the switch to vaping, just like he did.

    “It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t at least share!” Check out what some of our other customer's have to say about their experience with making the switch here.
  4. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    Before having the chance to own an ecig device, Shannon was fortunate enough to have Vapers as friends that were more than happy to share their experiences and devices. So when Shannon was gifted his very first LAVATUBE Starter Kit he was more than excited. “Chee hee!” Even with this being his first ecig, Shannon had no issues with regular use, care and maintenance. “It was a lot easier to use then I expected.”

    As a guitarist in the band HiRiZ, Shannon was reminded of all the harmful affects of smoking at every gig he played. “I have asthma so when there were a lot of people smoking it would start to agitate it.” With second hand smoke being a big concern for entertainers, Shannon was in support of the indoor smoking ban when it was passed here in Hawaii. “Since the indoor smoking ban, I’m a lot more comfortable when playing music in bars and clubs.”

    Since taking care of his ecig was a breeze, Shannon was able to focus more on the amazing e-liquid flavors finding his favorite one. “My favorite eliquid is Halawa Guava. Tastes pretty mean.” Being able to vape Halawa Guava for longer periods of time, Shannon has been able to master his Vape O’s and got the technique down for the Vape-nado. “Should be able to master the Vape-nado soon and off to the next trick.”

    During the 2 years Shannon has been enrolled at Leeward Community College working his way to his Associates Degree in Culinary Arts and now working part time at the Aulani Resort as prep for the kitchen, he has seen a tremendous growth of Vapers. “After I started vaping, I noticed more and more people making the switch. In school, at work and even some of my friends and family.”
    Being an aspiring chef and musician, Shannon needs all of his senses to be on their “A” game. “My senses are 100% active and I’d like to keep them that way.” With the appreciation for the arts and love for exquisite food, maybe Shannon will cook up some tasty musical jams in the future.
  5. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    After smoking about 2 packs of traditional cigarettes a day for 35 years, Derek was just starting to plan his smoking alternative hunt. Before he embarked on his journey, he got lucky.

    “I was with one of my friends that just got his first ecig. He offered me a sample and I figured, why not.” Derek immediately liked it and paid our Ala Moana kiosk a visit as soon as he had the chance to.

    “I had an easy transition while making the switch to vaping.” Even after being a heavy smoker for 35 years, Derek was able to make the complete switch to vaping in only 3 days and ended up giving away his last pack of cigarettes. Now that he has been vaping for 2 years, he saves about $230 a month.

    “The money saved helped us buy our new house.” Not only did Derek save a lot of money by making the switch, but it also has renewed his senses, especially his sense of taste as he now has a greater awareness for the amazing taste of food. “I gained a little weight with my new found appreciation for food!”

    While Derek was still in the newbie stage, he had no difficulties with learning how to properly use and care for his e-cig. “It was pretty simple to get used to using.”

    Like his transition to making the switch, his newbie stage only lasted a short amount of time before he moved on to becoming a Mixologist. “Although my favorite eliquid flavors are Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean, I created an e-liquid mixture of my own with ¼ Pineapple Punch and ¾ Vanilla Bean.”

    Working as a Hazardous Waste Disposer at Pearl Harbor for 3 years, Derek knows a thing or two about proper care. “Since it’s easy, I make sure to regularly clean my LAVATUBE.” Proper maintenance and cleaning are important and the best way to get the most out of your e-cig. With 2 years of experience as a Vaper, Derek has shared his vaping experience with many people and had some advice for people looking to make the switch too.

    “There’s a lot of variety but find a flavor you enjoy and stick with it.” Short and sweet yet absolutely useful.

    “The staff at the VOLCANO Vapor Lounge & Café in Ewa have been more than helpful throughout the years and make a killer Hawaiian Panini!” Although Derek comes to the café for his e-liquid refills he usually leaves with a Hawaiian Panini filled with his favorite fruit – pineapple.

    “Tastes awesome with my Pineapple Punch and Vanilla Bean creation.”
  6. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    After 50 years of smoking tobacco cigarettes, Jill decided that she was done and started looking for something to help her make the switch. After numerous attempts with other types of products, she found the perfect fit with e-cigarettes. “Not one analog has touched my lips since day one. I really like vaping now!”

    With her INFERNO eCig Starter Kit coming only three days after she placed her order, she was able to make the switch completely, quicker than she thought.

    “I started saving money right away even with being a heavier vaper.” Being a heavy ex-smoker, Jill was lucky enough to have had a smooth transition to vaping. She was even luckier to have had a smooth transition to immediately saving money cold turkey. With her extra money she was able to spoil Tiger-Lily, her cat, and purchase every kitchen appliance known to man in the color red. “Next I’m buying a scooter. Vroom!”

    Jill made the switch with our INFERNO ecig and is still repping it with her stainless steel lanyard and upgraded BCT System. “My BCT is always with me.” With crisp flavor and serious vapor production, she is able to enjoy her new favorite eliquid, Butterscotch. “My all time favorite e-liquid flavors are Kona Coffee, Milk Chocolate, RY-Four and now Butterscotch!” When Jill wants a little kerpow in her vape, she will add one or two drops of our Menthol Burst.

    When we fall in love with a certain product, it’s only natural that we share with others. Jill finds herself sharing everyday with people she knows and even strangers that approach her intrigued by her e-cigarette. “I’m always prepared with VOLCANO eCigs cards to give out to everyone that asks about my e-cig.”
  7. JoeInferno

    JoeInferno Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Aug 31, 2009
    Honolulu, HI

    With more than 30 years of smoking under her belt, Julie had no intentions of stopping even after her daughter gifted her with an INFERNO e-Cig Starter Kit. “I tried the ecig for a little but didn’t adjust to it right away. I ended up putting it away and grabbing a cigarette.”

    Julie’s INFERNO was on her shelf for a year before she gave it a second try. “One year and more than 1,000 packs of cigarettes later, I decided I was ready to give vaping a second chance.” With the assistance of the Sales Associates at our Windward Mall kiosk, Julie was able to start off on the right track and start her journey of making the switch.
    After many other attempts to make the switch, Julie found success with her INFERNO e-cig. “I was surprised at how fast I was able to make the switch the second time around!” On her 3rd week of vaping, Julie smoked only 1 tobacco cigarette. On her 4th week of vaping, she completely made the switch to vaping. This was a victory celebrated by Julie along with her whole family.

    As a smoker, Julie brought another meaning to heavy smoking going through 3 packs a day. After making the switch to vaping, Julie saved more than $8,000 a year! “With all of my savings, we’re saving up to travel once my husband retires.” Julie’s days of burning through money are now long gone.

    Once Julie became a full time Vaper, everything got easier. She was able to work more efficiently since she didn’t have to stop for a smoke break anymore and also gained hours of her day back to spend with her family. “I didn’t realize just how much time smoking took from my everyday life. It feels good to have the extra time to spend with my family versus being outside smoking a cigarette.”

    Now a proud LAVATUBE user, Julie finds herself sharing her experience on a weekly and sometimes daily basis with her friends and family. “I’ve introduced a lot of people to e-cigs and am happy to say that most of them have completely made the switch to vaping.”
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