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Digital for digital! Bitcoin for vapes!

Discussion in 'The Vapor Station' started by eric, Jun 12, 2013.

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  1. eric

    eric Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    BTC10 is now working for all Bitcoin orders! It's a little tricky, though, but in the meantime I've found a workaround as we await a website fix.

    1) Log in to your account.
    2) Add all the items you plan to purchase to your shopping cart.
    3) Begin checkout process.
    4) Select Bitcoins are payment method and click Continue.
    5) Return to shopping cart.
    6) Apply coupon code.
    7) Carry on checking out as usual.

    I know it's tedious, but we'll fix it soon enough. And, hey, it'll save you 10% on your entire order.

    Please note this discount code is only available for BTC orders.

  2. eric

    eric Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Best bet is to just use VSFIVE discount code. Seeing very few Bitcoin orders bothering with the above mentioned method!
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