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Discussion in 'CanVape' started by SoUnique, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. SoUnique

    SoUnique Ultra Member Verified Member

    With the great selection of flavour concentrates/DIY juice creating supplies CANVAPE carries, it would be nice to have our own spot we can share some of our mixoligy experiences, and in my case, get some help from the more experienced.

    -I want to try making juice, what do I need?

    -Yes, taste is subjective, but I like to hear different opinions of a flavour anyway, and how it mixes up with other flavours.

    -Easy does it. It's not required to have a bunch of different flavours to make an excellent juice. Sometimes 1 or 2 cut it.

    -Some of us like nic in our juice. If not handled properly, it's dangerous. Lets keep each other safe while we create.

    -Jazzing up pre-made juice? HellzBellz Yaaa. All the reviews said it was to die for, but, um, for's lacking....something.

    -Additives? Oh, like sweet, sour, tart, well that makes sense.

    -I really want to make this juice but it's measured in %. Can I convert it to mls?

    Creating vapeable juice comes naturally to some, for other it's the start of what seems to be a list of never ending questions. Lets share the basics with each other, provide the foundation and see where that leads.

    You just never know what we could create with A Little Help From Our Friends.
  2. maritimer

    maritimer Full Member

    I am interested in trying some DIY ejuice but still not quite sure. Would like to see some comments from people that have doe it and some simple directions.
  3. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    Well in that case lets run a contest :)
  4. darren molnar

    darren molnar Senior Member

    I'm just starting out so take this with a grain of salt.

    It's not rocket science. You don't have to make your own flavours, you just buy flavours and add drops to your base.

    Start by mixing an unflavoured juice at your nic level and vape it to get a base line. I'm surprised how much I like unflavoured juice. It's one of my "flavours" now.

    Get some single flavours you like to start with and add some . If you like colas, get some colas.

    Shake, vape.

    I don't like stong flavours and I'm not a 'super taster" so I'm finding it rather easy to get some good vapable stuff going. A few drops of flavour to my base and I'm happy.
  5. darren molnar

    darren molnar Senior Member

    So what did I win Mopar :p
  6. zer0ith

    zer0ith Ultra Member Verified Member

    Darren is right. Start off with single flavours. Mix up a 3ml bottle. Vape it see if you like it.

    After a while start combining 2 flavours together (in your 3ml test batches).

    Oh and words of wisdom from a great guy. Write your recipe down!
  7. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    Ok gonna do a contest for an eVic with a DIY element.

    What do you guys think? Get people to post their recipes then we vote on which one we think is the best at the end? Or I decide and give it to one of our best customers like normal :p
  8. SoUnique

    SoUnique Ultra Member Verified Member

    I take the same approach to mixing juice as I do cooking. I can hold my own in the kitchen & put out a pretty decent spread.

    But mixing good juice, the stuff with pizazz and a wow factor, not yet. I want to have complexity in what I mix. So for me, it is rocket science.

    I have mixed vapeable juice, but it always seems to be lacking something.
  9. chagrin

    chagrin Super Member Verified Member

    There might not be enough canvape regulars/DIY-ers, but it could work. Letting the general population vote seems to get messy a lot too and people try to cheat. :(

    I wonder if therealcmac, mindfield and perhaps a third person could do the judging.
  10. Spac

    Spac Super Member Verified Member

    One important thing with the DIY (And it was mentioned by Zero) is write your recipies down! I have a spreadsheet on the go with everything good, bad or ugly with notes. Helps with organization.

    Also, get yourself a copy of the Ejuice me up software eJuice Me Up - Best eJuice Calculator Mopar has a link on the Canvape site as well. If anyone wants to try a fantastic Wildberry mix:
    All TPA Flavours
    Blueberry 5%
    BlackBerry 7%
    Strawberry 8%
    Menthol 1% (optional)

  11. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    OK so mindfield and cmac can judge the winner so far it's spac :p The contest will close January 7th 2013 after all the recipes are dumped in this thread I'll get them all put into one thread as a Canvape DIY recipe thread.

    I really just want to give an eVic away :)
  12. Jables

    Jables Super Member Verified Member

    I mean, if you really want to give one away that badly, I will begrudgingly accept one.
  13. northofamerica

    northofamerica Super Member Verified Member

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    Blood oath:
    6% Sweet Strawberry Capella
    4% Hawaiian Punch TPA
    2% Peaches and Cream Capella

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  14. zer0ith

    zer0ith Ultra Member Verified Member

    Here's some of mine. Personal fav's are Sour Cherry 7up, Grape Sweet Tarts and Lemon Sour.

    Peach Cream Pie ---- Capella Peaches & Cream 66.5% TPA Pie Crust 33.5%
    Pom & Pineapple ---- LorAnn Pomegranate 60.0% LorAnn Pineapple 40.0%
    Lemon Sour ---- TPA Lemon 100.0% Sour - 3 drops (6ml)
    Key Lime + Lemon Pie ---- FW Key Lime 50.0% TPA Lemon 25.0% TPA Pie Crust 25.0% Sour - 18 drops (30ml)
    Grape Sweet Tarts ---- TPA Grape Juice 40.0% TPA Sweet Tarts 60.0%
    Lemon Lime Pom ---- LorAnn pomegranate 16.0% Capella lemon lime 84.0%
    Sour Cherry 7up ---- Lemon/Lime Capella 75.0% Cherry TPA 25.0% Sour - 18 drops (30ml)
    Sweet Mocha Coffee ---- PFS coffee 55.0% TPA mocha 45.0% Sweetener - 7d (6ml)

    BTW Mopar ever think about getting 30ml bottles of the Canvape Professional Flavouring Series?
  15. chagrin

    chagrin Super Member Verified Member

    I'm still confused about how this will get judged, because whoever does will need all these flavors or get samples. However I still love the idea, because eventually when I move past mixing plain juice I can try all of these. :)
  16. Spac

    Spac Super Member Verified Member

    Sound tasty.. But please tell me the ratios are wrong. :) 66% Peaches and cream seems a bit extreme... :D

  17. NickFit

    NickFit Super Member Verified Member

    Maybe that is why he is looking for the 30ml bottles of flavoring... couldn't resist.:)
  18. SoUnique

    SoUnique Ultra Member Verified Member

    These are the % combos of flavours only. You add this combined flavour to your desired PG/VG/nic strength base, at the flavour % level that suites your taste.

    If you're like me & have lazy/dead taste buds, or want a bite my tongue off amount of flavour, go with 20% of it to start & 80% base.

    For those who still have active taste buds or prefer a subtle or hint of flavour, start with an 8%(maybe less depending on brand) flavour combo and 92% base.

    If you're unsure, start with less and build on it. Unbuilding is such a waste.

    These % levels are easy to adjust/change. eJuice Me Up Calculator makes it easier and canvape has a link under DIY recipes
  19. zer0ith

    zer0ith Ultra Member Verified Member

    Unique has it right.

    I mix at 15% flavourings. So for a 30 ml bottle it's 4.5ml total. I then use those percentages to figure out how much I need.
  20. larktdl

    larktdl Super Member Verified Member

    Then there is the 'soup pot' method. This is why you never, ever throw away juice you don't like ,,,, combine all juices you don't like including all the bottles of juice that you have not got around to finishing off. Shake and Vape. Chances are it is vapeable and it is good :)
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