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Discussion in 'Killer Juice' started by Walt83, May 1, 2014.

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  1. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    The new DIY section is now open!
    How easy is it? Well it could not get any easier!

    How to DIY with Walt!

    Step 1: Pick out a base mix with the nicotine level you like, and buy 2 vials of flavoring from the site. (you can mix and match 2 flavors or buy 2 of the same)

    Step 2: Once you get everything in the mail... Pour the 2 flavor vials in to the base (you may need to pour a bit of base out) and shake! When I say shake I mean SHAKE!

    Step 3: Give your juice a try! The mixture may need to steep for 7 days, or if you like it right out the gate, simply enjoy!


    To make Cherry Coke 12mg

    To make Strawberry Tobacco (yum) 24mg

    Share your custom flavors on here and let people know what you are creating! We will be adding flavors once or twice a week to let you play around and come up with your own ADV!
  2. larsfk

    larsfk Full Member Verified Member

    fyi use about 15-20 percent flavoring to start, and judge from there
  3. fatpeopleunite

    fatpeopleunite Full Member

    Is the lemon/lime flavor lemonade/limeade? Or is it just regular lemon/lime?
  4. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    With this mix you should end up with roughly 16% flavoring with two vials. That is the same as retail :D
  5. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    It is just regular. You would need a sweetener added to it.
  6. demlevis

    demlevis Super Member ECF Veteran

    Just might have to experiment! Walt, you said the base comes in a 135 mL bottle so there's room to add flavors... how much is actually in the bottle? If 16 mL of flavor is 16%, I'm guessing you fill the bottles to 84 mL (84+16=100...16/100=16%). Is that right'ish?
  7. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    The vials say 8ml to be safe. (That way we never under fill) They actually hold a little over 10ml.
    The base is filled with approx. 115ml

    When mixed if it was as we tested the flavoring would be 15.38% this can be +/- 1% but should still be enough. Normally manufacturers only use 10% (eww)
  8. sjtown

    sjtown Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    im soooo excited to try this, i need massive amounts of juice to push on the guys! they always want whatever bottle i have on me, and i end up juiceless for a shift. now to get lots of mini bottles :p
  9. boborone

    boborone Super Member ECF Veteran

    So each vial is for one bottle of juice? How much does that make total? This almost sounds like the Australian way to sell juice and not DIY.
  10. demlevis

    demlevis Super Member ECF Veteran

    The quotes above should answer your question... except the part about how juice is sold in Australia. I guess you could call this "DIY light" since you don't mix the unflavored base yourself. You're just adding flavoring to the base.
  11. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Per 1 bottle of base you would need 2 vials total :D

    Hope this helps ha.
  12. boborone

    boborone Super Member ECF Veteran

    I wouldn't even call it DIY lite. I'd call it buying flavor and nic separate. Maybe shake and bake would be a better term.
  13. sjtown

    sjtown Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ive been telling my freinds "shake and vape"
  14. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    This is more of a test. If the FDA rulings pass as is, this is how all sales would be.
  15. demlevis

    demlevis Super Member ECF Veteran

    I kinda like the phrase"shake and vape"!

    Actually, Walt, this appeals to me more than "true" DIY. With kids and animals in the house, having e-juice in the house is enough of a risk - I don't want a high concentration nic liquid around. I'll leave that to the guys with the labs and the right equipment.
  16. boborone

    boborone Super Member ECF Veteran

    I think a better name for it from a business stand point would be something like "Build Your Own Killer Juice", " KJ @ Home", "Killer Mixes", something that doesn't use the acronym DIY but still evokes a sense of the consumer making the product.

    It's a great idea what you're doing, and what I thought of when the FDA first started scaring people months ago. I just think DIY isn't the right thing to call it.

    I was pretty excited when Jeff told me you were going to start selling flavors for DIY. And saw you wanted to be cheaper than WL. Got even more excited. But I was very disappointed at what was implemented. Buy a vial of flavor that is predetermined to make an amount of juice. And the end result isn't that much.

    Some flavors take as little as a drop (TFA Caramel Cappuccino) and some can be as much as 20% (TFA Cinnamon Danish). And then you adjust those even more when making recipes. Some more, some less.

    I'm not at all trying to bash what you're doing. I like innovative ideas and applaud those who act on them. It's great for a consumer, and see the following you have here will no doubt use it. But if you took to either the side of mixing yourself (just a name change) or actual DIY (a change in making it mixes to just flavors) I think it would be better from both sides of the average consumer not following you here on ECF that actually does DIY and the people who just want to experiment with mixing flavors.

    With all the interaction you have here, you can have threads on recipes, threads for percentage base flavor, threads on how to DIY. Even hold contests and make the recipes part of your line for those who don't DIY to buy. Believe me, the following you have here, and how involved you are here, I see great things. I'm just seeing this from my general consumer mind and getting confused.

    Take a look at

    Those guys actually do their own flavors that you can buy ready to vape, you can buy their flavors for DIY, you can buy the necessities for DIY. That is something I was looking forward to when you announced you were doing this. It's a site you can buy juice from AND it's a site for DIY.
    This is all just my opinion and take it for what it's worth. I'm just a guy on the internet. Really I am. Just that. But I am a guy who is interested in buying your flavors and I'm a guy with a history in marketing and consumer interest.

  17. sjtown

    sjtown Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    i think walt should coin 'shake and vape' before the rullings :) i also like the idea of a ready to use base with less risk. specially if after the rullings you had your normal flavors in the vials(like blue mooon :blink:) that way we can have what we already know and love, and you still get your creativity out with flavorings. this just seems like the most practical thing in the world and im sooo glad your playing around with it :)
  18. rosepetal

    rosepetal Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    New to this forum : )

    What if you purchased a 30ml bottle of retail Cherry last month. You wanted to add a hint of Vanilla to the bottle of Cherry. How much of the Vanilla Flavor Concentrate 8ml would you add to the bottle of Cherry?
  19. sjtown

    sjtown Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    ummm... a drop at time til it was good? walts stuff i think iss a more outta the bottle approach i think
  20. Walt83

    Walt83 Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I would use no more than .5 - 1 ml first to try. If a customer asked for a hint I would add 1ml to a 30ml bottles :D

    Hope this helps!
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