Do you guys get pop up ads?

Discussion in 'Site Feedback and Help' started by StarsAndBars, Feb 1, 2014.

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  1. StarsAndBars

    StarsAndBars Ultra Member

    Hey guys. Sorry for starting a thread to ask this. I tried to find a way to simply contact a moderator to ask but I'm not sure how to do that. If anyone can tell me that would be awesome.

    Lately I've been getting pop up ads like crazy on this site. It happens almost every time I click on a thread. I am using Chrome as my browser, and currently using Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials as anti virus/mal/ad etc with active monitoring enabled. I have pop up blocker enabled but keep getting these ads like crazy. The thing is that it only happens on this site. Is there a way to disable this within ECF?

    Sorry for the noobish question but it's making me crazy. Any help would be awesome.
  2. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master

    I've noticed them alot here lately too. Don't know what's going on.
  3. squee

    squee Senior Member Verified Member

    I use Firefox with AdBlocker, never get any popups :)
  4. xtwosm0kesx

    xtwosm0kesx Ultra Member Verified Member

    Hmm, interesting, never had any pop-up ads from/while visiting ECF or even notifications of attempted pop-ups, wonder why some are and some aren't?

    Thought ECF had a no advertising policy, ie the "supporting members" etc kept the site running.
  5. Bolivar

    Bolivar Super Member

    No pop ups here.
  6. serenity21899

    serenity21899 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Supporting members do not receive any ads whatsoever.
  7. StarsAndBars

    StarsAndBars Ultra Member

    Ok so check this out. After dealing with this annoyance for like a week and a half, I just noticed that these ads have a 'setting' icon just beside the 'x' icon. Out of curiosity and desperation I clicked on the ad's 'setting' icon (hoping for a self destruct option) and whoah! There is a 'suspend ad' option. It allows you to suspend the ad for different duration selections, or forever.

    Oh well. If you guys are getting them check it out. I tried it a few minutes ago and no ads so far.
  8. DC2

    DC2 tootie puffer Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I'm on here for hours every day, using Chrome, and I have never had a pop-up ad in the 4.5 years I've been here.
    But then, I'm a supporting member, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  9. StarsAndBars

    StarsAndBars Ultra Member

    What would I have to do to become a 'supporting member?' I would imagine a form of financial contribution?
  10. mattiem

    mattiem ECF Guru Verified Member

    I have been here since Nov 2011 and I can't remember ever having any pop-ups. Just one more thing I love about this place. :)

    PS: I also use firefox
  11. rsdntbplr

    rsdntbplr Senior Member Verified Member

    I'm not a supporting member, using Safari on an iPad and haven't had a single pop up or ad. I've got pop ups enabled too (all my banking and business websites require pop ups for transactions and such).
  12. StarsAndBars

    StarsAndBars Ultra Member

    Ok, thanks everybody. Never known of a pop up ad that allows me to disable it, but it seems to have done the trick.
  13. serenity21899

    serenity21899 Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Click on Supporting Member on the left above one of our avatars. It will take you to the info page. Yes, there is a yearly, recurring fee to be a supporting member.
  14. Burnie

    Burnie The Bug Man Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Firefox here, Never had a popup ad, even before I became a supporting member. I access on my home and work computer.

    Vape On
  15. yzer

    yzer Vaping Master

    I run Adblock on Firefox so I don't get any popups. I see the banner ads but only if I'm not logged in.
  16. Topdogie01

    Topdogie01 Ultra Member Verified Member

    ive never had pop up ads from ecf, and your ability to suspend them.. sounds like it may be ads from an extension you have added to your chrome that is placing the ad space regardless of website maybe?
  17. Huckleberried

    Huckleberried Ultra Member Verified Member

    Looks like you've found your solution. I'm not yet a supporting member, I'm on Chrome and never a pop up. If you do ever need to contact the Mods, click on the Site Feedback and Help area, scroll toward the bottom. All the Mods are listed there. You could click on their name or just post in the Site Feedback and Help area.
  18. Kslavey

    Kslavey Full Member Verified Member

    Another Chrome user here and I don't recall ever seeing pop ups while on the site. I think Topdogie got it right, sounds like a Chrome extension to me too.
  19. Sucker_dad

    Sucker_dad Super Member Verified Member

    Firefox and you won't have a single popup.
  20. HughDaHand

    HughDaHand Super Member Verified Member

    Another fire fox user here and no popups. I also run ghostery that blocks alot of troublesome cookies and tracking adds, but lets some of the more honest advertisers through.
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