E-cig deaths?

Discussion in 'SG Vapers' started by TheBoom, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. TheBoom

    TheBoom Senior Member Verified Member

    So my dad has been convinced by some ignorant intern from NP (a smoker) that there have been already 3 e-cig related deaths. I've been reading and doing research for months now and all i came across was the guy that modified his cheap mech mod causing it explode in his mouth (yet he didnt die). Another one was where a doctor blatantly linked the death of a man in the UK to his use of e-cigs claiming that "there were oils found in his lung". Apart from the fact that he is probably finding excuses to not quit smoking, is there something im missing out?

    Are there actually other cases of e-cig related deaths?

    It's bad enough the WHO and local garment is spreading unnecessary and false negative propaganda about e-cigs, now we have smokers doing the same. This is something we need to be aware of and play our part in properly educating friends and loved ones.
  2. alvinado

    alvinado Super Member Verified Member

    I am sure there are more Cigs deaths than ecig deaths.

    That is all that i am concerned about.
  3. smokie99

    smokie99 Full Member

    Seriously, I am not surprise if there is such death related to E-cigg. Only the number and cause is a concern. Afterall, there are cancer causing agent( about 8) in e-cigg that cannot be denied.
    Depending on which side of the fence you are standing. It is not wise for non-smoker to pick up vaping, just my thought.
  4. 78aukab

    78aukab Senior Member Verified Member

    agree with u.. at least we manage to change of analog to e-cigg, this will be healthier but doesnt mean that we will be as healthier as non smoker. we are just comparing it with analog smoker.
    most importantly, there isnt 2nd hand smoker or should i say lesser 2nd hand smoker.
  5. 78aukab

    78aukab Senior Member Verified Member

    Double Post.
  6. TheBoom

    TheBoom Senior Member Verified Member

    What i'm really trying to say is that there are people out there convincing the public that e-cigs are worse than analogs and we should try our best to educate them on the truth.

    Oh and i think he meant freak deaths (kinda like exploding batteries from china) instead of long term effects.

    We vapers know no doubt that e-cigs are not 100% safe, they are only a tobacco harm reduction alternative.

    But our beloved friends and family don't, and we should do our best to create awareness.
  7. TheBoom

    TheBoom Senior Member Verified Member

    double post. smth wrong with the forum?
  8. kimochi-ii

    kimochi-ii ✰ S.T.A.R ✰ Verified Member

    Smoking analog confirm proven kill lives. And why aren't anyone doing anything to stop it (except Bhutan with tobacco control act).. All about $$. I think when they find a way to tax ecig and juice they surely welcome vaping -.-

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  9. Domtine

    Domtine Lim Peh Verified Member

    When I come across an ignorant fool I do not argue with them, they will beat you hands down with their vast experience.
  10. mavieboy

    mavieboy Super Member Verified Member

  11. Domtine

    Domtine Lim Peh Verified Member

    It's a different ball game if that fella starts with, "Hey, that looks funky. What's that?" I would try my best to convert that fella.

    Like the great philosophers say, "You can't fill a full glass without pouring way some of that water."
  12. okleemat

    okleemat Senior Member Verified Member

    So there are 8 causing agents....hmmmmm versus analog 4999 causing agents......hmmmm go figure which why we choose vaping. But again, those who are not in our shoes will never understand how it feel.... We choose the lesser of two evils.....
  13. mavieboy

    mavieboy Super Member Verified Member

    Precisely hahaha :vapor:
  14. okleemat

    okleemat Senior Member Verified Member

    Roger that! .. this is wat i think in my head when my friends ask me abt vaping ... "Wat for explain, for wat explain, aiyah dun ask so much la....talk for wat no point la....sian man talk to u....your problem meh.....wat your problem"
  15. Ash45

    Ash45 -=Connection Lost=- Verified Member

    Yah... I noticed as well...

    Seems like something's up... Keep getting error msg on my phone/pc...
  16. knight_

    knight_ Senior Member Verified Member

    i give up on explaining.... people smoking analogs tell me vaping will cause cancer and they said that when they was lighting up their analogs. And some people said vaping is worst than analogs, and when i ask them to show me the proof... they chui tat lan.
    Nowadays when i heard all the comments... i will just nod my head and reply.. "yes yes" and i just keep vaping....
  17. Roadrunner

    Roadrunner Super Member Verified Member

    just like apple vs android... vaping vs analogs... you could only side one.
  18. Domtine

    Domtine Lim Peh Verified Member

    for the record, the carcinogens found in e-liquid is of the same concentration as those found in traditional smoking cessation methods i.e. patches and gums.
  19. Ash45

    Ash45 -=Connection Lost=- Verified Member


    I prefer vaping to analogs but I dont mind a occasional fag.

    IOS rocks, but Android rules. Period.
  20. Talyon

    Talyon Vape 4 Life Verified Member

    Supporting member
    In all the study's I've read there are only 4 not 8, but that's ok this is not the point.

    I've never read, heard seen or orherwise of anyone animal or human that has ever been proven to have a major illness not alone a death caused 100% by ecigs, it just has not happened, if someone had undeniable proof please present it to the forum.

    To Date Vapeing won't kill u unless u swallow your device, like while driving and get in an accident or a wierd fall while walking etc lol. Or perhaps u bludgeon someone with it.

    Vape On.
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