E-liquid and DSE901/B cigarette

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by kasija, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. kasija

    kasija Full Member ECF Veteran


    I would like to know if I can use dripping metod for my DSE901/B cigarette. I would like to drop e-liquid directly on atomizer but I am afraid that e-cigarette will stop working. I have bought e-liquid from FREESmoke and I have also ordered Johnson Creek Original Smoke Juice. Can I use this e-liquid for my DSE901/B cigarette? Will be able to get more vapour from cigarette if I use e-liquid or not?

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  2. TheEmperorOfIceCream

    TheEmperorOfIceCream Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hello Karmen, welcome to the forum.

    You can drip any e-liquid on any model or style of atomiser and it does result in greater vapour volume. However there are some things to be careful with. Don't drip too much or it will drown the coil and not heat up. Start with a drop or two and build up to the amount that works for you. Be sure to drain the atomiser at the end of the day (take off mouthpiece and stand it on the cartridge end). If you wish to use flavour extracts make sure they contain only propylene glycol, water and flavour - NO colours or oils. Clean the atomiser every now and then by rinsing with warm water, blowing through the battery end and drying with a hair drier. Some people prefer to top off used cartridges by dripping liquid onto them rather than the atomiser coil, you might want to try that first.

  3. phylo

    phylo Super Member ECF Veteran

    I would recommend that you actually drip the liquid in the cartridge as opposed to the atomizer.. It is quite easy to flood the atomizer on the 901's because they don't hold allot of liquid, and this can cause the liquid to get into the battery or leak out the side.

  4. kasija

    kasija Full Member ECF Veteran

    Phil and Emp,
    thank you very much for your replies. I would follow your advice.

    Best regards,

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