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Discussion in 'EU Legislation' started by Clairvoy, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Clairvoy

    Clairvoy Full Member Verified Member

    Hello All!

    My friend, Krisztián Pifko, started a new initiative, here You can find all information about it:
    webpage: EFVI: the European Free Vaping Initiative
    facebook: http://www.facebook.com/efvi.eu

    In order to be able to register as an official European Citizens' Initiative we need seven citizens from seven different EU states to form the citizens' committee. Right now we need six more to start the campaign. If you would like to join the citizens' committee please send an e-mail to info@efvi.eu with the following details:

    your full name
    your postal address
    your nationality
    your date of birth

    You need to be old enough to vote in European Parliament elections (18+ or 16+ in Austria). Please indicate if you are willing to take on the role of being a substitute contact person. Members of the European Parliament do not count towards the limit of seven persons.

    Committee members so far: Krisztian PIFKO (Hungary).

    Once the initiative has been registered we can start collecting signatures. We will have one year to collect one million statements of support from European citizens and to meet the required amount of minimum number of signatories collected at least in seven member states.

    Spreading the word during this period is going to be crucial to succeed.

    After successfully meeting the requirements:
    • Commission representatives will meet us so we can explain in detail the issues raised in our initiative
    • we will have the opportunity to present our initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament
    • the Commission will adopt a formal response spelling out what action it will propose in response to the citizens' initiative, if any, and the reasons for doing or not doing so
    While the Commission is not obliged to act on it, it is an agenda-setting initiative which obliges the Commission to give serious consideration to the requests made by us, citizens.

    So, now the most important: We also need six more members for the citizens' committee to formally register the initiative. If you are interested or you know someone who might be interested, please do not hesitate.

    Thanks a lot!
  2. SmokeyJoe

    SmokeyJoe ECF Founder Admin Senior Moderator Verified Member

    Hi Clairvoy,

    Many thanks to you for letting us know about this, and to your friend Krisztián for organizing it.

    This sounds like an excellent initiative and ECF will be behind it fully.

    I will be in touch with Krisztián shortly.

  3. Clairvoy

    Clairvoy Full Member Verified Member

    Thank you very much, SmokeyJoe! :thumb:
  4. alexrho

    alexrho Senior Member

    Keep the good work
  5. Clairvoy

    Clairvoy Full Member Verified Member

    And finally EFVI signature collection is now open! Let's make a change!
    Don't forget it's not a simple petition, it allows us to participate directly in the development of EU policies regarding electronic cigarettes!

    EFVI: the European Free Vaping Initiative
  6. Orb Skewer

    Orb Skewer Ultra Member

  7. ExCon

    ExCon Full Member

    9000 for Lithuania? I'm not even sure whether there are 9000 vapers in Lithuania, vaping is quite new here, I've only seen 2 people vaping in public and both of them were at alternative music pub. We have our own forum here and it's not very active I must say, basically old members chatting with each other and a bunch of new members that are no longer active after 10 posts... I hope at least 7 countries will reach the minimum quota which was set quite high.
    However, let's make it happen, I will advertise this initiation on Lithuania's forums.
  8. Maytwin

    Maytwin Super Member

    I'm not sure how I can sign it - I'm a UK national living in France (with no UK address), and as such the UK specifies I should vote using the France page but that requires either a French ID card or passport number issued in France, neither of which I have.
  9. Clairvoy

    Clairvoy Full Member Verified Member

    I asked Krisztián (who organized this initative), he will investigate it... I'll be back with the answer :)
  10. Orb Skewer

    Orb Skewer Ultra Member

    Hungary are winning ! :ohmy:

  11. Maytwin

    Maytwin Super Member

    Thank you Clairvoy - I'll keep checking back as I would like to sign.
  12. Ewunia

    Ewunia Senior Member

    I have a dual citizenship, Polish and Australian, living in Australia. I signed giving the Polish address of my sister and my vote was accepted. I hope it works in the long term.
  13. Leio

    Leio Full Member

    Votes will be checked "later" :( you're not the first euro-world citizen with dual nationality or residence and all cases had no problem.
    You have an european ID card (cause ID number is needed to sign-in because EFVI is a very official procedure).

    Beside this I've donne à Gdoc to compil each national score you can access it from here (and you can update scores if you have nothing better to do :D):
  14. trouble1000

    trouble1000 PV Master of Valinor Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Done. Thanks for letting us EU vapers know about this.

    I'll be sharing this with everyone I know :)
  15. Julie W

    Julie W Senior Member

    I had the same problem too,I put in my passport number in & it said invalid.
  16. Orb Skewer

    Orb Skewer Ultra Member

    Sacre Bleu ! , contact your consulate ?
  17. Julie W

    Julie W Senior Member

  18. Julie W

    Julie W Senior Member

    Just a technical hitch I think:confused:
  19. Leio

    Leio Full Member

  20. Leio

    Leio Full Member

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