Ego C twist blinking light issue

Discussion in 'SG Vapers' started by Crixus, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. Crixus

    Crixus Senior Member Verified Member

    Hi Folks,

    My second ego c twist seems to be giving some issues after i charged it at night and wanted to use it this morning.
    The button light keeps flashing when i switch it on.Still happens when i try to push up the center pin a little in case i screwed it on too hard when charging.Also,with or without a carto the light still keeps flashing..any ideas? :(
  2. Ogroman

    Ogroman Senior Member Verified Member

    Hmm... Base on what you say it could mean that the twist have shorted out.
    Have you try plug in back to the charger and see if it still charge?
  3. Syn007

    Syn007 Ashes to Ashless Verified Member

    The battery is probably gone. Or the wires inside has dislodged.
  4. Crixus

    Crixus Senior Member Verified Member

    Yeah i tried,the light has both red and green turned on the and battery light switches on as per usual when its charging.Only when i take it out and click 5 times it blinks like 7 to 10 times then goes off..doesn't fire :(
  5. Crixus

    Crixus Senior Member Verified Member

    Is there any cause for this because i only charged this like 2x ?
  6. Blueweed

    Blueweed Full Member Verified Member

    I had the same problem. The battery may be flat.
    Might want to use a pin ***** the centre part of the battery.
    Just to lift it up a bit. This will allow the centre part to connect with the charger.
    Twist the battery into the charger slowly until you see the charger light change to red.
    The let it charge.

    eGo C-Twist white light will blink many times when it's flat.

    Good luck !
  7. user808a

    user808a Senior Member Verified Member

    I try to not over tighten the battery onto anything.

    As far as batteries go, the center post inside the threads is postive and the threads provide the negative contact. I have had the wire on the inside of the battery that connects to the positive post come disconnected before. You can use a voltmeter to check for this issue.
  8. n2tkd

    n2tkd Full Member

    Seem to be a common problem. Anybody take it apart yet?
    Vape Happy:vapor:
  9. fossilize

    fossilize Senior Member Verified Member

    From what i know, There are two possibilities. The battery inside of the ego c is faulty or the ego has shorted out . Want to see whats inside of the ego? Take a look at this video
  10. Syn007

    Syn007 Ashes to Ashless Verified Member

    Bad factory soldiering. The heat from charging may have dislodged it or some user actions like attaching the atties/cartos too tightly, dropping and knocking during shipping. Too much heat from atties/cartos might damage the chip and button inside also. Ask for an exchange if it is possible. Not wise to use it unless you are confident of opening it up and fix it.

    I had a battery in the past (not ego-c) which behaved like this. And when i attempted to charge it again, the battery almost vented. After i removed it from the charger, the battery heat was still getting hotter. I wrapped it with a thick cloth and threw it away at a secluded dustbin.
  11. maddnessfox

    maddnessfox Full Member Verified Member

    mine also broke down. thanks for the link.
  12. Crixus

    Crixus Senior Member Verified Member

    tried to do all the troubleshooting but the damn thing won't come alive.Oh well, thanks guys for the tips.Gotta do some DIY on it soon
  13. rustiangel

    rustiangel Senior Member Verified Member

    ok, so i bought myself two ego-c twist kits, I thought i had the same issue, I'd screw the thing in, and the RED light to indicate charging would come on, but the light on the battery would not, after debating taking it apart, i decided to try the other charger, it worked! I looked at the charger and noticed some residue on the contact on the actual charger, i wiped it off with my shirt and tada! I know this won't be the case for everyone, but maybe some?
  14. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Senior Member Verified Member

    I mention it on the last thread somewhere. No more Egos batt for me. 3 of my twist went kaput. I manage to recover 1 of them by resoldering the loose wire but another 2 can't even work after I resoldered it back. And the twist is not like the ego-c easy to dismantle and resolder. The twist is difficult because 2 wires going below the variable pot and it's glued fix, if u manage to dismantle it chances u spoil it.
    Don't waste your money buying Ego C, T or Twist. Buy the real thing like VV mod or go mechanical mod.

    Edit: Forgot to mention the charger sux as well, out of sudden u can't charge your Egos even if u manage to make contact.
  15. pleaselah

    pleaselah Super Member Verified Member

    Wa then I must be real lucky.. after a few months of usage + countless time of dropping from a height it still works :D
  16. KrasH

    KrasH Account closed on request

    Are you buying JoyeTech or knock off batteries? Every one of my JoyeTech are still going strong. The knock offs however, not so much.
  17. Zeppelin

    Zeppelin Senior Member Verified Member

    Not sure, it looks like a real original EGOs. With so many vendors u can't really tell the difference. Same goes for the Lavatubes so many copies. But have already upgraded, so no more EGO batts for me even if its the real deal.
  18. KrasH

    KrasH Account closed on request

    They will say JoyeTech on them if they are real, the logo on the bottom of the chrome cap will also have the correct logo. eGo is a style of battery more than anything now, but you cannot lump the knock offs in with the higher quality ones. You should be able to check with the vendor you purchased them from to see if they carry genuine eGo's or other brand eGo style batteries. You can also check the JoyeTech website for websites that sell counterfeit/knock off batteries. The eGo is a standard now for a reason, the originals are great batteries as well as some of the eGo style batteries, but there are some real crap ones out there as well. Check your charger to see if it is a sealed charger or not. The area you screw the battery into should be sealed so no juice that may be on your battery gets inside the charger, the cheaper ones do not have a seal usually.
  19. ian sufia

    ian sufia Full Member Verified Member

    so far i've been using EGO twist got noting much to complain it seem to b in perfect working order..
    HOPEfully it last though.... *finger Crossed* coz i really dun have a replacement.. At least not yet....
  20. DruidPriest

    DruidPriest Senior Member

    Just ran into the same problem. But the owner of my local shop is an awesome dude I'm headed back for an exchange tomorrow

    Slim and simple EVOD tank, eGo battery. DruidPriest
: evod
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