eGo, Jantystick, Kissbox, all are original Janty designed and manufactured products!

Discussion in 'JantyWorld' started by Mik_Janty, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Mik_Janty

    Mik_Janty Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Hey guys and girls!

    So here is a thread that will clear up some confusion for some of you, and will enlighten others (I hope! =)

    From end February 2010, the Janty eGo will be sold as an OEM product worldwide.

    This means that other shops can buy the Janty eGo and put their name on it and sell it as they please.

    However, it is still a Janty invention, and a Janty design. The eGo and the Jantystick and even the kissbox will be mass manufactured and packaged as OEM products at Joyetech, powered by Janty, with the same quality, safety standards and stylish finishing from Janty.

    The first to carry this as an OEM product is Totally Wicked. They will name it the E-NI Tornado - and put it in whatever packaging they want. They are also developing adapters for other products they carry so it fits with some of them.

    Janty is one of the worlds largest e-cigarette manufacturers and leading developers. We have chosen to share our quality products with others to insure our continuing developments and to fight illegal copying.

    The only thing that will be different if you buy an OEM product from a shop that is NOT a Janty shop, is the customer service. If you buy the Tornado and it breaks, you will have to deal with Totally Wicked for instance - where as if you buy the Janty eGo with Janty World - HOME - Janty World, you will ofcourse have our fantastic customer service and 6 month warranties to rely on =)

    We will have alot of new things coming out in 2010 - probably all of these items will eventually end up being OEM products that we "let" other shops carry under whatever brand they wish. Our passion is to design and develop - and just as we are the original inventors and designers of the Kissbox, the Jantystick, and the Janty eGo to name a few, we will still do our best in 2010 to be just as innovative and hopefully bring you all more exciting products.

  2. tintal

    tintal Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Great news, Mik.
    Imho, it's a very wise step. I hope it will be of great success for Janty.
  3. Doug_Dread

    Doug_Dread Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Janty stuff has been OEM in South Africa for years, rebranded Twisp and had the price doubled.

    So, what sounds good to me, is that I can buy direct from Janty at half the price and bypass the local dealer, right?
  4. Mik_Janty

    Mik_Janty Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You are free to do whatever you want, - but your warranty lies with who you purchase from: and personally i would always chose to shop locally, for this reason!
  5. Kelemvor

    Kelemvor Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    mik, ludo promised you would also clear up what was 1st for the dura/510.... just for the record :)
  6. Mik_Janty

    Mik_Janty Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    And i do try to keep my promises, so heres a direct quote from Ludo for you:

    "The DURA of course! 510 is DURA in OEM...

    First dura shipped was: 24/12/2008"

  7. stubear62

    stubear62 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Hi Mik,
    So do you actually make the product, ie-- in your own plant or does someone else make them for you but with your name on it and then when that is done they can start to make them for other suppliers? You ONLY design and develope? You DON'T physically manufacture them?
  8. Mik_Janty

    Mik_Janty Ultra Member ECF Veteran


    We work in cooperation with Joyetech who produces things according to our engineering and design plans. So they "are" our plant. They cant do anything with these without our consent, and the latest thing we have been mentioning, where we are selling OEM products, is still something we are in full control of, and benefit from - as do Joyetech, but thats only from a "production" point of view.

    Hope that makes sense ;)
  9. Kelemvor

    Kelemvor Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    puffing RY2 X-high on an eGo all makes sense :D
  10. tribalmasters

    tribalmasters Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Does that mean I can either get one with a TotallyWicked or Janty logo? I choose the classy Janty logo and warranty this time!
  11. Mik_Janty

    Mik_Janty Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    It means just that =)

    Also, if you buy it from totallywicked, you need to call it tornado.. and thats not half as cool as eGo now is it :D

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