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Discussion in 'eGo Type Models' started by jmac1773, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    First off - I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum. :blush:

    I went to my local B&M store the other day and bought a Standard Resistance clearomizer. I did that because it has the long wicks and I was tired of waving the device around to keep the tiny little wicks wet in my original clearomizer.

    I'm not sure whether my original was standard or low resistance. (I apparantly bought a eGo knock-off from a different B&M store - but I know it's an eGo type battery with no VV.) The new one with the long wicks BURNS my throat - to the point i cough like crazy when I inhale. So I've been just holding it in my mouth rather than inhaling. (I hear you get more nicotine that way, anyway.) Should I go back the the low resistance one with the short wicks? Is the standard resistance causing the massive TH and cough?

    I know, I know.. I need to get a VV or VW or both but that's going to have to wait till after the holidays. LOL!
  2. alank

    alank Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Who knows could be a number of items
    E-Liquid Formula VG/PG ratio, flavoring, etc
    Clearo Ohm LR or SR, quality???
    Voltage higher or lower

    Even in the same brand resistance varies, if I have a button get stuck and get a runaway I can get a burnt taste. I like the VV just for voltage regulation I like small eGo batteries for stealth purposes. I use a 650 twist set at low voltage with a LR clearo and if I hold the button down too long... yuck burnt taste.
    I also use a simple vv 18650 mod with a Viva Nova tank set at low voltage and LR and don't burn em. The small Clearos with a small battery seem easier to get the burnt effect with. Lots of possibilities here

    PS: Take into consideration your draw or inhalation technique too.
  3. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    I'm not sure of the VG/PG ratio. I'm using e-liquid from DFW Vapor - they are my local B&M shop and they get good reviews online, too. The clearo was $5.95. That's what they were asking for their Stardust clearos. As far as the battery voltage, I have no idea. It's whatever came with this knock-off eGo I bought...


    Thanks for your answer! Sorry I can't provide more info on what I have. I'm still WAY too new at this.
  4. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    Oh... and I usually draw it into my mouth and hold it for a while. Then try to inhale a little after I blow some out. If I'm just going to straight inhale I only draw in very little due to the hard TH/cough.
  5. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    Actually, now that I think about it, my knock-off says "Riva" on the outer, silver part of the batter when you unscrew it from the clearo. So is that an eGo or not? Sheesh, this is confusing... (Is a clearomizer just a term for atomizer/liquid reservoir on one?)
  6. shantyshaker12

    shantyshaker12 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Riva is a knock-off not a genuine Joyetech. I have a couple of Riva 1100's the have worked well for me. But yes it is an ego type.
  7. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    Thanks!! I kind of thought so. At least I know for sure that the accessories for 510 types work now. :)
  8. Blackbeard

    Blackbeard Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I tried my first clearomizer just a while back. I found it requires a different method of taking in vapor than the way I do it with my eGo. Firstly, I got lots more vapor and flavor out of the clearomizer. That told me I was burning juice much quicker. Secondly, it wasn't hard to burn my wick on the clearomizer, which suggested a few things. The juice wasn't filling the wick fast enough, maybe because it was too thick, the battery and head weren't matched, I was drawing too long, and all sorts of other things.

    I've found that as I'm walking the path to finding the perfect vaping device, each device requires a different method of getting just the right vape. My 510 required long smooth inhalation, my V2 was about the same as analogs, my eGo-T and eGo-C are a little different from each other due to the atomizer on each device.

    In the end, I guess I'm saying you have to tailor your device to your vaping style and vice versa, and that the sore throat is likely to be due to the way you're using the device. My clearomizer requires very short draws or else I get the burnt taste, or too much vape. My eGo, using the same juice, doesn't complain no matter how long I draw, but I don't ever get the flavor or amount of smoke from the eGo that I get from the clearomizer, all using the same battery.

    Now, be sure you're taking my comments with a grain of salt because I'm no pro at this in any way.
  9. alank

    alank Senior Member ECF Veteran

    After a few ruined clearos technique became second nature. I think I ruined my first five by incorrect usage, holding the button down too long for the big hit, sucking too hard and not swishing the liquid around every once in a while. I try to keep them upright and keep the wicks wet. Recently, I fried a Kanger T2 and no amount of cleaning would clear the burnt taste. That's alright it is a rebuildable so I can buy a new coil. The button got stuck and it didn't shut off quick enough, it was supposed too...
    After that I decided to be more careful and lowered the voltage. I set out to see how lightly I could draw and get satisfactory vapor production.
    I think the thing for you to do is to turn your vaping sessions into a mindful meditation moment.
    Try finding a nice relaxing spot and pay attentioon to all aspects of the vaping experience. That way you can sort out your vaping technique and enjoy your vaping experience. And as far as I can tell your equipment is just fine. I only mention vv as regulated voltage is a nice feature to have and makes the vaping more consistent for as long as the battery holds a charge. I have an eGo-V which can supply 6 volts but found I didn't need it with standard 2.4 ohm clearos. I now run 3.2 with 1.8 ohms and 3.7 volts 2.4 ohms and get satisfactory results.
    No need to spend lots of money unless you feel like it. Everybody looks for the holy grail vape early on, I did, but it is easy to ruin good gear early on. I see too many of us blame the gear in our first few months of steady vaping. I have blamed or faulted the gear only to later reevaluate and decide that it was just user error, not the gear.
  10. alank

    alank Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Another thought try to approach vaping in an old fashion pipe smokers way. My gramps used to smoke a pipe with some of that fragrant pipe tobacco. He would kick back cross one legover the other and just draw serenely and let the smoke swirl around. I was fascinated by it, any wonder I became a smoker.
    But one thing he really seemed to enjoy it. That is something I want to get out of vaping... Now, go back and play with your vapor clouds :)
  11. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    Wait... I thought a few posts above yours said the Riva I have IS an eGo type. And I thought what I have IS a clearomozer...

    This is all so confusing.... :confused:
  12. LittleBill

    LittleBill Full Member

    The battery/threading is the ego part of it. The clearomizer is the clear tank with wicks that sits on top. :) btw I'm local too and have been to the new DFW Vapor in Frisco as well. They probably have the best prices of the B&M types in the area unless you order online.
  13. jmac1773

    jmac1773 Full Member

    True! DFW Vapor is a great place!! I bought a genuine eGo Twist VV battery and a 2 ohm tank (the mid-sized one.)

    All was well last night when I filled it. I did notice the flavor I was vaping tasted... plastic-ish. I'm assuming it was the plastic mouthpiece. It was a little off-putting.

    This morning as we are preparing I head to west Texas for Christmas we stopped and I tried to refill the new tank. Apparently I did something horribly wrong. I raised the tank up, tilted it and poured the liquid in from my needle-topped bottle. As I was putting it back together the top came off. Then the bottom came off a little. Or something. Anyway, the liquid started slowly leaking out. I tried to stop it but couldn't. Then my wife grabs it to try and help. At that point the mouthpiece falls off and into the oblivion under her seat. We still haven't found it.

    Thankfully I brought some backups.

    Anyway, nice to meet a fellow north Texas vapor!!

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  14. John Castle

    John Castle Moved On ECF Veteran

    You might also consider switching the type of clearomizer you use. Top coil might not be doing it for you; try a bottom coil. Or try something different altogether like a cartomizer or atomizer and drip tip.
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