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Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Jenluvnvpinkspot, Sep 1, 2011.

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  1. Jenluvnvpinkspot

    Jenluvnvpinkspot Full Member

    I am pretty new to this. I've been using an 808d1 battery for a couple of months now. I now want to "upgrade." In your opinion(s) which is best, and what is the difference? ego or kgo?:confused:

    Everything is sooo mind is FRIED!!! lol
  2. Quexos

    Quexos Senior Member

    I got my KGO from Hoosier E Cig Supply (good supplier). I had an eGo before that. The difference other than the KGO battery's 1100 mah vs eGo's 650 (or 900 for the bigger, newer ones?) is that the KGO puts out right at 4 volts to the atomizer. So, it gives a better "hit" all around. I love mine. Could not use the weak little 3.1 volt eGo's any more.

    eGo is made by Joye. KGO made by SLB, I think.
  3. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru

    Ego is around 3.3v (less voltage than Kgo) and I only recommend Joye brand Ego. The Ego-T - a lot of people don't care for tank attys and tanks vs cartomizers but the Joye Ego-T batteries have a handy 5-click disable for pocketing them. One interesting new clone with little track record (I bought a battery to fool with) is at Gotvapes - Ego 3-stage instead uses the 5-click to go from 3.2 to 3.7 to 4.2v but I don't know how well that voltage holds up since the voltage of most batteries is best off the charger and then degrades to a plateau that may be flat or tilted a bit down, then drops off the end of the plateau.

    The Riva 510 Kits at only (that I know of) are 3.7v (same as KR808D-1)
    They also have a Riva 901 that should be able to use most KR808D-1 cartos since its post is slotted - dunno if those are now the 3.7v model because they sell a lot fewer of those. I also don't know if any of their single batteries are 3.7 other than the Riva 510 SE batteries which are.

    I believe the Kgo is 3.7v and may come in both 510 and a KR808D-1 compatible threading (not sure)

    Anything other than a real Joye brand Ego may need a short adapter to use Joye Ego mega cartos (big reservoir cartos which are made by Joye - they are tightly designed to fit their Ego)
  4. Quexos

    Quexos Senior Member

    I think they are 3.7 volt cells, but they do put out 4+ volts to the atty under load similar to the box mods. The eGo puts out 3.1 - 3.3. I can tell you from my own experience that the KGO kit I bought does power my Joye 510 atomizers much better than my eGo batteries did. The 1100 mah is great too. They last me almost 2 days between charges. I highly recommend the KGO.

    I have used Joye and SLB 510 atomizers, and Smoktek cartomizers on mine and had no issues at all with compatibility between them. It's just an eGo "clone" with some nice improvements and the same if not better quality of build. Bauway had a clone too, that one was bad quality....flimsy.
  5. mwa102464

    mwa102464 ECF Guru

    Most important,, Depends on what resistance your running on your Atty/Carto and to pair it with the right voltage Batt, both are good Batts and pretty similar in there looks. The one thing that I like about the Ego over KGO is the cutoff time, the Ego has about a 10-12 sec cutoff where the KGO has a shorter cut off to it. My KGO has a 5-7 sec cutoff and to me that is just to short of a cutoff in my opinion and having to wait for it to blink and reset I dont like. the Ego or Riva is a better Batt in my opinion just because of this cutoff time. Again just my opinion !
  6. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru

    Ego and Riva also have 1100mah batteries and 1300mah batteries. Just hard to find a GOOD kit REAL JOYE Ego or the good 3.7v Riva 510 with batteries that big in the kit.

    Yeah 5-7 cutoff is very short. That means that is the longest drag you can take including pressing the button 1-2 or more seconds early so vapor is ready.

    My Riva SE is charged - if it has a cutoff it is over 10 seconds because even with a prepress of 2 seconds that's about as long as I can drag and it did not cut out.
  7. surfsuphere

    surfsuphere Senior Member

    I had used a Joye eGo for about 3 months with a Drip tip on a regular atty.
    Brent at Hoosier Ecig Supply hooked me up with my first KGO and very happy with it vs. the Joye eGo.

    The KGO puts out more volts and for me, that is better. Note: the standard KGO battery is approx one inch longer than the standard Joye eGo battery. Both take 510 threads.
  8. Jenluvnvpinkspot

    Jenluvnvpinkspot Full Member

    Thanks for all the info...I'm terrible about making decisions. lol
  9. badunkamunk

    badunkamunk Full Member

    I have an ego right now but im planning on upgrading to a kego. My friend had his for about 2 weeks and it is great. The battery life is great, the power is awsome, and it is still very portable. The higher voltage really brings our the flavor in your juices, and it still has the same great design. Very simple, very powerful, very affordable. All in all a great product and a very smart upgrade from the ego.
  10. XSlor

    XSlor Senior Member

    I've recently purchased a starter kit - is it recommended to upgrade battery right away?
  11. MiXoLoGiSt

    MiXoLoGiSt Ultra Member Verified Member

    I think the e-power would also be a nice upgrade from an ego.
  12. Jenluvnvpinkspot

    Jenluvnvpinkspot Full Member

    I was thinking about the e-power, but I don't think they come with batteries and charger. (more of a mod?) I have no idea about which batteries do what, protected batteries,...

    I have a lot to learn...I just want to buy something but can't decide!!! lol
  13. MiXoLoGiSt

    MiXoLoGiSt Ultra Member Verified Member

    If you get the starter kit it comes with protected batteries and the charger.
  14. Jenluvnvpinkspot

    Jenluvnvpinkspot Full Member

    TY MiXoLoGiSt! :)
: smoktek
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