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Elite 808 batteries & chargers now sold seperately!!!

Discussion in 'CigEasy' started by SSV2, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate

  2. STLBluesNut

    STLBluesNut Senior Member

    Great move!!

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  3. catjoyy

    catjoyy Senior Member

    So the elite battery threads differently than other 808's correct? Only an Elite charger will work with an Elite 808 battery?
  4. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate

    The Elite battery has standard KR808D-1 threading; however, some 808 USB chargers will not make a good connection to recharge the Elite battery because the of the wider base of battery. The Elite USB charger features a wider connection point for a perfect fit and it is also compatible with most other standard 808 batteries for recharging purposes.


  5. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate

    Additional color options added recently.

    Also you can choose between the original style Elite 808 w/clear crystal button (3x click switch)
    the new stainless steel stealth button battery.(5x click switch to activate/3x click to deactivate)
    Elite Stealth Button 3.jpg

    *Will update pics in next post to show all options

  6. SSV2

    SSV2 Supplier Associate

    Individual Elite 808 batteries in both Black and Blue coming soon!

    Red and Silver Elite's are available now.



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