ENCORE OR ENCOREVAPOR has anyone tried this e-cig?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by ISBN, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Hello I just joined and wish I had found this forum before I purchased my first kit.

    I bought my first kit at my local tobacco shop.

    It is called an ENCORE or ENCOREVAPOR.COM out of Illinois.

    I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with this company because I cannot find any reviews online.

    I would also like to know if there is someplace that I can get replacement nicotine cartridges for it cheaper than $26 for 5 of them?

    Thanks for being here!!!
  2. WomanOfHeart

    WomanOfHeart Vaping Master ECF Veteran

  3. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Yep... I now know but I spent about $82 on it and am now going to use it. Any good camel wide liquid flavors out there? And can I get any tips for cheap?

    After reading some others in the juice forums, I thought I would try filling some myself. The kit cost me about $82 and I am stuck with it.

    Seems to last me about 3-5 hours of on and off puffing and charges in about 45 minutes to an hour.

    First unit I got from the tobacco shop didn't work at all and they said I didn't buy it from them so I could not return it to them. (real a$$es) I was so pissed!!!

    The company exchanged it stating that the first was faulty. Just got the working one this last Thursday.
  4. WomanOfHeart

    WomanOfHeart Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    How long have you had the kit and didn't it come with some sort of a money back guarantee? If you can get your money back I would do that. That's what I did with GreenSmokes. Don't let the smoke shop push you around. If they're going to stock them, then they need to give you your money back.

    You will not find any juices out there that will taste exactly like what you were smoking. You can try some of the other tobacco flavors, but you should at least try some of the other flavors that are out there and not limit yourself to just tobacco. You never know when you'll find the flavor, or flavors, that you like more than anything else.
  5. Twist

    Twist Full Member

    My first e-cig was an Encore purchased locally. The shop you bought yours from seems to be jacking up the prices a lot. I bought my kit for $50 and the refill cartos were $15.

    The cartos that you can buy for them are easy to refill. The cig is an okay one, as long as you take care of it properly it should last awhile. Only word of caution I have is to make sure not to overfill if you refill your own cartos. My mom did fry a few of them because of this, if the juice leaks into the battery it's toast.
  6. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I tried with the police and BBB. Store items different from online.
  7. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Thanks for the inf.:)

    But what did you think of the nicotine, draw and company?
  8. Twist

    Twist Full Member

    For my first e-cig I thought the draw was satisfactory but wasn't satisfied with the amount of nicotine. I did cut down from 30 smokes a day to 2-3 when I first bought it which is great. I was able to quit completely when I received an order from freedomsmokesusa.com of 24mg juice. I smoked American Spirit Organic roll your own, which is very strong tobacco.

    I also think the flavor of their cartos is good, tasted like Levi Garrett to me. It's honestly the truest tobacco flavor I have yet to vape, it just wasn't a true cigarette flavor. I haven't had any experience dealing directly with the company, but I think my mom is going to mail back the ones she fried eventually and I'll update this thread if she does. She is satisfied with it and just purchased another kit to replace her dead one. I am curious as to whether or not they will exchange her fried batteries since it was her fault they died tbh.

    I'm now using a 510 box mod and a tube mod which run at a slightly higher voltage, but I'm keeping the Encore around as a back up. For an automatic super-mini I think it's just as good as any other out there. I would personally recommend anyone getting started buy a manual mega battery (pen-style I think is what most people refer to them as), but wouldn't tell them to just throw away an Encore if that's what they have already.

    My only real complaint with my Encore is that I can't figure out what kind of threading it is, so I can't purchase blank cartos for it online. I'm partly to blame for this because I've been to lazy to find my camera and post pics here on the forum. If it's a commonly available thread I'm sure someone could ID it.

    I would advise first and foremost that you order some juice from a vendor online to do your own refills. Refills cost less then 50c a carto, much less then 5 bucks each you would pay for Encores prefilled cartos. Then give it a few weeks, and see if it works for you. The most common complaint about super-minis is the battery life, but some people don't vape enough to have an issue with it. Read the forum for 15-30 mins every day. After a few weeks you'll have a better understanding of what hardware is available out there, and with the experience you've gained with your Encore you'll have some idea regarding what will work best for you. Maybe you'll want a slightly larger battery, or even a huge battery. Maybe you'll want to try high voltage, or you'll be curious about juice box mods.

    Take it slow. Buy another device in a few weeks, but hold onto that Encore for a back up until you can afford to purchase more. Honestly, for the majority of vapers out there you don't have the most optimal device. This shouldn't discourage you however, because you still made a good investment. Take the time to get comfortable with vaping and don't spend much energy on quitting cigarettes. It's a learning process and the more you learn the less you smoke. When many vapers quit smoking completely it's not even a decision, just a side effect of there new habit.

    From my experiences refilling Encore cartos I would say it's very easy. It has a different filler then the other cartos I've bought. All my 510 cartos have a polyester batting type filler; the Encore ones have a fabric type filler. To refill them, pop off the white cap on the mouthpiece end. Drip 2-3 drops on the filler. The best way I found to get it on the filler and not down the air hole is to let it run down the walls of the carto. After a few drops look at it and watch how fast the filler absorbs the juice. When it stops sucking it up quickly stop filling. Let it sit, battery side down on a paper towel for around 10 mins. Put the cap back on it, turn it upside down, and blow through the battery side while holding a paper towl underneath. Keep blowing until no more juice comes out the mouth piece. That's it! It's ready to use again.
  9. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran


    That is a lot of info....

    Thank You

  10. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    thanks but this not aSiGCiG Encore
  11. StormFinch

    StormFinch Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    If the kit is the same one they advertise on their website I *think* they're a kr808d-1. Look on the back of the charger and see if that series of numbers appears. If my eyes aren't playing tricks on me I think I can see them on the charger pic.

    If it is a kr8 then cartos are readily available from a lot of approved suppliers listed in the suppliers' subforum
  12. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
    I only see the voltage : 2 parts - usb charger= input dc5v = 0.3a, output = dc4.2=0.1a (that's it). Wall unit only gives about the same. The e-cig employs a 3.7v battery.
  13. ISBN

    ISBN ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    These are excellent videos thank you so much for posting them here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Smke

    Smke New Member

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. Just purchased myself an Encore kit from a local smoke shop. They were selling a single battery starter kit for $60 bucks. Decided to try this one out. I have had an Njoy kit before and was really disappointed with the customer service.

    So far so good. I really love the taste of the carts. The battery life is decent. probably should pick up an extra battery.
    it comes with a lifetime warranty on the battery, so I think that its a pretty good investment. Will see how everything ends up working out after I keep using this thing.

    Overall, I'd say I'm pretty happy with everything. It looks really sharp, it smokes well. Update soon!
  15. Armchair_Rambo

    Armchair_Rambo New Member

    I bought an Encore kit a couple of weeks ago. Two piece design, two batteries, five carts. More carts were $25 for five, so I bought one set and 30ml of vanilla 16mg juice for $25. I refilled the first set and started using them today. And the verdict is...mixed.

    There isn't as much vapor as I'd like (or quite as much as the new carts had). Flavor is good, but not as good as with unused cart. I'm using vanilla flavor, it tastes better with carts that started out with vanilla than when refilling tobacco-flavored carts.

    Bought it all at the local tobacco shop. When I finish this bottle I'll probably mix my own juice with the veg type per MistressNomad's vids. I think I'm in love with her, she's so smart and beautiful. Great video series. I don't think the refilled carts will last quite as long as a new cart, but I'm trying to be careful not to overfill.

    Original kit: 80
    5 more carts: 25
    60ml juice: 25

    Total: $130

    Not bad. This bottle will last at least a month, as far as I can tell from here.

    A big plus is the chargers -- comes with USB, wall and car charger. The assembled unit is the size of a cigarette, so small batteries = short life. I cope by carrying everything (other than the wall/car chargers) in one of those American Spirit yellow cans -- it all fits easily, so I can always carry the kit with me. There's always somewhere to charge it, whether the the charger that lives in the car, the one in the wall at home or via a USB port wherever I'm working.

    :blush: Thanks for the site and great info!
  16. Armchair_Rambo

    Armchair_Rambo New Member

    Follow-up, er, follows.

    The Encore e-cig kit used in the previous review konked out on me about a week later. The batteries pretty much stopped holding a charge, then stopped working altogether. I took it all back to Smokedale in Oakdale, MN and the dudes their told me it was my problem. The very nice manager however (who sold me the kit) had told me they would exchange at the store and do the return for me. So I went back when she was there and she swapped the batteries for me. They still didn't work. So it must be the USB adapter necessary for charging, right? A new one didn't help.

    I had decided to quit smoking real cigs 48 hours earlier, so it could not have come at worse time!

    Nevertheless, I returned the kit to Encore and they sent a new one VERY quickly! So at this point, the product works great (so far) and the service was excellent.

    I'm concerned that my refilled carts may have shorted those batteries. So, just in case, I'm being careful to store the cigs with the cart down and the battery up when I'm not vaping.

    I'll report back at some point in the near future.:facepalm:
  17. silentt

    silentt Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm gona bump this thread out of the dark and ask.. Is this encore ecig a kr808d-1? I have a friend asking and I can't see to find it on the products site. I really didn't want him to buy this but he got excited and did it without asking for an opinion.

    He is asking how to make this ecig hit harder and doesn't want to buy anything else since he spent a bunch on it.

    I want to find some low resistance cartos/attys for him and try to make this a better experience
  18. MickeyRat

    MickeyRat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    There is such a thing as a bad investment. I can't see sticking with poor quality and high prices for no other reason than you've wasted a lot of money on poor quality and high prices. The first kit I got cost me around $100 and it was a crappy Freedom Smokeless KR808D2 knock off. I junked it without a second thought and got an eGo that cost less an was a whole lot better.
  19. silentt

    silentt Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Well this isn't my investment and I am trying to talk him out of putting more money into it. My first ecig was a eGo-t system and i'm not mad about it. I want him to look into the Reo box mods because they are a dream to vape. I was just hoping someone knew the threading of these batteries..
  20. MickeyRat

    MickeyRat Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I wasn't directing my remarks at you. It was a general comment. I've seen that reasoning before and usually, it's throwing good money after bad.
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