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  1. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    April 2014
    Updates, Sales, and Promotions for
    will be announced in this thread!

  2. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    The Black EHPRO Nzonic V5
    is your featured Mod of the week at

    Click the Link above and get yours now for $49.49
    after using Coupon Code: ECF10%
    *This deal is valid thru 04/06/14 or while supplies last

    This exquisite mod has an all black body with a brass accent ring
    on the bottom section of the body and on the button itself.
    The Nzonic also features a magnetic firing button and silver plated pins.
    Additionally, you will get both middle tubes to accommodate
    18350,18490,18500, and 18650 batteries.

  3. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    For all of you that have no need or desire to
    venture into the realm of Rebuildable Atomizers
    we have NOT forgotten about you!!

    For a Limited Time(now thru 04/07)
    you can get a pair of
    Smoktech DCT Pyrex Glass Clearomizers
    for $14.00!!!!

    We carry 2 sizes and they are both priced at the same
    limited time offer!
    The Smoktech Pyrex DCT 6mL Tank
    and the
    The Smoktech Pyrex DCT Mini 3.5mL Tank

    That awesome price is after the use of the
    10% off Coupon Code: ECF10%
    This will also give you 10% off almost
    everything in our online store!
    You must buy 2 of the same size to get the deal price
    (You can mix & match from the 5 color choices!)

  4. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    Midweek roundup!

    We havea lot of new products on our website including all the products pictured.
    Check out our New Products Section

    Other new products not pictured are the HCIGAR Aqua RBA,
    Turtle Ship v2 Mod

    Keep track of our Weekly Deals Section on our website which summarizes our daily deals.
    Today is the last day to enjoy the featured E-liquids as we will select
    a new set to be on sale starting tomorrow.

    It's humpdayyyy woo wooop!!

  5. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    :toast:Thirsty Thursday at EVCigarettes:toast:
    Hello fellow vapers!!
    We have 6 new delicious featured E-juices for you to enjoy this week at a
    Limited Time Sale
    as low as $2.99!!
    *Prices marked with an asterick are valid after using the 10% off
    Coupon Code: ECF10%

    **Coupon code gives you 10% off our products, but for the E-liquid brands it is only valid
    for Dekang, Joyetech, and Flavorz by Joe.

    Hop aboard the EVC express and keep your vapes close.
    For our first stop we'll venture thru outer space for the crisp flavor of

    Space Jam- Pluto $10.79: A delicate mix of Watermelon, Honeydew/Canteloupe,
    finished with bubble gum and a hint of mint.

    On our way back we'll pick some
    Dekang- Pomegranate *$2.99: Just as succulent as the fruit itself.

    Some of you may have just quit smoking and need something that is a little more
    familiar to you at this point in our trip so we present you with

    Joyetech- Desert Ship *$3.49: A rich tobacco flavor without the smoke!

    How about a mid trip snack?
    Flavorz by Joe- Kracker Jacked *7.49: Caramel covered popcorn and nuts!
    The perfect on the go snack!

    Sometimes you just gotta sit back and enjoy nature's view
    Vaping Birdy- Green Parakeet $11.69: Enjoy the home baked flavor of
    warm cinnamon apple pie that is delicious to the last morsel

    Thank you for taking a journey with us! :cool:
    Please exit to the right where you will find one last treat in front of that building.
    Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you for joining EVCigarettes!

    Cosmic Fog- Church: $10.79: Scoops of old fashion vanilla ice cream,
    lightly drizzled in decadent hot fudge.

    As always... Do not drink the Ejuice!! :facepalm:
  6. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    We have a another reason for you to be thankful for Friday!!
    Coupon Code: QXU37D
    at EVCigarettes today only(04/04/14) to get
    FREE Basic Domestic Shipping on orders totaling $25 or more!!

    Orders placed by 2pm EST will ship out today! Our lightning fast shipping means you could get vape mail from us around Monday and as early as tomorrow if you live around Jacksonville, Fl..!
    Have a good weekend
    and vape on!

    *Coupon Codes cannot be stacked with another coupon code.
    **The free shipping coupon code is only valid for Basic(without insurance) Domestic First Class Mail and Priority Mail. Express shipping is not valid with this coupon code. Orders weighing 13oz or less will automatically be shipped as First Class Mail.

  7. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    would like to thank you for a great week. :)
    These offers are active right now and will run thru 04/11/14.
    The first is for an eGo twist style 650mAh CE6 Clearomizer Kit plus a FREE Dekang E
    for $44.99 after using Coupon Code: ECF10%

    This Kit has it all! You'll get everything you need to start vaping. For those that already vape,
    this would be a good stealth vape or an easy vape to take along on those long car rides.
    We only buy highly rated batteries, so this is a top quality product.
    You get 4 color options to pick from. Here's all you'll get:

    •2x eGo Twist (Clone) 650mAh Variable Voltage Battery
    •1x eGo CE6 Clearomizer w/1.8 ohm Head
    •1x eGo CE6 Clearomizer w/2.4 ohm Head
    •1x 2.8 ohm CE6 Replacement Head
    •1x 3.2 ohm CE6 Replacement Head
    •1x 4.0 ohm CE6 Replacement Head
    •1x USB Fast Charger & USB Wall Adapter
    •1x eGo Carry Case - Medium size
    •1x FREE Dekang 10mL E-Liquid

  8. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    Here's the other awesome deal we have starting today!
    This will also run for a limited time thru 04/07/11. Go to EVCigarettes now and
    buy either an AGI or AGA-TD Rebuildable Atomizer and get a FREE Igo-F RDA($11.99 value)!!
    This deal will instantly upgrade your rebuilding collection with variety without putting a big dent in your wallet.
    Click on the links below to get yours today. Don...'t forget to use Coupon Code ECF10%
    to get 10% off these and almost everything else in our shop!
    See the links below for more information:

    The AGA-TD Rebuildable Atomizer- $25.19 after code

    The AGI Rebuildable Atomizer- $24.29 after code

    Here is the free item:
    The iGo-F Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer- ($11.99 value)


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  9. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    has 3 awesome Mods on a Limited Time Sale right now thru 04/13/14 week!
    You can also get an additional 10% off using Coupon Code: ECF10%
    *Prices shown are after the coupon code.

    HCIGAR 69 Mech Mod: $41.99
    The 69 features a side lockable firing switch for ease of use and a more ergonomic feel in the hand.
    It comes i...n a stainless steel finish and has a telescopic tube to
    accommodate 18350,18490,18500, & 18650 batteries.
    EHPRO Cronus Mech Mod: $44.99
    The Cronus comes in a beautiful 2 toned(stainless steel body/brass accents) design.
    This is also telescopic for use with the batteries listed above. This Mod looks amazing when paired
    with the EHPRO Atomic Atomizer, which he also carry.
    (Sorry for the mispelled name in the pic, our photo editor didn't have his coffee that day)

    EHPRO Maraxus Mech Mod: $45.99

    The Maraxus has been praised by many for straying away from the typical look of mechanical mods.
    It comes in a shiny 2 toned look with polished stainless steel and a polished gold look.
    The unique body style will certainly impress, and it's telescopic feature also allows for ease of use with your batteries.
    This mod also has very little voltage drop, so it will hit like a champ!

    Get yours while supplies last!
  10. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    We'd like to take this moment at EVCigarettes to announce some store updates.
    Don't forget to use the Coupon Code: ECF10%
    *You will get 10% off everything except some juices
    (we are not allowed to sell some liquids below a certain price set b
    y that brand)

    Coming soon:

    -Our Smoktech SID(pictured) shipment is in. All 6 colors will be available for sale at our website once we've had a chance to check the devices and add them to our inventory. More info to come!

    -We have 2 new E-liquid brands to add to our already stellar line up! These will be added to our site once we add them to inventory as well. With the success we have had with our other new E-juice brands Space Jam, Cosmic Fog, Vaping Birdy, and Ejuice-2-die-4, we are able to bring you more of the best brands with greater variety! Thank you for helping us grow!!

    Back in stock:
    -The Smoktech Magneto v2 Mechanical Mod(pictured)
    This extremely popular mod is back in stock for the stainless steel finish and is now also available i
    n a brass/gold option on our site. Pictures will come soon. This Mod was one of the first to feature a
    magnetic firing switch and they have mastered it on this version!
    -Smoktech Vape Safe Fuse(pictured)
    This is a great product for those that want some added protection when vaping. T
    he fuse will trip and will discontinue battery flow in the event of a short. T
    his can prevent possible issues from too much of a load on a battery.


    -We are at over 2,550 followers on our Facebook! :)
    Search for us at Electric Vapor Cigarettes LLC to join and take part in the giveaways below.

    -Our Innokin VTR + 2 Flavorz by Joe e-liquids giveaway is still on and we are getting closer!
    We now need less than 250 new followers to reach the 2,800 amount so we can give this to one of you!

    -We have a fun photo contest going on right now! Find the post at the top of our Timeline to enter.
    You don't need to be a pro photographer or graphic designer. Don't be discouraged.
    The simplest photo can win you a brand new Joyetech eVic v2 Starter Kit!!
    It's all about generating likes on your picture and may be the best odds to win a device valued at over $90!!:)

    -And as a final word, the Florida Gators were eliminated in the Final Four.
    It was a sad day here in the Sunshine State,
    but the fact of the matter is, they didn't show up that game.
    We wish Patrick Young the best in the NBA next season!!
    Happy Monday everyone and happy vaping!!​
  11. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    This is officially the lowest we've ever sold the
    Kanger Mini Unitank Clearomizer!
    It may very well be the last time we offer this price so here's the scoop.

    Go to EVCigarettes and add 2, 3, or 4
    Kanger Mini Unitanks($12.99 regular price) to your cart.
    You will see the price for each of them drop to $10 each.
    Apply Coupon Code: ECF10%
    The price for each will drop down to $9!!
    Don't forget this code gives you 10% off almost everything in our shop!

    The Kanger Mini Unitank Clearomizer
    ~These ultra portable tanks can hold about 2.5 mL of your favorite E-liquid~
    ~The Mini Unitank features a 2 chamber design that allows you to fill it from~
    ~the top(top cap can be removed) for ease of use and convenience. We have 5 colors in stock~
    ~that you can mix and match with this deal. This is the lowest price we've sold these tanks at so ~
    ~jump on this sale quick before your favorite color sells out!~

  12. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    We are now accepting Preorders for The Russian V2 RBA and The Russian 91% V2 RBA!!:banana:
    This is an upgrade to the already highly rated Russian/Russian 91% RBAs.
    (The original version is currently in stock and ready to ship)

    Like our version 1 Russians, the version 2's are authentic Kebo RBA's!
    They are now available in 4 color options: Matte Grey, Polished Steel,
    Black, and Gold(Our preorder for Gold will be available at a later date).
    The version 2 also features an upgraded spring loaded center pin and
    an updated drip tip and drip tip connector!!

    The estimated ship out date for these items is around mid May.
    To be among the first to receive this high quality Rebuildable Atomizer,
    click on the links above to be taken to the product of your choice at EVCigarettes.
    You will see additional details and also a 10% off Coupon Code for your preorder!

  13. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    Shop the Clearance Section at

    Take advantage of some amazing deals!!
    All of these items are very limited in our stock,
    so stock up while supplies last!!

    -E-liquids at over 80% off!!

    -5 Starter Kits at a Rock Bottom price
    Plus they come with a CE6 Clearomizer and 5 heads
    -USB/Wall Chargers Less than $5
    -And More!!!

  14. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    Here's your E-juice sale line up for the week(thru 04/16/14).
    Enjoy savings on these 8 delicious E-liquids from 8 different brands
    at EVCigarettes!!

    Sale prices will be reflected after you select your nicotine strength.
    The Coupon Code: ECF10% is only valid on Dekang, Flavorz by Joe, and Joyetech.
    *Prices marked with asterick are after the Coupon Code

    Dekang- Berry *2.99:
    A classic Berry Flavor that isn't overpowering

    Space Jam- Astro 15mL $10.79:
    A tantalizing Granny Smith Apple on the inhale with sweet Strawberry on the exhale.

    The Blueprint- A-Train 15 mL $10.35:
    A-Train is a Pineapple Mango flavor like none other.
    One vape will have your mind escaping to a tropical paradise.

    The Standard- Frankenvape $18.89:
    Sweet and Tart Kiwi with a smoothing Marsh mellow finish sounds just like the name of the juice,
    a freak of the culinary flavor combo world but will sure be your next all day vape.

    Vaping Birdy- Bald Eagle $11.69:
    A toffee, chocolate, and coffee triple combo that you'd wish your local barista was able to duplicate.

    Cosmic Fog Cola Gummy$10.79:
    Like those chewy gummy cola bottles we all loved in our youth with a twist!.

    Flavorz by Joe- Cappuccino
    A rich, dark and slightly bittersweet italian coffee flavor.

    Joyetech- Vanilla *3.49:
    Did you know the best selling ice cream flavor is still Vanilla? There is a reason for that.
    This e-liquid will remind you of that, and at a premium sale price!

  15. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    FREE Shipping Friday!!!!
    Shop at EVCigarettes today and use
    Coupon Code: CYZR38
    This will give you FREE Basic Domestic Shipping for
    orders totaling just $25 or more!!

    Take advantage of this code to get those little items you had your eye on,
    perhaps that new Mod, or maybe just to fill up on some E-liquid.
    Coupon Code is only valid on 04/11/14

    Orders placed by 2pm EST will ship out today! Our lightning fast shipping
    means you could get vape mail from us around Monday and as
    early as tomorrow if you live around Jacksonville, Fl..!
    Have a good weekend and vape on!

    *Coupon Codes cannot be stacked with another coupon code.
    **The free shipping coupon code is only valid for Basic(without insurance) Domestic First Class Mail and Priority Mail. Express shipping is not valid with this coupon code. Orders weighing 13oz or less will automatically be shipped as First Class Mail.

  16. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    I got some good news for you. Your Stop Smoking Saturday Deals start right now!!
    The 2 deals pictured will be available on EVCigarettes thru 04/18/14
    and the prices shown already reflect the use of Coupon Code: ECF10%
    This code gives you 10% off almost everything on our site!
    You can find these and all active deals in our

    Smoktech SID

    The brand new Smoktech SID is an electronic variable voltage/wattage APV/MOD that features an OLED display and is available in 6 magnificent colors. The SID also features built in power protections and an easy to use function button. For a Limited Time you also get a free Kanger Unitank($14.99 value) which is available in 5 color options. You get both for the low price of $49.99 after coupon code!
    Kanger KR808D-1 Manual/ Kanger KR808D-1 Automatic
    The Kanger KR808D-1 is a highly rated E-cig. This is a perfect gift to get someone started on a new life without the stinky cigarette smoke from combustible tobacco. With it's small size, the 808D-1 provides a familiar feel and hand gesture to an individual that just recently quit smoking to help with the transition. The portability of it also makes it useful for the experienced vaper. We have 4 color options and you can choose from a manual button style or an automatic version that works when you take a draw(inhale) from it. These starter kits are $19.99 after coupon code!

  17. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    Monday's are always better with your Main Mod Deal from EVCigarettes!
    Today we have 3 superb Mods from HCIGAR on a Limited Time Sale now thru 04/20/14.
    You also get 10% off the sale price on our site using the Coupon Code: ECF10%

    All orders placed by 2pm EST today will go out for shipping today!
    *The prices in this ad already reflect the Coupon Code

    First up, we have The HCIGAR Caravela in 2 color options!
    Brass w/ Steel Accents: $39.99 or Stainless Steel w/ Brass Accents: $44.49
    A beautiful, classy mod at a wallet-friendly price! The refined look of the Caravela is sure to turn heads,
    while laser-etched symbols complete the look. We include all 3 tubes for the Caravela to accommodate
    18350, 18490, 18500 & 18650 batteries!

    Next up is the HCIGAR Turtle Ship v2 MOD: $44.99
    The Turtle Ship comes in a durable stainless steel finish and features a laser-etched logos and symbols
    along the body and firing switch. The It comes with all 3 battery tubes and the center pins are silver plated
    to provide excellent conductivity. This mod performs at a top level!

    Finally, we have the HCIGAR Origin: $39.99
    This sleek mod comes in a stainless steel finish and ultra smooth threading.
    It features a unique adjustable airflow control ring.
    The Origin can function in Hybrid Mode when paired with the HCIGAR Aqua RBA.
    We provide all 3 tubes for use with the battery sizes stated above.
  18. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate

    We don't have just a 2 for Tuesday deal today. Our deal today goes up to 10!
    From now thru 04/21/14 you can get 2 or more(10 max) Kanger MT3S Clearomizers for the
    ultra low price of $3.75 each w/ 8 color options to pick from! The MT3S is a metal bottom coil tank
    that produces a nice cool to moderate throat hit. To enjoy your savings, just follow the steps below.
    *All orders received by 2
    pm EST will ship today!

    1) Follow the link to the Kanger MT3S:
    2) Then add between 2-10 to your cart(You can mix and match colors).
    You will see a price drop in your cart.
    3) Then apply the Coupon Code: ECF10%
    *This code also gives you 10% off almost everything else in our store!

  19. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    **New E-juice alert!!
    In order to create something great, a blueprint is a must.
    EVCigarettes is proud to announce that we now have The Blueprint!
    5 mouthwatering flavors offered from this brand have names relating to the Big Appl
    e, NYC.
    Place your order for a 15mL($11.50) or 30mL($20.99) bottle today!
    Our prices are below average retail prices!!

    The Blueprint

    A Pineapple/Mango flavor like none other.
    One vape will have your mind escaping to a tropical paradise.

    A custard-like flavor with hints of a peanut buttery candy bar mix in.

    Inspired by blue-collar working men and women,
    Empire is a simple yet reserved sweet tobacco flavor.
    Simple because sometimes a complex flavor is overbearing.

    Page Six
    A very refined E-liquid. A delectable raspberry green tea flavor
    w/ a smooth, refreshing citrus kick.

    Park Avenue
    The name refers to an area that houses some of the top 1% richest Americans.
    Park Avenue can be a top 1% E-juice w/ it's exhilarating Strawberry-Lemonade flavor.

  20. Homie153

    Homie153 Supplier Associate


    It's Thirsty Thursday and EVCigarettes has
    8 Featured E-liquids to indulge in!!
    All of these will be on a Limited Time Sale thru 04/23/14.
    Here's the menu for the week:

    *Prices for these first 3 E-liquids are after applying the 10% off
    Coupon Code: ECF10%

    Dekang- Litchi *$2.99:

    A smooth litchi(lychee) vape that is as sweet as the fruit itself.

    Flavorz By Joe- Blue Sin Crumble *$7.49
    Indulge in a tasty baked blend of crumbly pie crust
    and blueberry with a hint of cinnamon.

    Joyetech- Cola *3.49:
    Packs the flavor of your favorite regular Colas.

    *The premium E-liquids below are exempt from the Coupon Code,
    but feature great sale prices in their own right!

    The Blueprint- C.R.E.A.M. 15mL $10.35
    Custard Rules Everything Around Me is an easy way to put it.
    You'll also find a hint of a peanut buttery candy bar in the midst of the vapor.

    Space Jam- Eclipse 15mL $10.79
    An ultra smooth mild tobacco flavor with the a refined sweet
    vanilla flavor on the palate that will not disappoint.

    The Standard- Cell Block Four $18.89
    A very rich and creamy crème brulee flavor with hints of citrus
    and vanilla cupcake that will certainly stand out as your premier all day vape.

    Cosmic Fog- Church $10.79:
    Scoops of old fashion vanilla ice cream, lightly drizzled in decadent hot fudge! An all time classic!

    Vaping Birdy- Tropical Toucan $11.69
    A sweet tropical blend of guava, citrus and some other goodies!
    One of my personal favorites!
    *Don't drink the E-juice!
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