evod usb POPPING?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by incognyto, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. incognyto

    incognyto Full Member

    is this normal ??? am i staying on the battery a little to long to fill up the lungs????
  2. itskohler

    itskohler Super Member Verified Member

    Popping in the atomizer? What juice are you using?
  3. Camf

    Camf Full Member Verified Member

    Can you describe it a little better? Might be the coiling heating up the liquid that you're referring to as a "popping" noise?
  4. Simply Red

    Simply Red Vaping Master Verified Member

    Is the USB itself popping plugged into the wall or computer?? I'd call an electrician or the I.T. guy. :D
  5. Btsmokincat

    Btsmokincat Ultra Member

    If it's a popping sound as you vape, that's a good thing! Means the coil is wicking and heating up properly (BTW some juice pops more than others). If you like it you should try a Kayfun, makes my mouth sound like a popcorn popper!
  6. incognyto

    incognyto Full Member

    that is definitely the sound.... pretty dope .... loving these vapes.... thanks for the responses.... it wasn't in the USB hahah or the wall :) just good to know it wasn't anything bad

    using a couple juices from canvape rootbeer watermelon and mr pepper .... some home brew apple pie...

    got 1/3 root beer 1/3 mr pepper 1/3 apple pie in it now .... takes a bit to get it going good after a fill up ...
    was really worried for a second there. mixing may not be the best thing to do! VAPE VAPE VAPE!!!!
  7. Sthur

    Sthur Vaping Master Verified Member

    Snap crackle and pop are your friend and mean the atty is working good. If it stop coil might be done. I get more pop with homemade micro coils.

    Sounds like a nice combo or concoction or juice.
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