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Discussion in 'CanVape' started by Talyon, Jun 4, 2014.

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  1. Talyon

    Talyon Vape 4 Life Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Just wanted to say that it was completely ridiculous to ban me and at least 3 others from the facebook group, for merely voicing an opinion, no vulgarities were used on my behalf, I didn't call anyone anything other then their name, so I'm at a loss.... I was being chastized and punished via banning for defending myself.

    Because of this action I shall no longer buy any more products from you, such a shame...so be it.

    Hope that's clearer.
  2. VIPOD

    VIPOD Super Member Verified Member

    Geez, what ever happened to the old Canvape where I bought my first edition Lavatube, the one that made customers feel like partners. The one that gave you personalized service when needed. Transparency is a given on a business social media site, you take the good with the bad knowing customers are educated enough to come to their own conclusions. Must be the "I am God of all Things" administrators of the site.

    I haven't posted anything on their site for months, no wonder.

    Btw, I have no appetite for vulgarity on social media sites, but c'mon Canvape, grow a set.

    Sorry to hear this!
  3. Talyon

    Talyon Vape 4 Life Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I was basically told to keep my comments to myself by another member not a mod etc, my reply was.... Nope sorry I don't have to.

    Boom Ban Hammer.

    But hey they're not the only game in town anymore, but in all fairness I still refer people to Canvape.
  4. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    Sue is a Nazi :) Facebook has always sucked and always will.
  5. Talyon

    Talyon Vape 4 Life Verified Member

    Supporting member
    No kidding.... The Nazi part.

    I recant and shall buy once more, im back baby.

    Ewww is that something shiny over there..
  6. skilmer

    skilmer Full Member

    Is something wrong with the FB page? I can't get on and I don't think I have offended anyone as I rarely post. I did however post an article this morning but nothing offensive just in regard to vaping in Maine.
  7. Fergie

    Fergie Super Member Verified Member

    It's become a crap page these days. Even before that members were chastising each other, going by their own made up rules.
    Now I see it has gotten worse. Canvape though is and has been my to go to place for most of my stuff. Justput in an order for $100, Face barf is a total waste of time and tying them in to Canvape, not a good idea really. \

    Cheers Bro :) :vapor:
  8. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    lol the facebook page is really just for the same people that post selfies. Just now with an e-cig :p instead of their dog/kids etc I appreciate everyone getting involved and advocating canvape of course but I've always been ECF I don't really care about facebook or other online forums reddit etc. I tend to easily offend, just misunderstood mostly so I try to just run this mess and not be in everyone's face. Facecrap went so sideways I was gonna just blow it up but instead just walked away and left it for the gestapo, for them to enforce my wishes as they interpret them :/ :D

    Skilmer if you mentioned another country, any colour other then red, your post had an "and" in it that was probably enough :) We used to have a bunch of mods that kept it all cool but as peep's loose interest it turned out to be left in one ladies hands. Margaret Thatcher god bless her soul would wet the cement if she ran into her 1 on 1 in an alley.

    Nice to see the 1 brother back and the pair feeling love again ;)
  9. Fergie

    Fergie Super Member Verified Member

    Yeah FaceBarf (Canvape Page) was fun at first but this is where it's at really. Keep up the great work mopar, you're my go to place for most of my needs. :vapor:
  10. Fergie

    Fergie Super Member Verified Member

    It's reared it's ugly head again, I just got told off for mentioning Nzonic, seems you're chasing away very good customers to me.

    I am a Mod/Admin on 3 very large forums and if I was as strict as Sue, we would have no customers whatever.

    Seriously man, there's no need for this :(

    Like a senior being told off, give me a break.

    PS: The switch on your V3 Flip is super sharp on the finger.
  11. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    Jebus Chrizd

    She is out of control :D Off with her head.

    Now just got to find some peeps to run it that won't loose interest :) ?? ??
  12. Fergie

    Fergie Super Member Verified Member

    Off with her head for sure :) Hahaha ....

    On a lighter side I fixed the V3Flip killer switch by epoxying a nickel to it, fits perfectly and no more pain. Now I get to press the beaver LOL
    Plus it gives that Canadian touch to it.

    Send her to boot camp, see how she likes it :vapor:
  13. skilmer

    skilmer Full Member

    Wow, sent pm's to two different admins and apparently no one knows to look in their "other" inbox. The fb page may be run in a matter I don't agree with, but one link does not constitute a block. Throw someone else in the admin position and get rid of the trouble one if need be, but you are chasing away customers who need a quick question answered. Plus, codes get posted only in the group page sometimes and we never find out here. Someone send Sue a pm on my part and have her check her other inbox, or Adam B. I sent them both pms and neither one has seen them since the end of June. If neither is the right person to contact then let me know who I need to contact please. I want back in. Please?? LOL
  14. mopar

    mopar Forum Supplier

    PM me here I don't go on facebook very much. Working on having her replaced on facebook.
  15. Masonite

    Masonite Super Member Verified Member

    oops....posted in wrong section
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