Favorite Mechanical Mods and Attys- PICS!

Discussion in 'Mechmods' started by evgeny131, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. evgeny131

    evgeny131 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Many of us have turned "vaping" into a hobby of collecting....
    For those enthusiasts, please describe your current (y'all know what I mean) "favorite"- and add a pic!

    I can't keep my hands off the
    Full Brass Chi You/Flat Cap/Engraved Tubes + Trident V2 + RJMod Zodiac DT + Five Pawns Queenside 3mg
    Dual Coil, 3 Wraps-0.9mm Ribbon Kanthal, 3mm Threaded Ekowool, 0.28ohms
  2. evgeny131

    evgeny131 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I am still on the search for the right drip tip for my 69/3D hybrid....
    so far i like the "full atmomixani" look...
    SS Polished 69 w/Brass Kit + 3D Dripper + 2Puff Delrin Base + Atmomixani Brass Tank DT
  3. evgeny131

    evgeny131 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    ECF- keep this thread alive- for the collectors out there-
    post pics of your favorite set ups at the moment!!! what's in your hand 24-7 this week???
  4. VapingTurtle

    VapingTurtle ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

  5. erotikpanda

    erotikpanda Moved On Verified Member

    i doubt it's much of a contribution on my par,t since I only do own just one high end mod and one high end atty, but this combination doesn't stop surprising me, loving it. So far I'm not even looking at any other tanks, but rather contemplating on another perfect dripping setup hehe

    Just need to get a perfect drip tip for it, extended posts to fit the kick ring and polish out mid metal section for kayfun to complete the kalafan look, all the way through.

  6. JmanEspresso

    JmanEspresso Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    Perfect driptip for a kayfun you say?

    Got you covered.

    Renegade Smith - Short Dogg – localvape



    And yes, I recently have started to use the Kayfun. I said many times how much I despised this thing, but, as it turns out, I only mildly dislike it. Still working out the kinks, but its definitely not as useless as I once thought.
  7. alkaiser

    alkaiser Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    My Origen with a debadged Nemesis clone has been my favorite setup for awhile now. I only throw on the KFL for quick trips out of the apartment for errands and such.
  8. burtonsnowww

    burtonsnowww Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran


    i have metal drip tips, i just hate them and prefer to use derlin :)

    but its a caravela clone with a igo at .6 vcv night shift 3mg and a sony vtc3
    budget vape only $40 for everything and its terrific!
  9. Bad Ninja

    Bad Ninja Ultra Member ECF Veteran


    I stay out of the high end mechanical thread.
    I didn't fight for a chance to wait 6 months for an over priced mod.

    Solid brass King Clone $40
    Tobeco KFL clone $40 (1.0 ohm with cotton)
    Torched drip tip $6

    Blowin clouds big enough to make people grab an umbrella for under a C-note- priceless.
  10. erotikpanda

    erotikpanda Moved On Verified Member

    that does look well pretty, thanks for the tip man, will look into it hehe

    I get what you mean about kayfun being a bit of a pain sometimes, I've been building on it for couple months now, with various wires and types of coils, what works best for me so far is either a horizontal 6/7 28g kanthal with organic cotton or a vertical with the same parameters and cotton wrapped all around it (i think it was RiP trippers video that shows how to do one). I tried twisted, dual, normal wraps around silica and etc. all of them have certain advantages and disadvantages, I think it takes time to find a setup that works best for you specifically, and when you do, I have to say, the cape is glorious hehe
  11. Royaldrunker

    Royaldrunker Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Should rename this thread favorite mod atty clones..lol
  12. JmanEspresso

    JmanEspresso Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Not everything here is counterfiet. My pics are original equipment, and some others are too. Cant speak for everyone though, but since this wasnt a thread about high end mods specifically, just what is your favorite, I say it doesnt matter if someone wants to post their counterfiets.

    -Yes Im going to keep working at it. Contrary to popular opinion, Im running my KayfunLitePlus subohm. a lot of people say its a no-go, but once I started trying some subohm builds on it, I started to think i might be able to get something usefull out of this.

    Right now Ive got it setup with a 26g micro, metering .7ohm. So not really super subohm, just a slight subohm build, but it vapes pretty nice, and IMO, much better than what I was getting at 1.2ohm or so. Maybe because Im a subohmer otherwise, who knows, but, this seems to work OK. Im actually just about to run to the grocery store, and Im taking the Nemesis/KayfunLite+ with me and nothing else. Got some Midas RY4 which is a really smooth RY4, the only one Ive ever really liked. Go great with coffee and a car ride if I do say so myself.
  13. seahawkin

    seahawkin Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member

    Atomo, Kayfun lite Plus and Kick 2 by Evolv.
  14. Bad Ninja

    Bad Ninja Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    You are just jealous because you probably fought for the chance to pay $300+ to wait 8 months for a battery tube.

    Otherwise why would you troll this thread like that?

    The combo I posted would not function any better if I paid $500 instead of $80.

    Here..... this should make your day

  15. Cloud boy

    Cloud boy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    My favorite set up right now:

    Casual Vape:
    Satin Brass King x FMP Crown RDA {nano dragon coil .4 ohms}x JMKtips Naval Brass adaptor & GaperL driptip

    Driving Vape:
    Stainless Steel King x KFL+ {Chimney coil .9 ohms } x Vapelabs VapeRevolution driptip

    (Authentic FYI)

  16. James Hart

    James Hart Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Touchwood Mini + IGO-S + CapItAll 17mm brass cap + 1700 Fabricators Sputnik
  17. sneakerpimp

    sneakerpimp Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Bagua 14500 Mini clone x Smok Octopus


  18. JmanEspresso

    JmanEspresso Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Im not one for clones myself, but I can't deny, thats a pretty sharp looking setup there :)

    Cloud Boy
    Nice Crown Atty! Ive got one in silver, and I love it. Its the first atty Im considering buying a second one of. Flavor is so intense on this thing.
  19. Cloud boy

    Cloud boy Senior Member ECF Veteran

    New toy came in, new favorite set up !

    Hammer by Kato x KFL+ (with tall M tank) x Vapelabs Popeye drip tip
    (All Authentic)

  20. evgeny131

    evgeny131 Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    hey...the thread took off!! i'm waiting for some rsm glass drip tips....for now....these go with me wherever i go....
    all day.....every day....coiled @ 0.28 ohms, 3 wraps .9mm ribbon, 3mm ekowool single strand wick, dual coils, 7/64"
    Nemesis Mixed Matte + Trident + 2Puff Knurl DT, Naval Brass 69 + 3D Dripper Hybrid + MCV Sabertooth DT, Full Brass Chi You/Flat Cap/Engraved Tube + Trident V2 + RJ Mods Zodiac DT

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