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Feels , drags , tastes like a Marlboro Light Which one HELP

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Sgt.Estrada, Sep 6, 2011.

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  1. Sgt.Estrada

    Sgt.Estrada Full Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Sacramento CA
    Hi folks Noob here with noob question Im sure its been asked a billion times . I would to also like to thx the mods and all the folks that have reviewed and left feed back on e-cigs the site has allot of info I could not believe of the options out there for e smokers. So a little about myself Im Sgt in Marine Corps RECON back from AFG on medical . I took three to the chest. One got through my armor .I Remeber asking one of my buddies to give me cig from the bloody pack tucked in my BDU,S then knocked out .I have been smoking cigs since I was 17 right when I joined the corps a pack a day and now even more. Here I at home recovering my 6 year old asked me to stop smoking because he doesnt want his daddy to die man I tell ya it broke my heart so Im on mission now I have tried several times with no luck, Then one day walked into smoke shop to by a pack and saw a cheap old e cig for 12 bucks I said what the hell , bought tested it and said hey I can do this . It felt like broken cigarette when dragging it and the tabbaco flavor tasted like crap but managed to smoke that dang thing for days without having to smoke a real cig . So folks which oneFeels , drags , tastes like a Marlboro Light you input and help is greatly appreciated thx again.
    Semper Fi
  2. reprisal

    reprisal Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 30, 2011
    South Carolina
    First, welcome to ECF. Second, no ecig will ever replicate the taste of burning tobacco/paper/chemicals. The closest liquids taste how a fresh pack smells like it will taste. Within no time though you won't even like the burnt taste of cigs, you just think you do right now due to the addiction. Once their tastebuds recover by vaping, most cannot stand the taste of a cig. You may also notice you taste foods more.

    Anyway, heres what I recommend:
    From (click the 20% discount in upper left)
    riva lite kit - 29.99
    510 driptip of your choosing - ~$2
    5 pack Boge LR (2.0 ohm) cartomizers - $7.99

    Cig sized devices just don't cut it for anything but very light smokers.

    This lets you try dripping and boge cartomizers, also includes cartridges but cartridges suck.
    If you like the Boge cartos, you can get 15 for $20 and free shipping @

    Juice will require experimenting, but look for well known dedicated juice vendors, hardware vendors usually have bad juice.
  3. John Wayne

    John Wayne Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 31, 2011
    First off, your a BAMF and thank you. Pretty much everyone will tell you that you can't imitate an actual cigarette taste. Burning paper and chemicals is sort of a one of a kind thing, but I think you will find that your taste buds will be much more satisfied with some of the e-liquids out there, as well as everything else you consume after they have some time to recover. The draw on my ego is slightly different than a real cig, but way different than that horrible broken cigarette feeling. Maybe someone else here who has tried more PVs can help you find one that hits more to your liking. I have an 808, the other popular starter, on the way to my door so if it hits more like a real cig I'll let you know. It sounds like to me like even a mediocre vaping experience combined with the love you obviously have for your child is gonna do just fine at keeping you away from those old analogs. Best of luck to you and welcome to ECF.
  4. Spazmelda

    Spazmelda Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 18, 2011
    I don't really know that anything feels and tastes just like a cigarette. I can tell you that I was smoking Marlboro Ultra Lights and I've been very happy with my Go-go. The drag is a lot easier than a real cigarette, but I've smoked a few real ones in the time I've had the Go-go, and it feels like I'm trying to suck through a shower curtain (iow, it feels like I'm having to draw way to hard on the real one now). LOL. Others I were considering were the Ego or Riva. Those last two are more versatile than the Go-go, but that's not something I cared much about.

    I started out with a drug store e-cig and like you I realized, "Hey, this could work!" but I realized I needed more flavor, vapor, and battery life. From what I've read you just can't get those things with an e-cig that actually *looks* like a cigarette. You have to go with something that has a bigger battery and looks more like a magic marker.

    I also pretty quickly realized that I didn't really love any of the tobacco flavors that I tried, and I like fruity flavors better, but someone else can probably give you some tobacco flavor suggestions. There are a ton of choices out there to try. Boba's Bounty seems to be a favorite, but I haven't tried it yet.

    Good luck!
  5. JustaGuy

    JustaGuy Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 19, 2011
    Beyond The Sea
    Welcome Sgt! Thank you for your service to the country and glad you're recovering. :thumb:

    Good news and bad news, good 1st - e-cig is the best quitting device out there (working for you already), bad - you won't be able to find something that tastes exactly like burning tobacco since nothing is burning, which is why it's healthier. Vaping is a little different than smoking (30 years myself). You should not directly inhale into lungs, take slower, big puffs into mouth, then inhale.

    If you're a light smoker, volume wise, a simple Joye 510 or KR808 mini model will do, same size as your smoke shop model. If you smoke more, try a bigger battery so you don't have to charge batts all day. Either way, check out this place E-Liquid and Electronic Cigarette Shop - Category Listings. Click 20% off on top of page. They have both the minis and fat batt kits and ship out of San Diego. I use their Riva 510.

    Getting the right taste, more complicated. I smoked M lights and think Dekang USA Mix sort of taste like it, raw pack not burned. There'll be lots of suggestions from others. You probably want to get juice with nic between 12 - 16 mg nicotine. Good luck!
  6. juxt4p0z

    juxt4p0z Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome to ECF! And, thanks for your service. God speed your recovery.

    I was a heavy smoker, and liked the marlboro mediums best. I found that most of the flavors that I like vaping are deeper stuff like cocoa, caramel, and some tobacco blends (ry4, b o b's omg from kickbassvapor, boba's bounty and gorilla juice from alien visions) but YMMV. Either way you're not going to get 'cigarette' flavor vapor just because of the differences (flame vs hot coil).

    I found that I don't like super sweet stuff, and fruity stuff is hit or miss.

    I could vape vanillarum from gourmet vapors and never vape anything else's that good for me ;)
  7. bRo0kLyNsR3k

    bRo0kLyNsR3k Full Member

    Aug 26, 2011
    First off, thank you for serving our country. Welcome home, wish they were on better conditions. I would say desert light. I honestly don't perfer lights, im more into menthol. But my mother in law is hooked and the e cigs too. shes been smoking marlboro lights for quite some time, and all she seems to vape is desert light. But than again, all taste bud is different. Ive come to notice that i tried a lot of menthol and i couldn't find a decent one until i went to darthvapers. there might be better sites but their liquid you can trust and also the site is not all over the place like most.
  8. bRo0kLyNsR3k

    bRo0kLyNsR3k Full Member

    Aug 26, 2011
    also another thing.... for a better Vape expierence, where most people give up and walk away from the beaten path.... is those cheap ones they sell at seven 11's or malls. More voltage the better the drag and throat hit. Longer battery is helpful too for the simple fact (reason why i stay with two charge batteries at all times) of your battery dies, you start craving. so the first and only time i slipped up was when i was out drinking and the batt died. I smoked a half a pack and it was purely disgusting. but hey,.... anything for some nicotine. but the drag and vape to be better invest in a better model. remember the bigger the better.
  9. Sgt.Estrada

    Sgt.Estrada Full Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Sacramento CA
    My God My God Thank you all so much the advise and suggestions I dont know how to begin thanking you. A special thx to
    reprisal John Wayne Spazmelda bRo0kLyNsR3k juxt4p0z JustaGuy for replying so quickly . You folks I will always have your six and will never leave you behind , thank you again
  10. Puffadder

    Puffadder Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Welcome to ecf Sgt. and thank you for your service!

    For some of us the feeling of a cig in our hand is just as important as anything else so bigger isn't always better. Better battery life - Yes but not always a better experience. I started with a kiosk branded 510 kit and still use the auto batteries from it daily even though I have a mod. I love my GLV2 but sometimes I just want to hold the 510 or mini size. Sure I have to change batteries every 2 - 3 hours with the 510 but it's not exactly difficult. Just make sure you have spares and a pcc to recharge on the go. It will feel heavier to you than a real cig at first but you get used to it real quick and in a week it will feel natural to you.

    So if you are like me and also enjoy having a cig between your fingers than a good Joye 510 or KR808-D1 kit with a pcc will do you just fine as long as you get some extra batteries. There are a lot of good suppliers to choose from for either kit.

    The Vapor Station E Cigarette, E-liquid - Vapor Station has some of the best tasting tobacco flavors I have tried and some great prices on their starter kits as well.
  11. JustaGuy

    JustaGuy Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jul 19, 2011
    Beyond The Sea
    You're welcome. Just one more thing - it can be overwhelming, too much info. Take your time. Find what works best for you no matter what we say. :)
  12. reprisal

    reprisal Super Member ECF Veteran

    Apr 30, 2011
    South Carolina
    Battery life isn't the only reason for a bigger battery, pen sized devices like the riva can use low resistance atomizers/cartomizers, while cig sized devices cannot. LR just performs worlds better (more flavor/vapor/throat hit) on my Riva than the standard resistances I used on my kr808d-1's. The SR on kr808 was enough to get me into vaping, but not enough for me to truly enjoy it as much as I do now.
  13. Boodle

    Boodle Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Mar 27, 2011
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    Welcome home! My family and I would like to express our deep gratitude for your service. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    You're getting excellent advice here... a Fat Batt (about the size of a Sharipie) gives you all-day battery life with a short learning curve. I'd suggest a KGO, Riva or Ego. They're all available in 510 (the type of threading that's most available for supplies). It's only a matter of which/where to get one. The KGO kit is excellent. The batteries last a little longer and the voltage is a bit higher (stonger vaping experience). The Riva is nearly identical, slightly less voltage and batt life but you probably wouldn't notice the difference. All three are dependable PVs. Buying from an ECF supplier is a good choice. They have bred hyper-picky customers with their (mostly) beyond-excellent service. If something goes haywire you have a place to get help and the issue resolved.

    Riva 510 Dual Carto Deluxe Kit $35.99: Electronic Cigarette - Starter Kits - Riva 510
    KGO 510 1100 mAh Kit $46.99: BreezEsmokes - Premium Electronic Cigarettes

    Extra Cartomizers: Crystal Clear Vaping
    They have a 15 cartomizer deal for $20. Boges have an excellent reputation. You have the option to choose Low Resistance (for a warmer vape) or regular or a mix of the two. A carto should last you a week at least. You'll need a different carto for each liquid flavor.

    Juice: Check your private messages (PM)

    Welcome to ECF. Be well.
  14. uba egar320

    uba egar320 Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 9, 2009
    Glad to hear you're on the mend Sgt. Lots have been said already, so I'll keep it short.

    NHaler • Smoking Alternatives The Igo...check it out. Hits great, problem free, long battery.

    Electronic Cigarette by Halo Prime 15 ejuice. Like it's been said already, there is no actual cig tasting juice. But this stuff is for sure worth checking out.

    Good luck, and thanks for your service.

    Semper-Fi brother
  15. Joye Camel

    Joye Camel Full Member

    Nov 2, 2010
    For the device, one thing to consider is how much you want the device to "look and feel" like a cigarette. The absolute closest you are going to get to the look and feel, without having something that just completely sucks like the mall/gas station brands, is an automatic 510. A manual 510 is better -- you have to push a button, but that makes it easier to control and more reliable -- but still roughly cigarette shape and size. If authenticity is really important to you, you can probably find one in white.

    If you think closely replicating the size/shape/appearance of a cigarette is not so important to you as quality, this opens up the option for some better models. An eGo is a good stock model that will be easy for a beginner, or a Riva is even better. You might even consider a basic mod like an e-power.

    All of the devices I mention above are very common and sold at a variety of places. If you go the 510 route, you'll need 2 or 3 batteries at least even to start out, because the batteries will only last 2 or 3 hours on one charge. For eGos you still probably want 2 batteries; Riva you could probably get away with just one but you still may want a spare to keep charged. In addition to the batteries (and the juice and cartomizers as I talk about below) you'll want to have at least a charger for your batteries. A lot of places sell starter kits that have 1 or 2 batteries along with a charger and a few other things, which can be easier as a first purchase than just buying everything separately.

    For the accessories, I think a pack of cartomizers at 2.0 ohms is probably going to be the easiest and most like a cig for starting out. Later on, you might find you like other things like dripping or different resistances, but cartomizers are lower hassle and 2.0 ohms is going to both work on most devices and provide a decent vapor and throat hit. Personally, I like Boge brand cartomizers, and most big vendors sell those.

    For juice flavor, the closest I have tasted to Marlboro lights is the Dekang USA Mix (called Marlb some places). This is a common juice so you can also find this at a lot of different vendors. But I'd also recommend that you order at least a small bottle or two of non-tobacco juice. I quickly found after switching to vaping that cigarette tobacco flavors were just not appealing to me at all, and I preferred using other flavors almost immediately. Having all these choices is one of the great things about vaping. If you're a heavy smoker you might want to start out on the high side for nicotine content, maybe 24mg.

    For where to buy all this stuff, a lot of people will give you good reviews of their favorite vendor. I've generally had good experiences with and also But one thing to at least consider is finding a vendor that's located relatively close to where you are. No matter how good a seller is at getting the product out the door, the USPS can be a limiting factor to how quickly you get stuff, so it's nice to have a vendor close enough so that it only takes the postal service a day or two from pickup to delivery.

    Finally, just be aware in advance that nothing is going to look, taste, or feel exactly like your cigarettes, so don't get discouraged that it doesn't. But just keep using it, and I think whatever you get, it won't be too long until you much prefer it to the old cancer sticks.

    Good luck and kudos for your service and for your good motivations to quit smoking!
  16. jonny2hottie

    jonny2hottie Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 9, 2010
    Strong Beach, CALI
    whats up sgt. thanks for youre recent service. im sorry to hear you were wounded but glad your okay. as a fellow brother in arms ill tell it to you straight. everyone here has great intentions but a starter kit i fear will not do. if you are a heavy smoker as i was while serving in the sandbox (a pack or more marlboro lights a day) then these low voltage device everyone is suggesting just arent going to cut it for you. they didnt work for me and havent worked for any of my buddies. ive done plenty of demonstrations and ecig consultations for my buddies and have successfully got about 8 of them to quit smoking and start vaping.

    you need something that will feel like a cig. so you need something that is between 5-6volts. if you go with 5v you i suggest a standard resistance atomizer between 2.2-2.5ohms. if you go 6v i suggest something 3-3.5ohms. or just go with a variable voltage device where you can turn up the heat at any level atomizer.

    i wish you lived closer i couldve shown you and let you try different combinations of stuff and devices i own.

    also know now that to get started isnt cheap. you get what you pay for in most all cases. i'd estimate about $150 with everything. (ie: device, batteries, cartomizer/atomizer,tip, juice,charger). the starter kits are a fraction of the price but will most likely prove to be inefficient within a few days..then you'll be looking for a better device.

    PM me if youre really interested and i can setup some other form of communication with you to help guide you through this process that many of us have gone through.

    otherwise good luck!
  17. brandondparris

    brandondparris Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 30, 2011
    What's up? I'm new here too. First off, thank you for your service, without men like you we probably wouldn't have the freedom to vape!
    I have been vaping now for a few months with absolutely NO real cigs. If it works for you like it did me, you won't miss that taste after a short while. Get some samples and find you a good all day flavor and a couple here and there flavors for social times, drinking, etc... Works for me, I was a M-boro Red smoker, and I actually prefer vaping mint flavors. Chocolate mint chip is my favorite.
  18. dormouse

    dormouse ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Oct 31, 2010
    Joye 510 mega xl MANUAL w/ a Boge standard resistance carto and a thin juice 20% or less VG, in my opinion. IMO The mega xl batteries (about 128mm long w/ a cartomizer) keep the voltage more stable than the short Joye 510 batteries. The Boge cartomizers usually give me a pretty easy drag with little work (on MANUALS). The manuals are totally sealed so they are safe from being damaged or killed by carto leaks. I vape both sizes of Joye 510 manual with Boge standard res cartos (slim ecigs can only use standard res) and I also vape the hotter KR808D-1 manuals (Vapor4Life and Smokeless Image) and i think it is easiest to get a nice big drag with the Joye + Boge combo. The KR8 models on the other hand are hotter (and I use Vapor4Life WOW cartos, about the hottest you can use on KR8) and heat enhances TH so they give more TH with the same juice.

    If you want a fat long-lasting battery then a Joye brand Ego or at the Riva 510 kits are hotter than Ego and other Riva kits (at that shop press the 20% off upper left before shopping so you see the lowered prices). And try Boge cartos (lesarn on standard resistance then you may prefer the hotter LR2.0 ones that also use battery charge faster)

    I smoked Pall Mall Lights those are my suggestions. You'll have to find your own juice based on the recommendations of others and you may want to add cocoa or chocolate ejuice to a tobacco juice since marlboros, list many US cigs, have cocoa in them. Look for a cocoa that is clear and doesn't drop a ton of sediment (freedomsmokeusa's Cocoa which is flavourart flavoring does drop a lot of sediment). I started on 16-18mg juices.
  19. calico21

    calico21 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'll just say Bless you for your service and dedication to your son. Good luck in your choices. Stay safe and get well and happy vaping.
  20. LusciousPuffs

    LusciousPuffs Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 27, 2011
    Vapor Heaven, Ohio
    Well Sarg, as you will see there are a lot of opinions and great advice on this forum. It will probably take some experimentation to find your personal niche. When I finally switched over to PV's exclusively, I broke and threw away half pack of cigs in front of my daughter, and it felt fantastic! I haven't touched one since (see signature). My suggestion is to get a variety -a 510 you can't really go wrong with -so many options for it and great vapor production, plus allows for you to hold it like a cig (make sure you get a manual) -the downside is the shorter batt life, but if you have a PCC it really is not a problem -I suggest Kingpin Cigs 510 starter kit (the one which includes the attomizers) $34.95 -great deal, and it includes a nice case, and their pre-filled carts taste fantastic PLUS order their charging case $19.99-fantastic deal -it will charge your batt 4 times -so if you start out with a fully charged case and fully charged batts you are good to go all day -I love the way their atties vape -great products! (I do not suggest ordering their china brand liquids from that site though cause they have a strange tasting chemical base) -so you will need to experiment with liquids from different vendors -a highly recommended and adored liquid by many in the vaping is Boba's Bounty from Alien Visons -also another highly recommended tobacco flavor is Casablanca from Back Woods Brew. Try some non-tobacco flavors too. Also, order some empty 510 cartomizers to fill with your favorite liquids from Good Prophets: new GP 510 soft tip caromizers for 510 & eGo $4.99/5 pack. I suggest you order at leat 18mg strength, and maybe even some 24mg for those times when you are having a strong craving and need a strong hit. Make sure you read through all the beginners info on the home page of the ECF! -vaping is way different than smoking and there is a learning curve -it is also a lot of fun, and a hobby for some (including me -I even DIY my liquids). I also suggest you get an eGo pass thru battery cause you can vape on it while it's charging, plus battery life will last you all day -one nice thing about the eGo batt is that you can stand it up -so get a drip tip with your order and make sure you try some direct dripping of your new juice flavors on the atty -that's what I use mine for -I drip at home, and use a 510 with cartos on the go. Plus, all 510 accessories (attys, cartos) all fit on the eGo batt. I suggest you get some pure propylene glycol for cleaning your atties between flavors, etc... -just drip a bunch into the atty then blow it out over the sink or a paper towel/napkin. There is a lot of options for PV supplies out there, but for me this is the simplest system, for starters anyway. So, have fun and be patient with it. Congrats on your decision to enter the wonderful world of vaping! :vapor: :2cool:
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