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Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by EagleTa2, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. EagleTa2

    EagleTa2 Super Member Verified Member

    Hi all...

    what I would like to do is create my next version of a bottom feeder...but this time I want to remove the 10amp micro switch aand replace it with a fully mechanical switch. just a simple firing pin that will attach to the feeder pinon the 510 connector and a push of the firing button will make contact with the pos end of the battery.

    if this sounds frighteningly similar to a Reo Grand...its because it is. I think the Grand is a fine device and I wish I owned one. One day, I will....bur I really like the switch design and have some ideas on improvements to make in my own mod.

    i need to make sure that the firing pin is very conductive, so would like to use brass. it obviously also has to spring back every time the button is released so it doesnt sag over time and contact the battery when i do not want it to.

    can anyone offer a suggestion on what material to make the pin from? will brass be springy enough over time? will spring steel be conductive enough to limit voltage loss?

    Ive thought of using steel banding, but its too wide. i can easily get my hands on some narrow 1050 crs, but it wont be spring steel until its been heat treated and im not going into mass production here...just a few one offs.

    thanks in advance for the help!
  2. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline

    Geo, I've used ss and brass. Both are springy enough. The brass pin gains you .15V under load over the ss. (leastenwise, mine did) I borrowed Alexander Mundy's idea and stole the brass feeler gauge out of my set. It's the .010" one. The SS pins are around .007" and .008". If you're in a fix for SS material, I could shoot you a couple inches. (lemme know) The brass feeler gauge yielded enough material for 4 pins: 2 in use, one gifted, one saved for my pseudo-hybrid mod with darkzero centerpost.

    Having tried sheathing the SS pin in brass for ~1mo. and a couple solid brass; I'm sticking with that until Rob releases his beryllium copper pins and springs (which will be for sale on the REO website . . . . . . no secret decoder ring required ;))
  3. EagleTa2

    EagleTa2 Super Member Verified Member

    Thanks for that dibs. I am pretty certain I have a perfect piece of brass to use. If bent correctly it should be springy for a very long time. If that fails, I may take you up on your offer though.

    Out of total respect to Rob and his incredible design... I am trying to imitate the concept without actually duplicating it. Hoping he will understand that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!

    Seriously... Thanks for your help...I'll get some pics posted when its complete. It will also have your 10amp fuse in place of a a matching custom hardwood fuse holder of course.

    This modding thing is fun :) next I plan on bottom feeding an igo-l.

  4. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline

    Cool! Enjoy! Rob started his whole thing with modding too, and he smiles on it. I can't speak for him; but I get the impression he wouldn't be too concerned about you and your personal use. The key to the springiness/action of his pins (IMHO) is that there is a "fulcrum" of support about halfway down the length of the pin; so you're really only flexing the last <1/2 of it. I do appreciate your "tip-toeing" attitude tho, when it comes to borrowing patented design. :)
  5. EagleTa2

    EagleTa2 Super Member Verified Member

    I really am enjoying it. Robs design is very good and well worthy of imitating. Im going to be working this switch design into wood mod #2. If all works out the way I like it should be much more attractive than #1.

    So, to summarize, this one will have the 10 amp fuse, 10ml capacity, 18650 battery, pure brass mech switch and a matching hardwood button (larger od this time)

    Front door will be magnet mounted.

    #2 is planned to be made from curly burly walnut... #3 probably African mahogany... And there is this slab of 6061 sitting on my desk just wanting to be turned into a mod. Just don't want to murder my shopsmith in the process.

    Thanks again for all your help...really appreciated!
  6. pdib

    pdib Registered Supplier - Offline

    I often get the urge to make a wooden box myself. But the REO is so "just right" in my hand .. . . I can't imagine making anything that I would put in my pocket before the Grand.

    10ml bottle, nice!
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