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Discussion in 'Ecigexpress' started by oplholik, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. oplholik

    oplholik Vaping Master Verified Member

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    How long can the flavorings be stored? As I live In calif., and with what is going on with the AB1500 assy bill, I may have to stock up. I'm not sure if I will be able to order anything on line from an e-cig vendor.
  2. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier

    The shelf life of flavorings is about 2 years. Let us know how we can help.
  3. oplholik

    oplholik Vaping Master Verified Member

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  4. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier

    Thanks for the links. Proposals like these will spread like wildfire, but I'm confident that the e-cig industry will adapt to find ways of giving e-cig users what they want, even if it means opening up more B&M shops.
  5. ctippen

    ctippen Full Member

    How can we extend the shelf life of flavorings? Refrigerate or freeze?
  6. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier

    I've been told by manufacturers that placing them in the freezer or fridge will extend the shelf life. I know when I place my nic in the freezer it definitely slows the oxidation, so the same should be true.


  7. garyoa1

    garyoa1 Ultra Member Verified Member

    ? If the shelf life is 2 years, how long do you need it to last! :) But if you're going to freeze a liquid I'd worry about the bottle/container bursting.
  8. ctippen

    ctippen Full Member


    This is a small vial of both PG and VG that has been in the freezer for 16 hours. Each was filled with 5ml and as you can see, there is no expansion of the fluid. The line indicates the fill line to determine how much the fluid might expand. Neither the PG or VG froze. Yes, they got very thick but never froze. Freezer Temp 27.7 F Hope this helps.

    Will try some regular flavors, but some flavors differ on ingredients, so I assume some will freeze and others will not.
  9. ctippen

    ctippen Full Member

    IMG_20140123_143651.jpg IMG_20140123_143619.jpg

    The above flavors were in the freezer over 24 hours. As you can see, these are not frozen and the fluid is still on the fill lines.
    TE = Tobacco Evolution
    7L = Seven Leaves
    CC = Caramel Clear

    This is not saying that no flavor concentrate will freeze. These did not freeze but they were thick. The above flavors are from ExcigExpress placed in 8ml vials with 5ml in each. So if you decide to freeze your juice, just leave a little room for possibly some expansion.
  10. fogMann

    fogMann Senior Member Verified Member

    I would love it of flavoring lasted 2 years. However, other sources I've heard from (E.g. TFA) say that shelf life is between 6 and 12 months. Others say that it depends on the individual flavoring, someone saying that Hangsen tobaccos will last 2 years. Finally, I've heard that the nature of the container is also a factor as well as how often the container is opened.

    I've had most of my flavorings for about 6-8 months now and I'll be curious to see how they fare after another 6 months or so. I expect they'll slowly fade out and I'll need to up the percentage of some/most/all my recipes over time. I'm also budgeting for the prospect of replacing them within a year or so, hopefully not much sooner than that. When I do replace, I think I'll split off half or so of each flavor into tightly capped glass vials and perhaps stick those into the fridge. (I've also heard that freezing can 'damage' some flavorings.) While the dropper bottles are convenient, I have to believe they let the flavoring out. Before I started keeping them in tight wooden boxes, my office would really reek of flavoring. That must mean that the essence of my flavorings ($$$) are fading away, drop by drop. Into the air means out of the bottle.

    Sorry for all the "I think"s and "I heard"s, but those anecdotes and common sense are all I have to go on.
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