:) :) :) Forget Protanks, iClears, dual coil Cartos... I just LOVE my EVOD ! :) :) :)

Discussion in 'Clearomizers' started by Aviz, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Evod IMHO is just Awesome. seriously I get the cool factor in a protank and iClear 30 (got two of each), but the simple affordable Evod is my favorite. why oh why you ask?
    for the following:
    1. Easy to fill (unlike the protank, it has a two level interface)
    2. Light weight (balance)
    3. Conservative looks
    4. Strong polycarbonate body
    5. My grandma can rebuild the coil
    6. The coil assembly is perfect
    7. Solid base
    7. Nice mouthpiece (wont smash your teeth if you hit a bump while driving)
    8. No leakage what so ever (just some condensation), if taken care of (see coil rebuild)
    9. Tons of vapor (1.8 ohm, over 8 watts \ 3.7V)
    10. Taste is just great and warmer than protank

    So all you newbs out there, if there is one thing you should do, is get an Evod and a pack of coils. its all you really need at the end.
    When PBsardos mom needed clearos, the big cahunas of vaping, who has every piece of fancy equipment on the market, sent her... Evods. When Grimgreen goes out, toting a VV V3, what's on it? Evod. and the examples go on and on.

    So take a deep breath, take it easy with the toys. they will be there. IF you want to quit, get a decent ejuice, an eGo (maybe a twist of VV... not critical), and ... An EVOD!!!

    **** Clarification\Update: I am referring to KANGER (KangerTech) EVOD *****
  2. Papajohns

    Papajohns Senior Member

    I don't enjoy the feel of plastic which is why I use protanks. But, the PT is just an EVOD with a glass tank so, yea! Go EVODs!
  3. CommaHolly

    CommaHolly Vaping Master

    that's great you found what's working for you! For me, the evods were too cool a vape, but I liked everything else about them,,,,I'm just a dual top coil kinda girl :)
  4. Empi666

    Empi666 Senior Member

    I use EVODs a lot. I have 3 that I use on a regular basis.

    Except until yesterday. Went to clean one and when I was drying the tank, the mouth piece broke! Could have been juice, or could have been from my wife's purse when she was using it?

    That's the ONLY thing I dislike about them is the plastic.
  5. Huckleberried

    Huckleberried Ultra Member Verified Member

    I like Evods, but compared to a pyrex tank, I think they're somewhat muted in flavor. Rebuilds are easy enough, especially since they are the same as a Protank and interchangeable. Not crazy about the mouthpiece and it can't be changed. Not all my flavors are polycarb friendly. It is a good clearo, though, and a decent vape.
  6. sbc83

    sbc83 Ultra Member

    The mt3s is better..
  7. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

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    Now that's my kinda gal :)
  8. JBR3AK

    JBR3AK Senior Member

    +1 on that. The flavor seems muted no matter what compared to my PT2. However, still a good clearo as mentioned and decent vape.

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  9. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Perhaps, it sure holds more ejuice; in my case however I already have a big stock of protank coils heads, which I cannot use on the MT3S (although you can use it vise versa).

  10. Bigfro23

    Bigfro23 Full Member Verified Member

    I love EVODs!!! But there's just a cool Factor to the Protanks!!! Either way, BCCs are the way to go, shorter wicks better cleaner, flavor!!! Just a humble Opinion coming from a newb!!!

  11. p.opus

    p.opus Ultra Member Verified Member

    Love the Evod's but love the Mini PT 2 better. Same heads, Same capacity, can handle tank cracking liquids that the Evod's can't. Also my mini PT's don't have the gurgling that some have reported on the full size PT. And the Mini PT 2 is so much easier to fully clean and dry than the Evod. I can fully clean dry and refill a Mini PT in less than 5 minutes. No waiting for my Evod to "drip dry".

    Also, with the mini PT on my MVP 2, the tank doesn't extend past the edge of the battery, so if I tip over the battery It won't usually impact the glass. (of course I have 2 glass inserts in my drawer in case I do break a glass insert.
  12. retired1

    retired1 Curmudgeon Staff Member Admin Verified Member

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    Moved to Clearomizers
  13. nobreak1970

    nobreak1970 Super Member

    If I'm in mood for a cooler vape I love my evod. I like my iclear 30 because overall I love the warm vape.
  14. AlterUrEgo

    AlterUrEgo Super Member Verified Member

    You can use the protank heads in the T3's and I'm assuming the mt3's also. You have to get a 2nd silicone stem cap and put it upside down ontop the other cap to cover the gap cause the PT head flange is a iota wider than the T3 flange, so you'll see a slight space inside where the cap meets the tube and it also won't completely screw onto the base.
  15. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

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    Ty :) will put future threads in the proper lace.
  16. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

    Supporting member
    I didn't know that. Can you post a link or pic when you get a chance?
  17. vampyre74

    vampyre74 Senior Member Verified Member

    I like them too, but I have mini vivi nova and protank II coming to test in my vapemail.
  18. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Vivi nova BDC?

  19. Aviz

    Aviz Aspiring microcoilogist Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Here is a cheap way to get AUTHENTIC Kanger Evods: Mt. Baker has them back in stock for $4.50 !
    And if you are not in a hurry, Search "Authentic Kanger EVOD" on fasttech, they have the stainless in stock for $3.25 (which means MBV pretty much gives them away in hope that you purchase ejuice - my fav is E. Coast tobacco).
    Beware of non-Kanger EVODS - they are everywhere and considering how inexpensive the original is its silly to by a knockoff.
  20. AlterUrEgo

    AlterUrEgo Super Member Verified Member

    I liked the T3S more than the evods cause they hold more juice but I've long shelved both attys and just use protanks now since they all use the same head.

    Here's the pics you asked for

    T3S with PT Head.jpg

    T3S with PT Head2.jpg
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