Free bottle of Toucan's Choice to 3 people

Discussion in 'Ecigexpress' started by linnx, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    We have a really great new e-liquid called Toucan's Choice. Available in 20ml

    We would love to give 3 free bottles away - just as long as you give us a short review on this thread to let us know how we did.

    If you are not one of the first 3 responders, we have it on sale temporarily for $1.99

    If you are one of the 3, send me a PM with your choice of strength and address.

  2. spartanstew

    spartanstew Mr. Awesome Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Giddy Up.

    I love fruit vapes, I'll give it a shot.
  3. nicetucu

    nicetucu Super Member ECF Veteran

    I, will give it a try
  4. nanusic

    nanusic Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I will give it a try and a review!
  5. gearjunky

    gearjunky Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I'd love to try it too...!!!
  6. nnglas

    nnglas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'd like to try and give a review
  7. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    First 3 respondents please pm me your address!

    nnglas looks like I'll send you one also since you were so close. So you send me your address as well.

    This is a 70VG so it works great on RBA as well. The flavor is wonderful on my Kayfun.
  8. secutorum

    secutorum Senior Member Verified Member

    Darn, stumbled in here too late. I love the fruity stuff! :)
  9. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Send me a pm and we'll send you a bottle. Offer expires at the end of today.


  10. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Two people still need to send me a pm regarding their strength and address. I'll wait until the end of today before we offer this up to 2 new people.

  11. nnglas

    nnglas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I sent mine!! Thank you!
  12. secutorum

    secutorum Senior Member Verified Member

    I received the bottle of Toucan's Choice on Friday and have had the opportunity to vape a few tankfuls. I appreciate the chance to sample and provide feedback on Toucan's Choice. Here are my impressions:

    My equipment: Aspire Nautilus (1.8 Ohms) on a ProVari 2.5 at 4.0 volts. I also have a box of the cereal this is based upon for reference. I received a sample with 12mg of nicotine.

    Upon opening the bottle- I can strongly detect the fruity flavors in addition to the cereal scent. Smells exactly like what it's supposed to be. The liquid is mostly clear with just a slight yellowish tint and not very viscous. I'm guessing a 50/50 blend. Bottle wrapped in heavy shrink wrapped plastic with no perforation. The wrap extended 3/4 down the bottle and up to the tip. While this seal was superb at preventing any leakage, I required a knife to actually open the thing. Labeling was clean, clear and smart looking.

    So I filled my tank with about 2.5 mL of liquid and let it sit for 45 minutes.

    First vape- Started at 3.7 volts. Flavor was strong, sweet and good. Upon inhale you really get hit in the face with the fruit. Upon exhale, the cereal-ish taste takes over and provides a very satisfying finish. There was no dryness that I associate with some cereal flavors I have sampled in the past. At 3.7 volts, vapor production was good, but not great.

    I played with the voltage settings for a while, and settled on 4.0 volts. Below that, vapor production was a bit low and flavor was slightly muted. Above 4.2 volts, i began to detect a slight burnt taste. So for me, the sweet spot was 4.0 volts; great vapor, amazing flavor.

    I refilled the tank and let it sit until this morning. there was no change in color, and the flavor was just as good. This must have been pre-steeped, as it was great right out of the vape mail.

    Overall impressions:

    Packaging- 4/5- The shrink wrap was a little overboard and required the use of cutlery to remove. :p

    Aroma- 5/5- Smells just like the cereal (as noted above, I had a box of said cereal for comparison)

    Initial Vape- 5/5- Flavor is amazing and spot on. Vapor production is very good.

    Third Day Vape- 5/5- No change from the initial vape. Still tastes great.

    Overall- As I like sweet, fruity flavors, this was a no-brainer for me. It's exactly what I look for in an ADV. Amazingly, it tastes just like the cereal (minus the milk- which I'm good with). Some may find it a bit on the sweet side, so be warned- this IS sweet. But, as I prefer my fruity stuff sweet, I was very pleased. This is a high quality, thoughtfully mixed and prepared e-liquid. I highly recommend it.
  13. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Great review thank you!

    As far as the shinkwrap being thick and hard to remove: We've tried perforated shrink wrap as well as thinner wrapping, and they were all too easy to remove for us to be comfortable. We wanted to make sure the tamper seal was strong enough to keep little hands off.

    Do you think it is overkill?

  14. keepsmiling

    keepsmiling Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Aww..since I have a toucan I might be interested. Where does it say the exact flavor?
  15. secutorum

    secutorum Senior Member Verified Member

    Well, it was on there very tight. I messed with it with fingernails for 2-3 minutes before I gave up and got out a knife. It's definitely not going anywhere.

    With safety in mind, I think that you achieved your goal of keeping little hands off. An adult who really wanted in there was forced to use an edged weapon. Overall it was only a slight annoyance. I had just never seen a bottle that was sealed so well/tightly.
  16. spartanstew

    spartanstew Mr. Awesome Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Got mine yesterday and started using it this morning with my Nautilus tank.

    I'm not as skilled of a reviewer as secutorum, but I will say that it smelled great and vapes great. I really get the "Fruit Loop" taste and smell. I had to drive my neighbors 6 year old son to baseball camp this morning and as soon as he got in the car he said "It smells like Fruit in here".

    I will, however, echo secutorum's comments about the shrink wrap on the bottle: Didn't like it at all. I had to use a steak knife to get it off and with that slippery bottle (and me, without my reading glasses) almost cut my hand twice. Childproof caps, if deemed necessary would be fine, but I'd rather not have the bottle shrink wrapped with plastic on it. I just don't keep the proper tool handy for such things.
  17. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thanks for that. We have been using this wrap for about 6 months now and have not received feedback. So this is great! We will check into the perforated version to see if it is strong enough to keep little hands away while not being too difficult for adults to open.

  18. linnx

    linnx Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    It tastes like a popular cereal - Loopy Fruits - Or Pebbles n Fruit.

  19. nanusic

    nanusic Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I received mine and have been vaping it for a couple of days! It smells just like the loopy fruity cereal I used to eat as kid (admittedly as an adult too)!
    I used a dripper for this so I would get the full effect of flavor! It taste's just like the cereal too!
    I get a little different exhale flavor of what some consider tobacco, but in no way offensive. It seems to lighten the sweetness a tad, which works for me!
    All in all, this is a well made liquid and deserving of a good review!
    I think secotrrum said it best and I agree with his findings as well!
    Thank you again for the opportunity to try this out, and I hope you do well with the flavor!.
    Oh...the packaging wasn't a problem for me. I have had many wrapped this well! My :2c:
  20. nnglas

    nnglas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I received mine. 6 mg toucan's choice. This is a very interesting vape for me. I didn't eat cereal as a child often but when I did, the only one I would eat was fruit loops.

    This liquid takes me back sooo much. I love it. The inhale is the fruity part and the exhale is the cereal. It's just like you are vaping fruit loops straight out of the box. (Also the only way I would eat them. Didn't like milk as a kid, still don't )

    I would definitely order this again. The only difference, is I would get higher nic, I need a little throat hit. This could be an all day vape.

    Is this available to buy? I could mix a higher nic with it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try your juice!
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