Ginger's e-Juice, Inc., American-Made Gourmet e-Liquid, Wholesale Pricing for Retailers Available,

Discussion in 'E Cigarette Suppliers Forum' started by FloridaHokie, May 16, 2012.

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  1. FloridaHokie

    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

    This is the official thread for Ginger's e-Juice, Inc.!

    Ginger's e-Juice is American Made Gourmet e-Liquid, made with the absolute best ingredients possible. (0.00% of the ingredients are from China.)

    The website has an on-line store with retail prices, and wholesale prices are available for vendors!

    We are based in Florida, USA, but we can ship anywhere!! Free Shipping over $75 (within the USA only)

    Please see the website for the current list of e-Juice flavors... we are always adding more each month :)

    You can also shop for products on our Facebook Business Page --->

    Tell us what you think... Let us know what new flavors you would like.... and HAPPY VAPING, EVERYONE!!! :vapor:
  2. FloridaHokie

    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

    Memorial Day Sale - 40% OFF all e-Juice!!

    Coupon Code: MEMORIALDAY

    Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter, so you don't miss future coupons/sales!! :))

    Memorial Day Sale - 40% OFF
  3. FloridaHokie

    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

  4. FloridaHokie

    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

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    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

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    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

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    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

  8. FloridaHokie

    FloridaHokie Registered Supplier

    Video Review: Smoken Joey's Review of Ginger's e-Juice
  9. Lethalp

    Lethalp Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ever since reading the Spinfuel review I have been wanting to try these. Has anyone here on ECF tried any of Gingers juices? I would love to hear what other members think. :)
    Plus I think she is running a code for 20% off for a couple more days
  10. Lethalp

    Lethalp Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I ordered from Gingers and received my order quickly and neatly. I ordered Old Fashioned Sugar Cookie, Vanilla Cupcake, Strawberry Shortcake, Cherry Vanilla, Fizzy Grape Soda, Juicy White Peach, Vanilla Sunrise, and Cinnamon Candy.

    I have them all steeping right now, but they smell wonderful, I can hardly wait to try them! :)
  11. Lethalp

    Lethalp Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I have had a chance to try out a few of the juices from Ginger, and so far I am very pleased!! :) Old fashioned Sugar Cookie, Fizzy Grape Soda and Strawberry Shortcake were all three spot on and very tasty!! Plus my cartos are still working, so they seem to be clean and hardware friendly which is always a plus! :)

    Ginger has some new flavors that should be coming out soon and another code too.
    Thanks Ginger!
  12. bleev

    bleev Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    My name is Brandon and I just ordered Carolina Blend 30ml juice from you upon recommendation and review from Ginger

    Can't wait for my order. I'm 1.5 days into vaping and am looking for an all day flavor...tobacco at this point is my favorite.
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