Glaxo Memo Shows Drug Industry Lobbying on E-Cigarettes

Discussion in 'EU Legislation' started by low_tar_neil, Feb 19, 2014.

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  1. low_tar_neil

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  2. NorthOfAtlanta

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    Nice to see that reaching beyond the e-cigarette press so to speak.

  3. Julie W

    Julie W Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Safety is our number one priority and we support the smoker’s right to choose from a selection of products that have well established safety and efficacy profile in helping them quit smoking,” Simon Steel, a spokesman for London-based Glaxo, said

    As long as they are OURS of course :D
  4. Anjaffm

    Anjaffm Dragon Lady ECF Veteran

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  5. Botomline

    Botomline Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I note their memo mentioned the efficacy of their products. Last I heard it was around 5%. That's practically a rounding error. And as I recall the FDA usually requires a higher rate to offset adverse side effects before they pronounce ok. But I haven't read up on it in ages so I could be off. Feel free to point out if I got my numbers wrong.
  6. FourWinds

    FourWinds Super Member ECF Veteran

    Like I've said before: Genocidal levels of corruption.

    Oh, and I've read research that asserts that cold-turkey is a more effective quit technique than medicinal NRT in the long term. Here in the UK, if you stay on NRT for six weeks the NHS clock that up as a successful attempt and use those numbers to prove that NRT from BP works.
  7. Julie W

    Julie W Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Glaxo have just done a total recall here in France of all their "Niquitin" (NRT) products,now I wonder what that's all about.:facepalm:
    maybe they are worried someone will analyse these,not to mention being sold in boxes containing 450mg nicotine,whilst demonising our paltry 20mg max in e liquid.,perhaps they are going to put their own house in order:evil:

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  8. low_tar_neil

    low_tar_neil Administrator Admin ECF Veteran

    that's pretty crazy isn't it!
  9. Anjaffm

    Anjaffm Dragon Lady ECF Veteran

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    that sure is interesting.

    Oh, you mean people can buy 450 mg Nicotine in a package of so-called "Nicotine Replacement Therapy"? - Which, by the way, replaces nicotine with - you guessed it - nicotine. Duh. -
    While they can only buy (according to the proposed EU regulation) 200 mg nicotine in one bottle of nic liquid - with the reason given that nicotine is allegedly oh-so-poisonous?

    Yeah, according to the EU, nicotine is horribly dangerous and poisonous when contained in e-liquid.
    The exactly same substance is not at all "horribly dangerous and poisonous" when contained in stuff pushed by Big Pharma.

  10. Julie W

    Julie W Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yep you got it.How dumb do they think we are :D

    I posted a while back about this , not specifically the Niquitin, but the same thing.(dont know how to link back sorry)

    "So can someone explain why this product isn't being "demonised"
    that's 420mg of nicotine right there, but I have never heard anyone mention the dangers of these around 'the chillren'
    There is more likelyhood of them getting into these,as they're not even in child proof containers."

    I really hate double standards :evil:

    Nicorette Inhaler 10mg
    Product Name
    Nicorette Inhaler 10mg 42 Cartridges/Pack
    Active Ingredient
    Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals

    I suspect they are maybe going to review this sometime soon :D
    One law for them and.............................?
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