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Discussion in 'Nebraska Vapers' started by Tanti, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. Tanti

    Tanti Super Member

    So Beev and I went to Lincoln on friday. We went to GNS Vapor and had a great time, the guys were all so very nice and helpful. After testing a few juices, I picked up a few that they made right on the spot,boy are they yummy, also we got a few other odds and ends. It was fun to talk to other vapers that came in while we were there. I totally recommend stopping in and saying hi to them.
    Thanks Jeremey, AAron and Bob.

    Got Beetle Juice?
  2. windozehater

    windozehater Senior Member Verified Member

    try their berry cheesecake and cinnamon danish both totally holy crap wow. i got beetle juice and i got it again and again.........
    also dont forget about Plumes in Omaha Sam and the crew rock and they carry GNS's juice
  3. hawkizefan

    hawkizefan ECF Guru

    Plumes is great....heck, just having a brick and mortar in Omaha rocks.
    Sam is very accomadating and carries a lot of stuff.
    My favorite part of plumes.......Keg. my/our ol buddy Keg from this very forum works there.

    So if/when you go to plumes...find Keg and give him a full body hug...and tell him that was from Hawk...
  4. GunNut

    GunNut Full Member

    Yep, I just picked up 100ml of beetlejuice there yesterday! (I don't like running out) I'll have to try the other two when I'm in there next time. I need to stop out to GNS one of these days too but I rarely go to Lincoln.
  5. windozehater

    windozehater Senior Member Verified Member

    i love GNS'S juices but hate lincoln, driving there is like a blackhole snaked its way through a time paradox. i drove 80 miles thursday to get beetlejuice at plumes and left with 4 juices 2 new tanks, tips, cartos and a mechanical mod, and the beauty is no buyers remorse at all:laugh: if I were younger and healthier i would seriesly consider franchising off them
  6. GunNut

    GunNut Full Member

    If I had more money I'd consider it too! Lol....I've tried probably 40 or 50 different juices from the online vendors that everyone on here seems to love, including the entire product line of one company and I have yet to find any that even come close to Beetlejuice! I really hope one day they will not only keep up with demand but also get online sales going because they could make a killing on that stuff.

    As far as hating Lincoln goes, I agree with you there too!
  7. NewUser-XJ3GT

    NewUser-XJ3GT Full Member

    These guys are great. Definitely recommend the Cinna Danish and Mocha. Very tasty flavors these guys offer.

  8. I didn't know Plumes was carrying GNS juice. Interesting...
  9. I met Keggar a few weeks ago. He's a cool cat. I like Sam also. They were busy busy busy!!
  10. hawkizefan

    hawkizefan ECF Guru

    Keg is the fajizzit....
    And an astoundingly handsome devil.
    Great hugger also.....except he always tries for the bare naked
  11. Jakersvape

    Jakersvape Vaping Master Verified Member

    Hold up.....wait a minute......what's wrong with a bare naked hug?? :D
  12. RickAppling

    RickAppling Senior Member

    What is so bad about Lincoln? After all it has me.

  13. Jakersvape

    Jakersvape Vaping Master Verified Member

    Yeah, how can Lincoln be bad if it has Rick, Pitt and I??
  14. PittBoss

    PittBoss Vaping like a boss Verified Member

    Yeah, whatupwiththat?!
  15. captainsmackfresh

    captainsmackfresh Full Member

    Im a huge fan of GNS. I go there about every Friday to buy things I don't need. I was an avid online purchaser but stick to muy guns now since I found out about it. Their Mango e-juice is my cash cow. I hope to check out Plumes this weekend when Im in the O.
  16. gotalotgoingon

    gotalotgoingon Ultra Member Verified Member

    I was at GNS today for the first time. Picked up a 50ml of Beetle Juice and 30ml of Mountain Dew. From the looks of it, the were staying pretty busy which is good since that helps to keep the doors open.
  17. hawkizefan

    hawkizefan ECF Guru

    Sup Gotalot?
    I've heard of Beetle juice a number of times. What's the profile of that? Please don't say it tastes like Michael (My wife's aunt went to school with and is friends with him fwiw). I'm strictly a bacco guy but curious. Love the Dew but know I couldn't vape it.
  18. gotalotgoingon

    gotalotgoingon Ultra Member Verified Member

    Unless Mr Keaton taste sweet, they haven't extracted the juice from I am not very good at picking out flavors. I was told at Plumes when I bought it there that it has watermelon and citrus flavors and is a tank cracking juice. I do taste citrus but flavor wise, I only get kiwi. I would like to find a good tobacco, one that doesn't taste like cigars or pipe tobacco. Any recommendations?
  19. Jakersvape

    Jakersvape Vaping Master Verified Member

    Hawk is the tobacco man around here! He'll tell you all the good stuff!
  20. hawkizefan

    hawkizefan ECF Guru

    Jakes reply below is very flattering. I'm sure he's buttering me up(there...placed it on the tee for you knuckles....swing away) for something.
    But....I've haven't bought a vendor juice in a year and a half.....but if I were to buy one.....and I'm itching 15 from Halo. In fact the best tobaccos I ever had we're Halo.
    Having said that, a lot of tobacco vapers don't care for Halo.
    Ok....short list for tobaccos that OL HAWK likes....:

    Backwoods brew.....with a big caveat
    Mom and pops vapor shop
    Vapor station

    And believe it or not....some of my faves are dekangs....yep....dekang.
    Dekang tab and desert ship are my opinion.
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