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Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by NewYork, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. NewYork

    NewYork Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I really like Halo juices. Tribeca, Freedom Juice, Torque56 ALL GREAT! I even appreciate Smooth8 if ever in the mood for ginger lol. BUT... I just recieved a sample of Captain Jack. The only other Captain Jack I have tried was from vaporsetc and I liked it. So here is my review of CAPTAIN JACK from HALO.

    First impressions:
    Opened bottle and gently smelled. Right off the bat I KNEW I recognized this scent. Couldnt peg it for about 5 minutes. Perfumey and flowery. Then it came to me, ROSES! This smelled like fresh rose petals to me. Very strong scent.

    First vape:
    Wow.....Tastes just like it smells. Like a sweet rose. Maybe if rose petals were soaked in maraschino cherry juice. Very flowery/maraschino cherry. For a second I thought it was close to the center of a chocolate covered cherry. Interesting

    After about 2 hours:
    Really trying to like this stuff but am very sick of the flavor. But still trying to dig it.

    One week later:
    I have vaped this on and off for a week and have tried to get into it but honestly....WAY too flowery/perfumey for me. I see where they were going with the "cherry pipe tobacco" type thing but there is just not enough tobacco and way too much flower bed. Great juice! Just bad flavor.

    Vapor, TH, quality of actual juice = GREAT, Tastes very clean like all Halo
    FLAVOR = Way to perfumey and over powered

    ------------ vaped on Riva510 with Boge LR 2.0 ohm AND regular Cartomizers --------------------
  2. NewYork

    NewYork Senior Member ECF Veteran

    BTW this juice was in 12mg Nicotine
  3. Levitas

    Levitas Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Excellent, thank you! Here's a juice I had no intention on trying, and now, I will stay far far away :D
  4. rrayda

    rrayda Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Careful....I get zero flower/rose/whatever from this juice. It's a very strong flavor, for sure, with a bit of that halo chemical underpinning, but no roses for me. I've been trying to figure out what the hell it tastes like for a week now. I get leather, nondescript dark fruit, something with a bit of zing and something mellow. This is a strange juice: it's somehow both light, sparkly and dark at the same time. It's got that great Halo base so it performs like nobody's business. I can't take much of this at one time, it's definitely an end-of-the-day, dessert-type vape. I like it.
  5. Levitas

    Levitas Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Ah, but every other flavor I've tried from Halo, that wasn't straight menthol, had a floral/perfumey taste to me for the exception of Malibu, which tasted okay. Thus why it's the only Halo juice I still have on my shelf. Tiki Juice was okay, but, I couldn't vape it all day. Perhaps someday I'll give Halo another go, but, probably not anytime soon. I've found that my tastes changed substantially since I started vaping, maybe they'll change again *shrug*
  6. fumama

    fumama Full Member ECF Veteran

    Wow, hard for me to taste "flowers" in this no matter how hard I try. Doesn't smell like roses/flowers either.

    Just getting a nice strong pipe flavor with a Cavendish feel.

    I really like this flavor, and think this review is way off.
  7. Levitas

    Levitas Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    In your opinion. You're a vet, you should know by now that everyone tastes differently. I've had a similar reaction with other Halo flavors thus I do not believe that the review is way off, regardless if I've actually tried the juice or not.
  8. fumama

    fumama Full Member ECF Veteran

    Of course it is only my opinion, and I certainly agree that taste is extremely subjective.

    I assumed "think this review is way off" made it clear that it was my opinion.
  9. NewYork

    NewYork Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Maybe "think my interpretation of the flavor is way different" would have been more appropriate.
  10. Tachyonburst

    Tachyonburst Full Member Verified Member

    Picked up my latest sampler pack from Halo a couple of days ago and it included the Cpt Jack free sample.

    Just started vaping this a few hours ago. I'm completely at a loss to describe it...other than 'interesting' I guess. I (ymmv) really enjoy it. I get a touch of 'floral' but not to the extreme as to describe it as perfume-sh. There's a lingering after taste that I can't quite place, but tastes very familiar.
    Vaping at 3.7 on a 1.8 LR:
    TH 7/10
    Vapor 9/10 (clouds up my cube as does everything from Halo :)
    Taste Don't think there will be too many on the fence..a like-it or hate-it taste. I'm in the like camp as of Day 1.
  11. squirrel64

    squirrel64 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I also got the the sampler with Capt. Jack. And Levitas I kind of get what you're saying. I really want like these juices but I'm not sure if I can do them right now. The freedom and torque are really good and I haven't tried the malibu but will soon. As far as the rest I'm letting them steep for a while. Captain is really too strong for me right now and makes me crave a sweeter tobacco. But maybe I'm just weird:laugh:
  12. zotzer

    zotzer Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  13. NewYork

    NewYork Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thanx Zotzer. lol. Funny we both mentioned "roses" specifically. I think this juice for some might be great seeing as how halo usualy has very clean well performing juice. But I can not get past the flavor so this will be added to the "in the event of the apocalypse and you no longer can order vape juice" emergency pile.
  14. mekakeisei

    mekakeisei Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Anything called captain jack is good in my book ;D
  15. zotzer

    zotzer Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sorry I popped the wrong name in there....not sure why I did, but I fixed it. :)
    I kind of like it, because it is so different....but only in small doses. It will probably get a fan club, if only because it is quite unusual.
  16. Dario

    Dario Full Member

    This crap smells and tastes like potpourri.

    I too have been victimized with a 12mg sample bottle. We should file a class action law suit....

    I just heard...

    "Daddy... what's that smell? It smells like a chemical"

    *Update* Now it smells and tastes like an aroma therapy candle.

    That's it.... trashing it.
  17. zotzer

    zotzer Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    he he he....thanks for the chuckle!
  18. Deaf Ear

    Deaf Ear Full Member

    I've had this Captain Jack sample for a little over a week. I gave it a puff or two when I first got it and my very first impression was that it tasted similar to the old Dekang French Pipe varieties with an overpowering cheep perfume taste to it. I immediately stopped and decided to let it age for a while.

    About 5 days later, my brother in law was visiting and asked me to let him try it. I topped off a carto and tossed it to him. He hit it 3 times making odd faces and gave it back. His response was "this is a HALO juice???" I hit it a couple times before I sat it aside once more. Flavor was pretty similar to before, it smelled like a perfume my grandmother used to wear. Very floral.

    Well, today I'm running low on Tiki and Freedom, decided to try my hardest to like it. I've been forcing myself to keep vaping it for about an hour now. Still pretty much hate it. Not my thing at all. It doesn't really seem to be up the normal Halo quality, which is quite high. Vapor and throat hit is fine, but it really does taste like cheep perfume. I totally get the roses, flower shop thing. The french pipe type flavor is totally gone at this point and the perfume is all that's left. It's more bearable than day 1, but I wouldn't even classify it as a decent back up vape.

    This is only the 2nd Halo flavor that I've not been a fan of, but it doesn't even taste like it's made by them to be honest. It tastes and feels like a "generic juice".
  19. Deaf Ear

    Deaf Ear Full Member

    Ahhhhh, I think I've nailed down what the strongest flavor is. It's not roses, it's HOPS. This juice tastes like a really really hoppy beer. I'm not a fan of super hoppy beers, but if you are, I can imagine you'd like this quite a bit. Actually, it's probably a pretty good beer drinking vape. There aren't many of those around.
  20. Tachyonburst

    Tachyonburst Full Member Verified Member

    Day 2 of the good Cap'n:
    Flavor fatigue has definitely set it. Still liking it, but considerably less so. I don't get hops that much D.E....I'm in the 'Flower Shop' zone. I do think I will keep some of this on hand (if they keep it as an option) it's an interesting change of pace.
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