Has anyone ordered from Myvaporstore.com?

Discussion in 'MyVaporStore' started by RIAFlight25, Apr 11, 2009.

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  1. RIAFlight25

    RIAFlight25 Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hey all Ive been wanting a penstyle for some time now. As I am a flight attendant and work long overseas flights, topping up my 901 carts all the time is making me crazy!!!

    Im really diggin the metallic blue pen on their site, and was wondering if anyone has ordered their hardware or liquid and what do you think??

  2. Ann

    Ann Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I have my first order with them coming soon.
    So far I have had great service.
  3. CssReb

    CssReb Super Member ECF Veteran

    I've ordered the 901, 801 and juice from MVS and I am very happy with everything.

    1st order

    Juice, 901 atomizer and battery :D

    2nd order

    Juice, xtra atomizers and batteries and more juice :D

    3rd order

    801 atomizers and batteries and more juice :D
  4. Duckies

    Duckies Super Member ECF Veteran

    Yes. Excellent quality, fast shipping, great customer service.
  5. Elendil

    Elendil Assclown Exterminator Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    The first 2 orders I placed with them were fine.
  6. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    I have the metalic blue 901 from e-smokey-treats and Phil provides great service. I ordered liquid and two atomizers from myvaporstore.com and there service was very good and fast. They answered my questions via email quickly and made a last minute change in my order that I requested and still got the deliver to me in the Atlanta area in 3 days.

    I really like their Hawian Punch liquid. Nice flavor.
  7. ShimmyPrincess

    ShimmyPrincess Super Member ECF Veteran

    I have ordered 3 times now. Fast and professional people there. Big thumbs up. I have bought parts and juice...GET THE MOCHA JUICE...it's amazing
  8. Idahojo

    Idahojo Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    I 2nd what Shimmy says exactly! They are by far one of the best suppliers for ecig products. DO NOT be afraid. They are the fastest too IMO.
  9. H82W8

    H82W8 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Fear cast aside and first order with them placed..lol Looking forward to my first USB passthrugh. I don't know when this buying compulsion will ever stop... It's harder to quit than analogs ever were. :confused:
  10. CamelCrushed

    CamelCrushed Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Ordered their RY4 juice - Very nice flavor - got it in 3 days - I will definitely order from them again...
  11. H82W8

    H82W8 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I already received a shipping notice!! :shock: Ordered less than an hour ago.
  12. balldope

    balldope Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Thumbs up!! No issues with any orders from him.
  13. Xothin

    Xothin Full Member

    Ordered a 901, Hawaii Punch, MB, and Menthol. Wasn't crazy about the punch, but the other liquids were spot on and the service was great. I've already ordered 3 more 901 attys and they were shipped same day.
  14. bri1270

    bri1270 Super Member ECF Veteran

    MVS is top notch. Their Liquids are A+!! Good Stuff!!!
  15. V-V

    V-V Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Great service, I've been VERY happy with them.
  16. GrimmGreen

    GrimmGreen Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    are their 801's REAL 801s or RNs? i'm just wondering if their carts will fit my 801 , the carts from puresmoker are RN and are to big
  17. V-V

    V-V Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Uhm..I'm not sure what the difference are. I could take a pic of my 801 cartridges for you?
  18. pattyjo

    pattyjo Senior Member ECF Veteran

    i orderd alot of product last wed, got it today!!!!! everything in exceolent condition the mocha juice is great i put in another order today and already got the confirmation that its being processed. very fast service
  19. ShimmyPrincess

    ShimmyPrincess Super Member ECF Veteran

    They are the real ones, I emailed and asked...

    I love their RY4 too...creme bruelle and mocha, all great. Only dislike was the hawaii punch. I ordered more in the bigger bottles :)

    As for when the shopping addiction ends, when someone finds out, let me know! I have a few 901's and many 801's and just bought a lady pipe...I can't control myself :p
  20. Rexa

    Rexa Super Member ECF Veteran

    Hello. I ordered a DS801 penstyle from them as well as spare parts and usb passthrough and I received it this morning (right in the nick of time). It is my first e-cig (I ordered the DS901 from eastmall way before but that's en route tomorrow to my job).

    I was thoroughly happy with the service and how everything works. The liquids are GREAT (got the Ry and the 555 medium strength). It was a good thing that the pen kit came with some assorted pre-filled carts because I realized that I should've probably gotten high density liquids (the filled carts were perfectly intact and nothing dried out) to match my analog habit.

    I highly recommend them for folks like myself in New York or in the tri-state area. You will get your stuff way quicker than from other places which seems to be constantly sold out. I kept checking myvaporstore often because initially they were sold out on some stuff I wanted but was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they restocked which led me to order my 801 pen kit finally.
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