Has anyone tried Top Vapor Brand?

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Discussion' started by Justinmfi, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. Justinmfi

    Justinmfi Full Member

    I have purchased a few bottles from Top Vapor. Each one of them have the worst taste. I can hardly describe it, but it is nasty and I have just put it aside and stuck with my Nicquid brand.

    Was just wondering if anyone else has ordered this brand, and what did you think of it?
  2. kuritaro9

    kuritaro9 Super Member Verified Member

    i have the Top Vapor RY4. think i got it from madvapes. its not bad. im guessing its just rebranded hangsen, because to me, it tastes exactly like the Hangsen RY4 i have.
  3. EdHarley

    EdHarley Full Member

    I started with Top Vapor Tobacco and while it doesn't taste at all like tobacco, it's gotten good to me.

    Because I was impressed with the price and the flavor of their "Tobacco", I decided to try some other flavors and picked up 10ml "samples" of Butterscotch, Carmel Apple and "Cherry Limeade" which are all really good IMO.

    I think I'm hooked on the Butterscotch and I'm out. I'll be ordering more this week.

    What flavors do you have?
  4. vjc0628

    vjc0628 Ultra Member

    I would never purchases from any industry from a one that uses best or top in there name anymore
    how many times like with a restaurant uses a name like that and there just nasty
    I've come to believe when they use a name like that is just a ploy because of subpar product
  5. vapolizer

    vapolizer Senior Member Verified Member

    I had the nutty caramel from top vapor and it was YUCKO
  6. Justinmfi

    Justinmfi Full Member

    I got

    Green Apple- tastes like dish soap

    Blueberry Lemon- tastes like dish soap

    Apple Icicle - Taste like dish soap

    Lemon- Dish Soap

    Minthol- was the only one that was tolerable.

    I was told to store them away for awhile, which I did, yet they still have such a nasty taste to them.
  7. mill4023

    mill4023 Full Member

    I know this is an old thread, but this is exactly my experience with most of the flavors I've tried from Mad Vapes.
    I have found a few of their flavors that I really like. Cheesecake, Irish Mintz, and Hawaiian Delight. But I've tried about a dozen other flavors from them and all of them have a nasty soapy taste.

    Does anyone know if this is due to the alcohol based flavorings or maybe the fact that they typically use 80% VG?

    They are a local store for me, so I'd like to give some more of their flavors a try, but I hate to spend the money, even on samples, if my odds of finding a good one are low.
  8. dan1boy

    dan1boy Moved On

    Rofl !!! ^^^^

    hooooray for dish soap! haha
  9. CloudZ

    CloudZ Super Member Verified Member

    I ordered Topvapor Spiced Pipe from Madvapes once. I don't know exactly what spices it tasted like, but it definitely had a good spice flavor (like baking spices?) and was a little sweet. No pipe tobacco flavor, if that's what they were going for. I'd order it again if I order from Madvapes in the future, but it wasn't good enough that I would seek it out.

    Edit: Just read through some reviews on it... cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla... I'd say that's about right.
  10. rowdyplace

    rowdyplace Super Member Verified Member

    Top Vapes seems to have a pretty wide selection of flavors. 2 questions:
    1- Are they a US company? (Do they ship their product from a US warehouse?)
    2 -Any feedback on their Hangsen line?

    $5.50 for 30 mL w/free shipping is enticeing.
  11. Exile

    Exile Super Member

    Top Vapor juices are low quality and not that good. (imo)
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