Have you vaped on an airplane?

Discussion in 'Apollo Ecigs' started by Liquid-Chris, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Liquid-Chris

    Liquid-Chris Supplier Associate ECF Veteran

    Just got back from a quick trip to Seattle to see a good friend tie the knot. I only fly maybe once or twice a year. I've always had a sticky time with ecigs thru security, but not this time. Once again I flew with only my briefcase, which I have always been asked to open and explain what the batteries and e-liquid are.....they look at you like some kind of freak (pot calling the kettle black) then let you go. This time I was not asked to open my case.........are they getting more ecig knowledgeable or sloppy? I've never had a problem on a plane...before I go I'll mix some 10% VG liquid and vape in stealth mode (cover my mouth and ecig when inhaling, and hold it in as long as I can before exhaling. Once again....no one was the wiser. Anybody else got any stories?

  2. IronHorse

    IronHorse Registered Supplier ECF Veteran

    No stories here... I don't get out much...but I've heard of bad and good things happening as a result of planes and ecigs..LOL
  3. ccm2000

    ccm2000 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I stealth vape all the time in airports and airplanes. I use a small disposable and hold in the vape before exhaling or blow it out over a hot cup of coffee. No one's noticed yet.
  4. williebb123

    williebb123 Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    i tend to vape in the bathrooms in the airport and plane , i went back east to nashville and charlotte , when i went thru security in medford oregon i had my provari with a vivi nova batteries all loaded up too , red lights and and 3 tsa dudes hovered over my tray with my mod and my vivi nova in a ziplock 2 of them were like what is this used for and 1 guy said is that your e cig ....thats kinda big isint it? after that they said go ahead, nashville airport red lights again but they had already seen them its the batteries that set it off in conjunction with all that steel , charlotte.....nothing not even a red light go figure lol
  5. BabyCrusher

    BabyCrusher Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I've never once been stopped at any airport for my mods or even asked about them. As far as vaping on the plane.. what are they going to do? Kick me off?
  6. Notorious C.I.G.

    Notorious C.I.G. Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Next time I fly I will vape when I go to the bathroom, no smoke detector worries. I know some airlines have banned ecigs, plus I don't want to cause a scene. It only takes one misinformed person to think they will get cancer from my vape, such folks really anger I me, but I am probably just preaching to the choir here on that note.
  7. Steamix

    Steamix Super Member ECF Veteran

    Nope, but some airlines won't have vaping either. Technically, when any of the flight attendants asks you to stop and you fail to comply, you'll be tagged as 'unruly passenger', which gives them all sorts of legal leeway against you, upto putting you in handcuffs and having you collected on the arrival gate by some security folks for further questioning. Then you'll be probably fined a few bucks and your name ends up on the 'no-fly' list - means you get to take a bus or a boat instead of an airplane the next time round, which might still be the easy part of the deal: Could also well happen that one of 'em burly security types mumbles something about 'suspect', 'cavity search' and proceeds to roll up a disposable glove up to his elbow....

    And do be careful, them smoke detectors in the lavatories are very sensitive...
  8. BabyCrusher

    BabyCrusher Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'll let them know im allergic to latex
  9. Krint

    Krint Senior Member ECF Veteran

    The FAA has band vaping on planes I would not recommend even trying it, unless you want to be fined and detained.
    I have also heard the smoke detected in bathroom can be sensitive to vape also.

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  10. Notorious C.I.G.

    Notorious C.I.G. Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Well, even if it is banned on planes, I am guessing it is still OK in the airports? If not, which would be idiotic, surely it would be OK the smoking rooms, although almost none exist now in the states, though they can still be found abroad.

    Regardless, make sure you don't bring any e liquid containers over 100ml, won't be a problem for most people as that's an unusual size, but if you 100ml container isn't labeled 100ml, you may have a problem with the TSA.
  11. Krint

    Krint Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Airports are ok they won't usually say anything. Usually the only problem would be the juice going through security just needs to be right amount and in the ziploc

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