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Hello all, new guy here and in need of some advice/opinions...

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by kennya, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. kennya

    kennya Full Member

    Hey everyone! I am at 3 months without a cigarette now and so happy that my wife and I made the switch. We bought, and are still using, the e-cigs from V2. Electronic Cigarettes | V2 Cigs My wife is having no problems using these on a day to day basis, but I need more! I am very grateful that this brand got me off analog cigs, but they are not enough for me. Whenever I am with my friends and we are enjoying some cold brews, I start to hit my V2 constantly. I can easily go through 2 batteries in an evening. So for the weekends alone, I need something better that gives me a stronger vapor and of course a better battery.

    From 7am this morning, I have been researching all the different kinds of batteries, carto's, cart's, tanks, ect. I think I have decided on the Aspire ET-S BDC Glassomizer. I am getting hung up on the battery though. I am thinking either an Ego Twist or a Vision Spinner for the variable voltage aspect. Any opinions on these or others, knowing what I need it for?

    I do have a feeling that I will drop the V2 brand all together and let my wife use them, so I also want a battery that will last.

    Another question, we are going on vacation (out of country) next month and I would like something that I can take with me that would be easy to use while I am there. Any vacation experience out there?

    This site has been a great tool for me today, but since I have sort of narrowed down my selections, instead of cruising thread after thread, I thought I would start one.

  2. DKP#

    DKP# Super Member ECF Veteran

    Nov 27, 2012
    Missouri, USA
    Hi, Sounds like you've got it.
    The twist and spinner are both good choices and the ones I would recommend.
    I read the 650mAh will last about 6.5 hours. Seems about right. The 1000mAh one lasts me just short of all day.(well, it did months ago. it needs replaced now)
    Two of them would be a good idea so you always have a fresh one. You can get a usb outlet for a car cigarette lighter.
  3. K_Tech

    K_Tech Slightly mad but harmless Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Sep 11, 2013
    Eastern Ohio, USA
    My first battery purchase was a pair of Ego C-twists, and they come with me every day now, but only as my backup rig. If I had to do it again, I'd still buy them first. They're just so easy.
  4. Baditude

    Baditude ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Apr 8, 2012
    Ridgeway, Ohio
    You can go with an Ego Twist or Spinner. Probably the most popular starter setup around. Ego Twist/Spinner Setup

    You said you wanted something "stronger". You might consider skipping the intermediate level ego batteries and making the jump to an advance personal vaporizer (APV), or "mod". Consider the iTaste MVP:

    Built-in rechargeable battery will last 2 - 3 days on a charge. Can be used as a passthru (use it while it charges). You can even charge your cell phone or iPod with it. Well built but not heavy. Classy looking (doesn't look like something from a head shop or a woman's sex toy). Since it has its own built-in battery like a powerful cell phone, you don't need to buy replaceable batteries and a separate charger like other mods. You can use any kind of juice attachment on this (clearomizers, cartomizers, tanks, etc) Variable voltage like the Twists/Spinners. Only $50. Innokin MVP iTaste Kit - AltSmoke

    MVP V2.jpg Innokin_iTaste_MVP.jpg [​IMG]

  5. OlDogNewTricks

    OlDogNewTricks Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 21, 2013
    Venice, FL
    Second on the MVP. 2600mAh battery handles my hardest vaping. The version 2 has variable voltage and wattage. Congratulations, good luck and have fun!
  6. DetraMental

    DetraMental Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Mar 31, 2013
    United States
    I agree with Baditude. If you do go with the MVP 2 and you want to use it as a pass-through, when available, order a Joyetech eVic Electronic Cigarette USB Lead/Charger - Only $4.99 from Totally Wicked-eliquid. It works better than the retractable cord that comes with MVP 2 and is 6ft long. Happy Vaping!
  7. kennya

    kennya Full Member

    Awesome, thanks everyone for you opinions! I hadn't even considered the MVP, but I think I may look into that tonight.

    Keep the comments coming!!!
  8. madqatter

    madqatter Ultra Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 14, 2013
    I think that if you're willing to try the MVP, you should just go for it. :)
  9. kennya

    kennya Full Member

    Did quite a bit of research on the MVP last night and I am certainly leaning towards it. However, you are not able to replace the battery in it correct? I looked at the Innokin iTaste VTR as well because you can replace the battery in it. So, I am thinking the VTR might be a better choice as it will last me longer due to being able to change the battery. Or, should the battery in the MVP last 2 or 3 years? Is there anyone with any experience with it?
  10. Enoch777

    Enoch777 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 6, 2013
    Midwest, USA
    Correct. The MVP, both v1 and v2, have dedicated batteries. It's as simple as plugging in the USB charger and hooking up to your computer, or using the iTaste Wall Charger.

    The MVP v2 has some pretty hefty batteries, 2600 mah. More than enough charge to last at least 1-2 days. Of course you're referring to the life time of the device/battery and I'm afraid I have no experience there.

    What I can say is that iTaste is well known for great build quality using superior components. I think GrimmGreen had his MVP v1 for several years and it's still working, although he recently upgraded to a v2. If that doesn't smack of a great quality device, I don't know what does.

    Check out his review: Innokin iTaste MVP V2 - YouTube

    Vape well, vape often! :vapor:
  11. FirebornMuse

    FirebornMuse Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I'm wanting one of the iTaste VTR's as well...
  12. knitcrotatter

    knitcrotatter Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 22, 2013
    Waterbury, CT, USA
    Just wanted to say congrats on quitting the analogs and I hope you find the best rigs for you - Vape On! :vapor:
  13. kennya

    kennya Full Member

    Thank you Enoch. If the batteries should last at least a year or two, then I think it is worth it. I am going to have to replace the iClear though as I want a glass one. I like the new Aspire as I said in my first post, so I plan on getting it if I go with the MVP 2. But, I need to find something that can go around the tank to protect it. If I go with the VTR then I don't necessarily need something to protect the tank because the tank is protected with the design of the VTR....somewhat.
  14. Vapoor eyes er

    Vapoor eyes er ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Sep 13, 2011
    Toronto, Ont.
    Batteries last for about 250- 300 recharges. Here's a steal on the 2600 mah Innokin MVP2. Cuz it's got a large batt I doubt that you'd be charging it every day.
    Vapor Joes - Daily Vaping Deals: LOWEST: INNOKIN ITASTE MVP2 KIT - $46.54
    Direct Link:
    Innokin MVP2
    Friend just received his 2 days ago and it's really nice in Titanium Blue.
  15. kennya

    kennya Full Member

    Awesome, thanks Vapoor!
  16. timmah

    timmah Full Member

    Oct 21, 2013
    If you're planning on using vaping exclusively instead of analogs (and not quitting nicotine altogether) can I suggest you save yourself the hassle and just get a provari now?

    I am in that particular boat, and I bought both the vision spinner and the ego twist. Both are good, no doubts there, but you will eventually want more control.

    It's expensive, to be sure, but in the long run, worth it. Looks like American craftsmanship is alive and well in the E-Cig market. The chinese stuff looks cool and all, but just to give you an example...

    I bought the Sigelei Z-Max scope (glorified variable voltage/wattage battery) and it works just fine. When I got my provari the feel of quality was just so much different. THe threading on the battery cap is so smooth and it's just so nice.

    Don't get me wrong - I still use the spinners, the sigelei and the provari, but the provari is my go-to device, and the battery lasts a couple of days.
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