help me get rid of this TH!/ohms and voltage tricks

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by amy_h_26, Jan 16, 2014.

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  1. amy_h_26

    amy_h_26 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    just curious for some advice......posted a kindof similar thread/question a week or so ago so consider this a follow up, hehe.

    ok, we pretty much figured out a lot of my throat problems haaaaaave to be a pg allergy so ive got myself some pure virgin vapor ejuice, gonna try that for a while and see if over time my chronic sore throat goes away. aaaaaanyway. ....

    so ive got a kanger protank mini with a 2.5 atty in it - its all I have on hand right now. and I cannot for the life of me figure out a good voltage setting that gives me flavor, a decent hit, doesnt burn, and isnt a kick in the throat. any ideas/tips/tricks/advice?

    thanks so much!!!!!
  2. Cool-breeze

    Cool-breeze Super Member ECF Veteran

    So I started to reply to your first thread, my iPad cocked an attitude and found this thread looking for the first one, ie forgive me if I posted almost the exact same thing else where so:

    I think not inhaling all the time is a great idea, sore throat or not. When you smoke (and inhale) your lungs get most of the nic. Vaping isn't the same, most of the nic you get is from your mouth and sinus cavities. Don't get me wrong I mainly inhale from habit but I make a point to not here and there. Use it as an opportunity to blow vape rings :) VV is a great supplier IMO, I love their buttercream mint and their black cherry marshmallow. I find with most of their flavors I think "eh" at first come back to it an hr later puffing again and by the end of the day I'm ordering an ounce bottle to replace my sample. My long winded way of saying if your not impressed at first give it a 2nd and 3rd chance.

    I think vaping is like smoking in a way. You found your brand of smokes and you're convinced you have found the perfect one. Vapors tend to think their set up, methods, equip, juice etc... is the best but it's so often simply what they like and what works for them

    On your sore throat: are you having the occasional analog? I ask because a sore throat is very common when someone stops smoking and if you are still having one here and there perhaps you are delaying the healing process... Not that I got a sore throat when I began vaping, got pissed off, smoke a couple her and there "until I figured this vaping stuff out" and had a sore throat for a month :facepalm:

    You mentioned your tank but not your battery. Not that I could help with that, but someone more knowledgable will (I think) ask the same question. I use a watts setting on my MVP 2.0 mainly but I think the math on my 2.2atty comes out to approximately 4 volts.
  3. amy_h_26

    amy_h_26 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    cool, thanks for the input! my original post on all my throat issuess in detal can be found here. Default Advice, Dont wanna have to quit vaping...hmmmmok link isnt doesnt llok like its working of course lol but its called "advice, dont wanna have to quit vaping". nope havent had an analog since early november so thats not it. started vaping then and actually chronic sore throat didnt kick in until about a month later so im not sure what chsnged or what happened. I alslo seem to have vapors tounge like a mofo.....and for as much water tea and Gatoraide as I chug it is absolutely not just dehydration. none of the otherm"old wives tale type" remedies have worked for me on that either. anyway I digress. .....

    if I cant taste my juice regardless, that at leaste that takes that out of the equation. I guess im wondering also if theres also anything to do to get a stronger pull, so to speak. I read one post discussing gently unscrewing the atty juuuust a tad to let a bit of air in? I think that helps help me personally a lot.

    battery is an ego c twist, variable voltage of course. still noo much of a newbie to understand watts vs voltage?

    hope this helped, thanks again sooo much for the reply!!!!!
  4. Cool-breeze

    Cool-breeze Super Member ECF Veteran

    I've been at this sense November as well and every time I think I'm not a noob anymore I find out I am. Ego + kanger tank = great starting place. I like the t3s tank they make better as it hold more ml but have a mini pro 2 also cause some liquids can crack plastic tanks. I don't claim a solid grasp on watts vs volts either which is why I love my MVP 2.0. IMO it's a fantastic way to enter into more advanced stuff while still being noob proof plus I only charge it twice a week typically.

    You mentioned a stronger pull: take slow long drags. I read on here that if you puff on it quickly like an analog you're mostly vaping the flavoring, the nicotine heats up a tiny bit slower which in theory maybe when you fill a tank you're sucking out the flavoring then suddenly you think you have vapors tongue? Purely a guess, but I've had multiple ppl tell me to take slow long drags. I know you've heard this but are you shaking your liquids well. I def failed at shaking liquids more than once and poured my flavoring into the first tank. Only other guess I have is I got a knock off atty from the jockey lot when I just started and it was crap, I'll only use kanger attys for now.

    Btw tea will Dehydrate you.
    Best of luck
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