How long does your battery last?

Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Maka, Oct 10, 2012.

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  1. Maka

    Maka Super Member Verified Member

    A week into vaping and I notice my battery will only last a day before it needs re-charging, is this normal?
    Can you get 510 threaded batteries what last longer than this?

    I have 2 Joyetech 900mah eGo-C Upgrade Batteries which came with my kit:

    Any ideas or is this normal
  2. Cptfunpants

    Cptfunpants Super Member

    That is fairly normal for a 900 MAH battery. You can look into getting the giant ego c twist batteries. I think they have ones that go up to 1100 MAH.
  3. gijills

    gijills Senior Member Verified Member

    I have a ejoy 1100 it is 510 threaded and I got 2 days on it when I got it as they told me to run it down. I am going all day (4:30am to 8:00PM) and charge it up at night.
  4. Acroma

    Acroma Senior Member Verified Member

    I have 2 joyetech 1000mah eGo Twist batteries and they last me nearly a full 24 hours and I vape regularly. I use the 2.4ml Clearomizer and The battery will outlast the tank. The Clearomizer is 2.4ohm.
  5. Bullette the Cowdog

    Bullette the Cowdog Ultra Member

    Yep. Sounds about right for a 900 mah.
    Rule of thumb: 100 mah = 1 hour.
    I use Kgo 1100 mah battery (510 connection). It Lasts 1 day... Maybe 1 1/2 days. Works great for me.
    Is a full day on a battery not working for you?
    Some mods can take 3000 mah batteries. I just never saw the need.
  6. gthompson

    gthompson Free at last Verified Member

    Supporting member
    You guys must not be chain vapers like me. My 1600mAh batteries barely get me through a day. :)
  7. recidivus

    recidivus Ultra Member

    I go through 3000-4000mAh a day (@4.0v change a 2000 at least once a day). I vape a lot wife can last almost a week on a 1000.
  8. MorpheusPA

    MorpheusPA Ultra Member

    I'm entirely capable of tapping a 1,300 mAh battery in less than a day, so that doesn't surprise me.

    The solution, in my case, seems to be to have at least 2 batteries of that size as I don't want to lug around anything much larger. Others carry much larger batts, and I've seen up to 3,000 mAh myself. Those are huge.
  9. cwolfman13

    cwolfman13 Senior Member

    Pretty normal....I kill my 900 Mah battery in 6-8 hrs depending on how hard I'm vaping. If you haven't already done so, I recommend at minimum, two batteries so that you can always have one charging. I'm going to be purchasing a third as a true backup later this week.
  10. Crazyinariz

    Crazyinariz Super Member Verified Member


    I usually start vaping w/my 1000mah ego c twist/2.4ml kanger t2 at 8am and it tells me it's time to go to sleep around 1130p-12a(ish).
  11. fourthrok

    fourthrok Ultra Member Verified Member

    I'm in about the same place as cwolfman13.....a 900 will last between 6 and 8 hours. I do chain vape, though. That "rule of thumb" is just that...a rule of thumb. More like a guideline than a rule. 100 mAh = 1 hour. In a perfect world, that is.
  12. jimrug1

    jimrug1 Super Member

    Ditto! I use V3 clearos. I also have a 650 Twist. If I start on that around 8 am it will last me until about 2 or 3 pm.
  13. Orobas

    Orobas Equine Disrespect Verified Member

    Chain vaper, here. 1100mah = about six hours for me. Especially now that I'm not working.
  14. Orobas

    Orobas Equine Disrespect Verified Member

    Also Low resistance cartos/clearos/whateveros will drain your battery faster.
  15. fourthrok

    fourthrok Ultra Member Verified Member

    I think that's another one of those "guidelines" rather than a rule. The LR (low resistance) don't necessarily drain the batteries faster. Depends on the voltage you are using. The real culprit that can run things down faster is the wattage. I like to use this calculator to figure out the watts. I'm not good with math.
  16. SlimXero

    SlimXero Super Member

    2200 mAh 18650, I kill em in about 3 days. That third day I have to make sure to have an extra handy.
  17. AttyPops

    AttyPops Yeah, I type stuff.

    Supporting member
    Maybe do a search for "Evercool"? It uses a switching regulator...and two batteries in series (so that's 2 x 14500's or 2x18650's depending on the builder).

    Although the volts double in series, not the's still more efficient since it's bucking, not boosting, voltage (*** I think. I'd have to go back and double check this ***).

    Just 2c. Easiest to just get another twist battery, but I thought I'd mention the option. :)

    (Original post from bigblue30 on the tech specs and tons of info)

    BTW...I'm currently using an MV vv linear mod...but am looking at evercool stuffis. I get about a day out of the MV mod. Still good, IMO. But I know switching regs are more efficient.
  18. Maka

    Maka Super Member Verified Member

    Cheers guys, looks like it's normal then for mine
  19. drsocal

    drsocal Registered Supplier

    My eGo-W LCD last about 1000 hits before I need to recharge... Smaller 510, about one cartridge.
  20. Susaz

    Susaz Ultra Member

    Lucky you! same setup lasts me 4/6 hours. I fill atty to the top and the battery is dead before the atty is empty. Vape with a 1.8 ohm head at 3.7v average.
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