How long to process and ship an order?

Discussion in 'Vapealicious' started by elan123, Sep 6, 2013.

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  1. elan123

    elan123 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    What is the current average time to process and ship an order with vapealicious lately?

    I ordered about 8 days ago and hasn't shipped yet, so just curious what everyone is experiencing lately.
  2. Tallgirl1974

    Tallgirl1974 Super Member ECF Veteran

    I know you posted this back in Sept of 2013- but here it is almost Feb 2014 and they are still having this issue. I have had issues with them for the past couple of orders, and this time is not looking good either. I ordered two weeks ago- still nothing....growl..Its not like I can go down to the gas station and buy liquid nicotine... it irks me that several times now I've ordered well in advance but run out of juice while waiting on orders....hate not being able to count on suppliers (and this is not the first supplier I've used that was awesome out the gate only to start to slow down to snails pace.) Quick shipping is a *must for this type of business. Seriously.
  3. JWilhelm

    JWilhelm Senior Member

    Any luck? I'm having trouble with them to. Check out the thread "where's my juice". It's one of the threads created recently regarding Vapealicious.

  4. ferguson63901

    ferguson63901 Full Member

    I ordered on 2-3. Still nothing. There is a note on their site saying they're short handed.

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